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I've been stalking this web site for several years...

I've been stalking this web site for several years and I've wanted a mommy make since my daughter was born, she's 8 now. I gained way too much weight with my daughter and I've worked hard to get down to a weight that I'm able to maintain. I'm 5'1 and weight between 170-175. I've been stalking several different Dr's and finally got enough courage to go to a consultation. The first Dr I seen was not as friendly as i thought he would have been. He spoke very fast and was saying I needed a lot more work than I actually needed or wanted. His prices were also very high, When I left his office I was really upset and felt like I'd never get my ideal body. On the way home my husband suggested I continue searching for Dr's, the main reason I went to that Dr was because I know several different ladies who were very pleased with his work. After being let down, I came home and continued to search real self and I came across Dr Gregory Lynam and I started looking through his reviews and pictures and I liked what I seen, so I decided to call and set up a consultation to my surprise Dr. Lynam was the most caring and honest Dr I've ever seen. I told him my problem areas and he explained everything and how it would work he was very truthful and I could tell he was not trying to get every dollar he possibly could. I wish I could go ahead and schedule my appointment now but I have to make sure I have enough paid time off from work and also have to schedule it around my husbands time off which will not be until after Christmas. I plan to keep real self updated. i would like to thank everyone who post their stories!
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