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Hello realself world. I'm a 41 yr. old mom to 3...

Hello realself world. I'm a 41 yr. old mom to 3 grown young men. I have researched TT procedures for the past 4 years and now I'm ready. I had my consult with Dr. Sundin here in Richmond VA and I must say I was very pleased with the doctor I chose and confident that I will be very satisfied with the outcome. I don't have the support I expected to have from my family, but my husband is coming around. I understand he's concerned because it's a very serious procedure, however he knows when I'm adamant about something, I get it done...well, I'll be putting my deposit down the first week of December, so family...wish me luck!!!!


Ok realself fam...I decided to go with Dr. Lynum here in Richmond VA. I did more research after going to Dr. Sundin, but wanted to check other options as well. Dr. Lynum made me feel like that's where I need to be! Today I put my deposit down and scheduled my TT procedure for 3/7/17!!!! Now I have 90 days to get this bod together...I will keep you all updated!!!!

New Doctor...New Price!!!

My TT procedure is $6350 with Dr. Lynam...much more affordable for me.
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