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I find myself questioning the validity and...

I find myself questioning the validity and authenticity of this web site "realself.com" at large when I read the reviews and ranks for which are being granted for a surgeon whom I consider to be the industries ever lasting shame! To my continued regret, I had a Rhinopasty done by Dr. Conrad in 1999. At the time he was considered to be at the pinnacle of his profession, teaching at the University of Toronto (not sure if he was speaking the truth), and practicing in both of his privately held clinic's in the Richmond Hill and Yorkville area. I recall him as the man with a full head of Grey hair, boasting with confidence in his lavishly Marilyn Monroe decorated private quarters of his office. Despite his age he insisted on doing the surgery in the evening (past 10 pm) as his days were committed to gaining new clients. My surgery, which needless to elaborate on was an absolute disaster, was redone again after 6 short months! Of course a third surgery was suggested as Dr. Conrad was fully aware of the fact that I was one unhappy client. But see'ing as how he failed to address the small problem that existed with my nose and gifted me with an unshapely nose that makes me resemble a retired UFC fighter...I think he understood why a third surgery was out of the question. You'll take notice after a simple first visit to Dr. Conrads office that second and third surgeries are the most common of factors in his practice! As he never gets it right the first time. I would like to also inform you, the reader, that the girl who had a rhinoplasty the same evening as myself ended up doing a total of four surgeries! She is one of many patients who has filed a lawsuit against his for completely destroying her face. Its an unfortunate truth that is baffling to say the least when I read the below reviews.

Do your research before you commit yourself to a lifetime of regret
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