Deeply Regret Surgery. Richmond, BC

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I had rhinoplasty several years ago and regret it...

I had rhinoplasty several years ago and regret it every day. I went to this doctor who being young and naive was my only consult and the only surgeon i saw. I went in for a minor bump removal and for my tip to be raised slightly. In hindsight there were many red flags that i missed. The surgeon did not discuss with me exactly what was to be done but made me believe it was routine surgery and that he could give me the results i want. I was also rushed at the consult, my total consult lasted about 15minutes.

When the cast came off i was in complete shock, i could no longer recognize myself in the mirror and began to have panic attacks. He removed way too much of my bump leaving me with a scooped out bridge and removed all of my lower lateral cartilages leaving me with a rounded bulbous tip that is isolated from the rest of the nose and also pinched above the nostrils. When i went to my follow up this doctor was not helpful, when i told him this was not what i asked and said i only wanted very little removed he acted like it looked fine and when i started to cry tried to rush me out of the room so he could take the next patient.

I believe that just as important as being a skilled surgeon is how you treat your patients when they are unhappy with the outcome. It was even more difficult because the surgeon refused to acknowledge the mistake. I went to see a top revision specialist later who told me he could not do my tip for fear it would collapse, he told me the lower lateral cartilages should not have been removed and for that reason he could not help me.

I also want to add that the secretary is extremely helpful and friendly when you book a consult with him and pay your money. If you are unhappy with the outcome and want to see him to try and get it fixed she is an entirely different person. She actually hung up on me telling me there is nothing he could do for me. I feel like something was also done to my radix which is not in the report i wanted to consult with him on this as i can feel that there is some type of graft there, but she refused to allow me to see him and hung up on my three times.

Please do your research, this is your face and you have to live with your decision for the rest of your life. Do your research and go to the most skilled surgeon who is at the top of his field who has won numerous awards also ensure the surgeon spends a lot of time with you during the consult and does not make you feel rushed.

If you have already had surgery from him and are happy with your result than i am very happy for you. This was no my experience at all I felt like he was not invested in me and did not care about the outcome. Also i believe just as important is the way you are treated after your surgery especially when you are dissatisfied with the result you need to believe your surgeon will be there for you and will try to help you fix the problem. It is very devastating after a bad result when you have no other options and no one to turn to for help because the person who did this to you refuses to help you.

Listen to your gut

I have had people private message me who have had surgery with this doctor and are very unhappy with the results..or are having anxiety about surgery with him. All I can say is if you are having anxiety please listen to your gut ..please do not let his secretary talk you into something you do not want to do. Once the surgery is done you are on your own they will not care if you are happy or not. If you even have an ounce of doubt ..cancel your surgery. You can always postpone
Surgery but you can not reverse what's been done.

This is your face your research and go to the best surgeon you can find..or better yet try to be happy with what you have..their are too many risks and complications with this surgery
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I deeply regret surgery with this doctor

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