46 Yrs. Old FINALLY Getting Lipo on Abs! - Richardson, TX

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I was always thin but after having 2 kids, cancer,...

I was always thin but after having 2 kids, cancer, a hysterectomy, and losing 18 pounds I still can't get rid of my belly! I exercise 5 days a week doing cardio and some weights, I belly dance on the weekends for 2 hours and I watch what I eat but nothing is working. As I get older it is only getting worse. So, after wanting to do this since 2008 when I first had a consult with another doctor I finally decided to bite the bullet and have lipo on my abs.
I chose Dr. Gregory Roberts because he is double-board certified and he is close to my house. Plus, he was having a special on Slim Lipo so my cost was a lot less than what I posted at top, but that's the regular price. I first emailed them with questions and Kristi wrote back right away. We emailed back and forth several times (my preferred method of communication) before I went for my consult. When I went for my consult I first spoke with Kristi who went over my medical records and the forms I filled out. She then looked at my stomach and my chin (which I decided to wait on since he said I just have a little pocket of fat) and took my vitals. Dr. Roberts then came in and checked me over. He said that when I was pregnant my muscles pushed out way forward and they have not retracted. This is so true, I gained all my weight, 38 pounds for each baby, in the front so it looked like I was carrying basket balls. Bottom line....he said I will only have a reduction of about 50%. I appreciated his honesty which was another reason why I went with him. I'm getting my lower and mid abs done, sides and back could use some extra help but I can live with those areas. I can't wait till Friday!

Getting ready

I have all my needed supplies...I hope. I bought a Marena Stage 1 compression garment, started taking Pre and Post Surgery Vitamins and Supplements from Make Me Heal, ordered my scripts, bought antibiotic cleanser and cream, bought pads to absorb fluid/blood and stocked up on some easy to eat foods. I also made a simple chart to help me keep track of my meds and fluids.

Had my Pre-op

Friday was my pre-op day and the whole process lasted about an hour. It took me 15 minutes to read and sign all the instructions and consent papers. I then met with Kristi who took my Before photos and then went over some medical questions and took my blood pressure. Dr. Roberts then came in and did a mini examination and looked at my abdomen again. I asked him a couple of questions before I left to finish paying off my bill. The process was smooth and efficient.

Had my surgery today!

I'm not going to write much now because I am still very tired and I just took a pain pill an hour ago so who knows what I'll say.???? Things went well but I had a lot of anxiety and when he injected the numbing fluid in me I was freaking out a bit. I just can't stand strange feelings in me and my imagination starts to go crazy. That was a teaser...more later.

Surgery cont.

The best part about my abdominal Slim Lipo was when Dr. Roberts and I were singing 80's songs together as it kept my mind off things. The worst part was when I almost fainted due to high anxiety and the strange feeling of pushing all that numbing fluid in me. I hated that part and after it was over they gave me another anxiety pill before he actually started with the laser. The lidocaine does sting but the 6 incisions he made were nothing. The laser was ok though it felt like my stomach was a big, thick piece of meat and he was cutting through it. It did hurt a little bit when he was around my ribs. Next, he suctioned out the fat and most of the fluid. He said it would take about an hour and it did. He had to work extra hard on me, even sweating, because I had fibrous fat which made it alot harder to get out. When he was done the nurse came in and wrapped me with a pad, then put on my compression garment and then wrapped me up in a binder. I was pretty stiff. I was there for 3hours and 15 minutes and when I came home I took a nap. Later my husband came home and brought me some chicken noodle soup for lunch and I have had no problem with my appetite. I started to feel pain when my friend came to visit me, maybe I was talking too much? So, I took a pain pill and another nap. I didn't sleep well that night as I had to pee 4 times and each time I had to wake up my husband to help me get in and out of bed. I also woke up at 5am with a terrible back ache.

Still some pain

I am still needing help getting in and out of bed and I walk real slow. Most of my pain is in my lower abs and I feel like I had a C-section. I know I am going to be in pain longer and be swollen longer due to my stubborn fat that didn't want to leave me. After 30 hours I took everything off and took a shower washing again with the antibacterial wash and putting on Neosporin to prevent infection. I'm so glad I just had a few drops of blood, so no more pads. yea!

Post op

I had my post -op 2 days ago and things are looking good. My swelling has gone down, not completely of course, but it's already an improvement from before. Also, my incisions are healing properly and I never had any bruising. Now, time to drink some more pineapple juice.

About 5 months later

Happy with my results.

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