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I have been wanting to get the bridge of my nose...

I have been wanting to get the bridge of my nose fixed for years. I also think the overall size of my nose is too large for my face. I hate my profile. I finally have saved enough for a down payment for the rhinoplasty so I made the appointment for a consult. I went to the consult yesterday and I am just that much more excited about actually going through with this. Dr. Roberts was very personable and he made me feel confident about getting the results I want. The only thing lingering on my mind now is a chin implant. He brought it up and said I would probably be good without one but since taking some "before" pictures, I wonder if I really do need one?

Finally figured out how to add pictures.

Finally figured out how to add pictures.

Just got approved for my loan!! Its happening!! I...

Just got approved for my loan!! Its happening!! I do have a question... what is the significance of pineapple juice? I've read about people drinking it after surgery. What does it do?

Per-Op Yesterday

Well yesterday was my pre-op. I signed my life away... literally. Lol I signed all the disclaimers and then they took me back to take my vitals. After that they took my "before" pictures. Kinda scared to see those :/ yuck lol The doctor came in and told me a little bit about what they were going to change about my nose. The only thing I wanted changed going into this was to get the hump taken out and to get a smaller nose, so when he was telling me what all he was going to do I just thought whatever your the professional. Now that it's getting closer I am thinking about if it doesn't turn out the way I want it :/ I'm excited and nervous all in one. It is paid in full and scheduled for the 11th of June. ONE WEEK AND TWO DAYS! All I gotta do is go get my scripts filled and show up!

9 Hours!

Well in 9 hours I will have a new nose! I'm so excited to just see what it's going to look like! I'm only a bit nervous but not much. I started taking the antibiotic today and the anastesiologist called and asked me questions about body type and medical history. I'm not allowed to eat after 8 and nothing to drink after midnight. I'm already hungry.... Well I'm just laying in bed trying to go to sleep but my mind is just a going. I keep remembering things I need to pack or get that I haven't already.

Day of Surgery

I got there. They sent me back for prep. Everyone that worked on me was extremely nice and encouraging! When I woke up, of course I was woody but no pain. I got up to get dressed and my thigh was sore lol they told my that my anastesiologist gave me a demeral shot there. My throat was extremely uncomfortable from the breathing tube but that went away after a couple hours. Now only pain I have is the stitches and its a 3 or 4 on the pain scale. Anytime I sit up to eat or go potty I have to change my drip pad from the blood running out. I'm just ready for this to be over and to have my cute new nose!!! I'm so impatient! Post op appointment in the morning at 8am.

Day 1 Recovery

Well this morning I woke up with little pain. It is more of a pressure than anything. I went to my post op appointment and the doctor opened my nasal and stuck a suction rod up in thereto loosen dried blood and let me tell you... that was not pleasant! I got nauseous onice today but that was about it. I'm so ready to get back to normal and its only day one geeze. Thankfully I'm back home and not in a hotel tonight.

Day 3 Recovery

Well not much has changed. I still can't hardly breath and it feels like an elephant is sitting on my face. The pain isn't unbearable its just mentally draining to not be able to do basic things. My black eyes have started to develops but they are still yellow. I guess the pineapple juice really helped!!

Getting stitches out tomorrow!

Ok so I feel like a normal person again... besides having a stiff nose cause of the stitches and cast :/ I am getting the stitches removed tomorrow and I am scared!! I'm scared it's going to hurt and I'm scared I'm not going to look good :( I have been stressing out all week about not liking it but I guess what's done is done. Can y'all pls share you cast removal experiences?! I could use some encouragement!

Cast is OFF!

Ok just got the cast off and OMG that hurt!!! They pried the cast off and snipped the stitched and pulled out the scabs from inside my nose!! I was seconds away from tears but its over and I love my new nose!! Its a little swollen so it looks a little turned up but I don't mind it!


Well I LOVE my new nose... but I hate trying to get the stuff out of it! They told me to loosen dried up blood but every time I clean it out there isn't anything on the Q-tips but I can feel something that resembles a scab in the tip. Idk if that is what they were talking about removing. I tried lessening it up but its gone no where and I hurts do bad!! Anyone got answers for me????

3 Wk Post Op

Just updating pictures. Nose is pretty much normal but still some scabs inside. Little bit of tenderness on the bridge but I can scrunch my face again now! The tip is still numb and no movement there.

Just so happy!

I just have so much confidence now! Love taking pictures from the side lol

Dr. Roberts Website

I love that I am now on my doctors website! I hope it encourages others to go through with it and have a better life!


I can feel three bumps on my nose! Anyone else have this happen?? I don't think you can see them but it freaks me out so bad!

Just an update

I haven't added progress in a while so here it is!
Plano Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Roberts and his staff are very personable and informative. Every time I came in they made me feel very welcome and they knew me by name. I love the nose that Dr. Roberts gave me and he really changed my life! It feels wonderful to finally have self esteem :)

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