22 Year Old Male 4mm SurgiSil PermaLip - Richardson, TX

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It was not that I was unhappy with my lips before,...

It was not that I was unhappy with my lips before, but I knew they could look better. Reading through hundreds of reviews, the main sentence I always read went something like, "I waited and waited to do something I have always thought would make be happier with my body. Well I think, why wait until I am in my 30's or 40's when I can enjoy my new lips now in my early 20's and continue to enjoy them until I am 98?

22 Year Old Male SurgiSil PermaLip - Richardson, TX

The pain and bruising is very minimal thus far causing me to believe that I found a pretty amazing doctor. I have compared my pain, my incision sizes, and my bruising to other PermaLip patients and am finding that I have been far more fortunate. This could also have to do with the fact that I am in my early 20's and most patients were at least over 40.

PROBLEM arising in FIRST week?!?!

Day 7 after the procedure finally comes. Not a single issue had arisen thus-far but waking up that morning I felt some abnormal pressure and light pain in my lower lip. I felt my inner lip with my tongue then ran to the mirror. I felt and could physically see that my lower implant had shifted drastically to the side of my lip. Using my finger and tongue it was obvious that one side of my lip was completely void of the implant and the other side now felt like it was crammed with double the amount of implant than should be present. I do not know exactly what to do? I am going to call Dr. Roberts and schedule his next available appointment. Does this mean that the wrong length was selected for my lip by the doctor? From what I have read, migrating implants occur when too small of length is selected. I will post back when I have an update from the doctor.

Post Procedure Appointment SUCCESS

It has been 10 days since the procedure now and today was my first follow up with Dr. Roberts. Everything went well and Dr. Roberts assured me what I was feeling in my lips was just still apart of the healing process. There is now another appointment in a month but after getting such great news today I am incredibly happy and am willing to wait for more results.

Lower Lip Implant Easily MOVES

A few days after my post procedure follow up appointment something else seems wrong. I woke up and my implant had now shifted more to the other side of my lip. Later that day, after drinking from a cup at a restaurant, I felt uncomfortable moving in my lip. It was like a worm moving underneath my skin. I touched my lip and found that the implant had easily shifted now to the other side of my lip. This back and forth went on for the rest of the day, and the next day, and the next. I have a moving implant. Looking at my lips in the mirror, it does not seem like anything is wrong? Whether it is currently shifted to the left or the right it appears pretty much the same to the eye so maybe I shouldn't complain? I just never read or was told that this was normal.

Both Lips Implants Move Around Constantly

I really enjoy my new lips. The only problem is that the implants move around constantly. Both the upper and lower move to the far left and the far right constantly when drinking from a cup, drinking from a straw etc…

Almost A Year Late & Still Happy

Its been nearly a year since my lip procedure and all of the problems I was once having seem to have subsided. I can still feel slight movement of the implants within my lips but they are far more stable now. Another cosmetologist told me that the scaring may have built up enough to hold the implants in place. My lips look completely natural and I love making friends touch my lips and seeing their disbelief when they find out that there is actually a foreign object within.

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