I prayed for a Miracle from God....and Dr. Salama Delivered....let the church say AMEN!!!! New Pictures 12 days PO

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Hello Ladies....Like many of you I always hated my...

Hello Ladies....Like many of you I always hated my body...and it got worst after I had my son a few years back. My sis wil always tease me about been cute but having a flat butt...like she would aay u look soooo pretty with that dress but only if u had a butt...it would look nicer....well i stumble across this website a month a go..and I became addicted...Im soooo grateful for all you ladies who so willingly shared your experience. with us...this had made me more excited about finaly having a booty.

So a day before my 30th bday i booked my appoinment...and today I booked my plane ticket and hotel...Ill be sstaying at the Best Western in Hollywood/Aventura... total price was 827... not bad considering other websites had it for over 1000....A few girls said that Bombay was bhorrible...and Ruben suggested the Hampton Inn in Hallendale..i think thats right...but they anted a extra 400.00....and the distance beween the two was 9 minues....not sure about yalll but i need to save all my pennies ...lol lol....ill keep you ladies posted and please do the same...ooopssss im getting a butt lift plus atummy tuck....if i lose the weight i probably wond need one...im 5'6 and around165..sorry for tge many typos im using my phone..and u know how that can be...

Just sent a payment...Im freaking excited

Just sent a payment...Im freaking excited

Well im having a few concerns. I Think im...

Well im having a few concerns. I Think im overweight because im 180..and only 5'6....Im worried that if i dont lose the weifht I wont be happy with my results. So I started running..and walking..and eating better I fueas. I want to get the best shape possible thay way the Dr. is working with a better body...If any of you sis have any suggestions in how to lose weight faster..ill appreciate it.....My personnel opinion...Dr.Salama will eventually be one of the most expensive Dr. to perdorm this procedure

Hello My Beautiful BBL Sisters. So I finally got...

Hello My Beautiful BBL Sisters.
So I finally got my pictures, i will be posting soon. Well I made some changes I decided not to get the TT. I WANT TO HAVE MORE KIDS IN THE FUTURE..Im just hoping my saggi skin now gets back into place after the lipo...if i have to wear the garment for a year to get a flat tummy....then i guess thats what ill do.lol lol...but seriously..ill look for other options if that doesnt work...im praying it does..I only want to go through this once..and hopefully thats it... I DECICED I WAS GOING TO HELP Dr. Salama GIVE ME BETTER RESULTS. I WENT ON a DIET!!!. Eventhough he didnt tell me to lose any weight. I weight 180 and im 5'5. I am now 175 and Im sooo Happy. I know its not a lot but im planning on losing atleast another 15 Hopefuly. I feel like the better body I give him....The better results he gives me..IS a win win situation...Its not easy Ladies But I want to be Healthy before and after the procedure. I feel Like some LADIES dont physically prepare there body for the trauma they are about to experience.... This is a serious and risky sergury. Its not no WALK IN THE PARK...So please Lets PREPARE OUR BODY MIND AND SOUL for what its about to endure. Im on a 1400 low calorie diet and im also running and walking at least three times a week.
I FINISHED PAYING FOR MY PROCEDURE...CASH!!!!I added inner thigh lipo and I might also add my arms if they dont get tone enough....Im hoping to meet my September BBL sis once I get there...hopefully we can get a drink o something....\
Oh yeah I told my mom I was getting Lipo..not a bbl..ill just give her that surprise when she sees me...She wasnt upset just questioned my reasons..and I told her I wasnt happy with my shape.
I told my sisters..my boyfriend..and three of my friends....so far they are alll against it EXCEPT MY BOO.....One more thing Ladies...WITH GOD EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE...HE HAS LITERALLY BEEN CARRYING ME..He is definetly my support system.....I didnt know how I was gona come up with the rest of the money..and when I SAID THE MONEY JUST CAME TO ME ..IT DEFINETLY DID....hE WILL NOT FORSAKE YOU OUR LEAVE YOU STRANDED..YOU JUST HAVE TO trust AND believe..AND ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE THROUGH HIM..SORRY FOR ALL THE TYPOS TOOO....LATER CHICAS.,.

Ladies Im scheduled for September 11. I been...

Ladies Im scheduled for September 11. I been extremely nervouse and scared about this procedure. I am also READY for my new BODY I havent been going out because I just dont feel SEXY Enough..BUt anyways I wanted to update yall on what I been doing to prepare myself.
I lost a few pounds so im actually 168 I believe. I dont see too much of a difference from my before pic. I will be getting a Lympathetic Massage tow days before my sergury I heard it help the blood circulation and help you drain better after sergury.I will start walking three times a week and drink plenty of water. no alchol or juice just water. I will do a exfoliating scrub night before sergury to get rid of all dead skin. Thanks atlbabymama for info.
The things that I bought
Hand Held Massager.
I will use this to help with Lumps in the belly after the Lipo. I bought it at Walmart for about $15.00 and It has some serious power to it
Shower Curtains
I will put this over the mattress to prevent from getting blood on it. I read a bbl sister got blood all over the mattress $5.00
Director Chair
Well mines is actually a patio chair..but is similar to a director chair. I will just cut more of the fabric out after procedure to see how much room I will need.
VitaMedica Plastic Surgery Pre & Post-Op Program 4pc $92.00
I read tons of review on it. Is good vitamins to take because it prepares ya body.from reading other bbl sister. The ones that take it do alot better then the ones that dont
Swiss Kriss Swiss Kriss Amazon $10.00
Laxative for constipation
NOW Foods Rose Hip Seed Oil Amazon $4.00
I heard it works wonders for moisturizing skin and fading scars
Raw She Butter $5.00 Amazon
I been using for about 6 years and It has definetly help with my strech mark. They are not as visible as they used to be
Swanson Premium Full Spectrum Milk Thistle
will start this vitamin 3 to four weeks after sergury if I need energy
IBoericke & Tafel Florasone Eczema 10.00
anti itch cream
The Fay Farm's Organic Healing Hemp Salve - 1.5 oz $9.00 Amazon
Another ani itch cream I found great reviews about on Amazon so I want to try it.
POLY-IRON CAPS 150 MG ***CYP Size: 100 $15.00
Thanks to Nicki86
I will start taking this pills exactly a month before sergury
Swanson Premium Vitamin C 1000 mg w/rose Hips $7.00
I heard great reviews they are easier to swallow they are not as big and the price is good compare to other pills I will also start this pill a month before sergury.
Instead of a Bobby Pillow I order two diferent products that I am hoping and praying will do the trick for the plane ride home.
Bottom Reformulator Cushion Deluxcomftore.com 17.00
It looks like it might get the job done but im not sure yet I havent received the product,
and it the Buttom Reformulator Cushion does not do the trick I hope that Foot Massager from Deluxe $ 15.00 comforte will do the trick. I just havent heard anything good about the Bobby Pillows and they Just dont look comftorble at all. I hope this work. I will update yall once I receive them
Memory Foam Wedge Pillow I already had one at home
Help elevate my feet and reduce swelling or ill use it as my pillow for support while laying on my tummy.
Sunglasses and Hat
Hide from the heaters.....
Boiron Arnica Montana Gel $10.00
Rub it on ya skin to help reduce swelling
Lipo Express Garment $240.00 for 2
I will order two garments after sergury. I heard from fellow BBL sister they are a lot more comftorble. Then the ones Dr. Salama gives. I will definetly order the ones with the butt out.
What I still need to get is
anti bacterial soap
Gauze tape
Compression socks atleast two more pairs. Dr, Salama gives u a pair I believe
non stick medical tape
Maderma for scar
Epi- Foam. biodermis. com $35.00 for 3 sheets
I will use to put under garment also to help creat the S on my back. Thanks to BrickhouseNy has a tutorial on the epi foam I heard is help reduce the bumps on skin after lipo.
Huge cup from Mcdonalds or BK
This will be my funnel cup
Cami and long dresses No jeans you will be in too much pain to put them on.
Rob to wear day of sergury
Squeem Clincher 40.00 Amazon
Once garment gets too big around stomach, or you can just get ya garment taking in depending which option is cheaper for you.
In case I need to check my temp
To cut garment
Frozen Veggie and Fruit to use as my Ice pack on my tummy...I will do gentle massages to help break up lumps
No Vitamin E
Avoid using or taking products (skincare, hair products, foods, supplements) containing Vitamin E (tochopherol) for 2-3 weeks before surgery and for 2-3 weeks afterwards because it is an anticoagulant that can worsen bleeding during surgery and increase post-op bruising. I got this info from Makemeheal.com.
I will continue to pray to God that he lets me come out this sergury happy with results, I will also pray for all of you who are going, and those that are still recovering. Keep God First and everything else will follow accordingly.....I hope list helps yall.....

I'm less then a month away.......I'm waiting for...

I'm less then a month away.......I'm waiting for lab results. I lost 10lbs and been drinking plenty of water and eating lots of veggie.....I'm adding pic of how I currently look now

Im finally getting excited..no turning back....see...

Im finally getting excited..no turning back....see y'all on the other side...and for you ladies coming after be patient for your time is near!!!!!!

Hey Ladies My date is coming and I'm actually...

Hey Ladies

My date is coming and I'm actually excited now....Thanks for the well wishes from my fellow sisters....Im trying not to be on here too much cause I'm starting to see too much negativity...we are here to support each other...some of us don't even have anyone else to turn to but this site....so let's be cautious and respectful before we decided to send bashing messages to one another....I haven't personally experienced it..but I noticed from reading other blogs what some of the sister are going through.?im not expecting to look like Barbie cause I had a csection before...what I am expecting is a better me.....im not getting myself worked up tooooooo much cause if I want a flat flat tummy I'm gona need a tummy tuck...and right now my dr does not do them together..and I'm not sure I want to go under the knife the second time......so oooo im praying for the very best me I Can get........good luck to candiapple and Da1 u envy....see y'all sisters soon........

I'm getting a few request about the pillow I...

I'm getting a few request about the pillow I chosed the buttock cushion..the one in the pic...it gives great support to the thighs....I used it reversed with the butt part on my thigh...so my butt hangs out.....I love it way better then the bobby pillow...the bobby pillow does not have enough support for me. So I choose the buttock reformation cushion.....the foot massager you don't need at all...so don't buy it....I have the website listed ..so u can buy it....it was cheaper then a bobby pillow also.....

A few minutes ago.....I broke down and cried........

A few minutes ago.....I broke down and cried......I don't want to die. ..I kneel on the floor and asked my Lord and Savior to watch over me. To not look at me as doing something vain....but to look at me as trying to improve myself....I I love myself...most importantly I love my son to death....and I would not want to leave him for something so vain....I guess....but I want a better me...I want to look sexy when I go out....anyways ladies..I felt a million times better after praying....so please keep praying for me...is all I ask for...and I promise to keep y'all posted on everything especially my csection girls.......The infamous Larry called me to make sure we had my flight info squared away. I also received a called from Naomi just checking up on me.

Larry picked me up from the airport on time.........

Larry picked me up from the airport on time.......yeah.....He then took me to the office to sign paper work...I decided to get the extended health insurance just in case I'll be cover in my state...after that went grocery shopping and got my meds...it was around 75.00 for all three except the stool softer I spent additional 100 on groceries.......lots of veggi and chicken...and water...and Gatorade....thanks ladies for all the prayers and support...I can definetly tell y'all it's working...sooooo please keep them coming..anyone knows how to download pic from iPad....thanks bbl sis....

I forgot I'm staying at the best western.....and...

I forgot I'm staying at the best western.....and it's nice..I get wifi..a microwave...jacuzzi tub even though we can't use it cause of the procedure..refrigerator and a few stores close by including a winnDixie ...so far well worth it.....my fix and hotel for 10 days booking through Priceline was 827...I believe...so basically.....500. For room..and 300for flight......love it!!!!

Ladies I'm goin in for 1030.....please continue to...

Ladies I'm goin in for 1030.....please continue to keep me in ya prayers...Im feeling good....not nervous anymore..and I believe it has a lot to do with all the prayers y'all be doing so please keep it up.....I'll see y'all on the other side....and I'll update ASAP......love yal bbl sis...thanks from the button of my heart for all your prayer!!!!!!!

Ok babes here it goes!!!!!!!!!!! So my surgery...

Ok babes here it goes!!!!!!!!!!!
So my surgery was suppose to be for 1030...however we did not start until 12...that's goooood by me...u don't want to rush perfection....I met the two nurses which were totally professional and nice the anesticialist also asked me a few questions he seem cool......Dr Salama cames in and I guess I was nervous.....he began to take pictures of different angles and pretty much told me what he was gona do......he told me that he wasn't gona cheat me out the Ccs .but he did make a good and valid point....iif he puts toooooo much fat the fat cell don't have a good chance of survival...he also told me that he said u want a realistic big butt....I did not bring a picture cause I want the artist to sculpt me. He said make sure to get massages because if I don't the skin can heal uneven...and be perminet. So he suggest a compression garment on for two months at least.... He hoping my skin will retract since he believes it wasnt that bad...once he lipo it..,lHe made a few jokes also....I was pleased with how passionate he is about his work.....he made me feel even more comftorble about choosing him...he really seemd like he genuinely cared about me..and wants to give me the best results......now let's talk about when I got up... He wasn't there...I would really have liked for him to be there.....but I know he is busy.....but I still feel like....that would have added a extra something for me.....the segury was 3 hrs..and 1 hr to recover....the two nurses where there and they were helpful..even gave me a drink since my throat was a ill scratchy
The pain I did not feel as much.. Scale from 1-10. Was probably a 4..I feel like my csection was worst then this....I was more cold then anything else and I was also HUNGRY.......when I got up....the most pain I feel is getting in and out the bed...that's the worst part for me right now.....when I got to my room.I had soup and bread.....Gatorade and plenty of water!!!!! I been Walking a lot in my room..like every 10 to 20minutes....
According to my sis I have a huge ass......(I'm smiling from ear to ear)
I can get back shots Now,My ass looks like a horse ass., it stands up high lol lol....is so big....But You know how we think bbl sis......is big..but I got to see it in clothes..in a thong...u know....is definetly bigger....I'm happy so far with everything...the results the staff.....we will see..I'll keep y'all posted.....
WHy My pain level is so low
Vitamedics is the truth.....I feel like they really prepared my body for the segury.....I'm actually functioning normal....again this might change but for right now...a sis feeling good...I drank plenty of water for the last month and a half....I eat plenty of veggie...salads...but I could not stay away from my fried chicken...my weakness......I'm able to use the bathroom on my own, I can walk on my own..even drain my own fluid.....talking about fluid my fluid is very red in color..and one is draining so much I changed it about 5 times already...the one in the back has not had any build up yet....I texted Ruben and he replied ASAP..and said everything is normal unless I feel light headed or nauseated....which I do not.....I did take one pill.. Perks..and 3 antibacterial the dr. Wants to see me in the am to take off the bandage......I hate that my freaking period came right after taking the prego
Ill definetly post some when I get garment change.......the blood looks tooooooo nasty for me right now....I don't want to disguste y'all....plus I hope I can do it with my iPad...I think missmiami told me is possible..I'll reread her post to see if I can do it...

Psalm 62
I find rest in God, only he can save me.
He is my rock and my salvation....
Ladies please continue to pray for ya sis.....it's really helping out......until next time.....be blessed.....shout out to my sept bbl sis....may y'all heal beautifully....and keep the faith....

Hello my Queens Post op Wednesday I went to the...

Hello my Queens
Post op Wednesday
I went to the office for dr. Salama to review my new body....I was not in as much pain...but as soon as the bandage came off the skin was soooooo sensitive...,,.i have some hanging skin which I'm hoping will retract but only time will tell...I went from a Xl garment to a L......unfortunately I forgot my cami to put under so had to switch it when I got home......I also had Larry drive me to lipo express store to buy a new garment with the butt out......size L also....when I got home I took a shower and put on dr Salam l garment....and that shit hurt.......on the bra strap is very uncomftorble plus the shirt does not go all the way down they way u need it tooooo. I have a lot of titties so the garment was total torture for me..cause I had the garment..the cami..plus a bra....it was unbelievable pressure on my bra strap....that killed me...I was also extremely stiff during the night...but I walked at least very 3 hours..and drank water....
Post opt Thursday
I had a appointment with Celia
It was great but painful....make sure you take ya perks before you go.....it feel like someone is burning ya skin with a freaking iron......so be prepared......we used the lipo express garment large which I bought yesterday.....and I love it.......it fits comftorble compare to the other garment......I been walking a lot normal because she was able to drain allll that fluid build up on top of my ass...I been eating a lot of greens but haven't done number 2...the only thing about the garmentis that u can't pee as comfTorble....other then that it's worth every freaking penny I spent o n it.....$120... I'm hoping that before I leave next week I can get a medium.r remember I'm not a small girl either.....I was 173 before segury.....another thing I like about my hotel it has. A washer and dryer..so I was able to wash my garments yesterday...I tried on a dress yesterday and it looks official...I love how he shaped me...I have hips and a ass......I never thought that was even possible for me as u can tell from the pic......sorry I can't download them but as soon as I get home I'll do just that. Imalso walking straight after the massage...u need to drink plenty of water and Gatorade..and force ya body to walk.....I haven' noticed my vagina swelling yet..but Celia said it will happen soon ...so until next time myqueensstay positive !!!!!!!

My sis left today also....so I did not have a...

My sis left today also....so I did not have a choice but to prepare myself to ride th wave a lone......

Few things I forgot to mention I never had to use...

Few things I forgot to mention
I never had to use the nausea medicine......the only time I felt nausea was when I finish sergury
No swelling on my feet at all.... The back pain is minimal.....I can move around more freely now.....
I'm still drinking about a gallon a water a day.....
Had second massage today with the ultrasound and it wasn't as painfully as the first one...I'm feeling sooooo much better.......I'm overall ecstatic with my results......I know with time it will get better..my skinn that was hanging is not as bad....me and Celia believe the lipo express garment did miracles in that area because it compresses me sooo much.....I was able to take a shower today on my own and put on my own garment..it was a ill painful since the skin is soooo sensitive.....I cannot stress enough to y'all how important it is...to get the lipo express garment..especially the csection girls......when I saw my belly today compare to yesterday.....I was even freaking amazed......I'm now using my L garment on the smaller hook after just one day.....I'm also using the board from the office and the foam I bought from biodermis...I'm gona buy one more garment...medium before I leave.....I thinki I might be able to fit it before I leave...remember the more compression on ya stomach the flatter it gets......Celia did not like that my lipo express garment was cutting my butt circulation so she added foam around that area so it can be fine......she said since the butt is still forming we don't want the garment to put pressure on the top area of the butt...(not sure if it makes sense)...but I hope it does.....one thing I hate is having my freaking period the same day as my sergury.....I did stop bleeding from my garment after the first night....so I was able to sleep in bed the second night withouth the shower curtain.....one last thing...I'm not alone God has giving and continues to give me the strength to do this.......I seen a couple of ladies in the office..and thy seemed surprise after I tell them I'm only 3 day pos opt.....that's how goo I'm walking...and not in pain....the only time I take Perks is for my massages....they really keep u down if u take too many..and u won't have energy to move around....so stay away unless u want recovery to be longer
The lipo espress garment I bought was 1604 classic half leg derrière ...the straps are thick...so it's helpful...for my double D Girls.....I can't wait to share with y'all Dr. Salama magic......I haven't went to poo poo....eo I'll start mt Swiss Kris's laxative now!!!!!...hope this is helpful.....my Vitamedics are good...invenst in ya pre opt and pst of vitamins...they are worth the 92... I spent on them from Make me heal.......until next time stay Bootyful !!!!!!!!

I bought my lipo express garment from Lipo...

I bought my lipo express garment from

Lipo express store
1781 north east 163 st
North Miami beach fl
305 944 3000
Larry charged me 25 to take me there...
Talking about Larry...he has been great...he has been on time..has not had me waiting no more the 10 minutes for him...so so far I'm happy with Larry services......but I'm definetly in love with Celia....she has definetly been my best friend trying to get my body to shape up.......the way it should be.....she is great...the staff is overall cool.....no complaints.......

Ok my bbl dolls I know y'all all going crazy...

Ok my bbl dolls
I know y'all all going crazy wondering wtf Salama was able to do for me..... freaking a lot especially since I wasn't expecting too much since I did not get a tummy tuck......but my skin is freaking retracting lovely.its not 100 %flat but shit it beats what it was before...I actually have curves ladies...curves...with hips and a asssssssss that stands up nicely.....I know once it drop it will look natural.....right now it kind of looks fake.....my mom calls it two light bulbs....when she saw the pic.
My period is finally gone
I never had to use the nausea caps
Never had to use the compression socks except first night
Never had to use laxative
Talking about using the bathroom
It's probably the most complicated
I wrap my butt reformer with the cover Salama gave me to not bleed in the bed....I then place it on the edge of the toilet seat...then i sit down..and apply pressure to my hands/arms...so I don't think it's good to lipo arms because u need them to get in and out the bed....and for support when doing number 2
I'm still drinking a gallon of water....
I'm going at least twice to the bathroom...so that means taking off my garment twice and showering twice.....
I hardly have any bruising.....you know what's crazy..I have to clean my ass from the front...like my hole...lol..cause I can't reach it from the back.....sorry for the tmi!!!!!
I wish the office checked up on u....a curtesy call would be nice from time to time.....
My complains are just like the other girls...I only saw the dr. Once after sergury...
I'm ecstatic and overwhelmed with Joy cause he did the dammmm thing....on me......
Please if some of my vets can answer
How soon u started massaging ya belly on ya own...
When did all bruising completely left
I know updates are better with pic...but please please please be patient with me!!!!!..I promise to give y'all a pic of everyday....especially since my tummy looked like Freddy Crocker had a party on top of it.....in the beginning....but finally sratting to look somewhat normal....
One more thing
I'm barely draining now...probably changing it once a day if that...is that normal....

Ok ladies i was able to add pictures thanks to my...

ok ladies i was able to add pictures thanks to my gorgeous DA 1 U ENVE...she allowed me to use her computer.....anyways as u can see im still a work in progress.....and im happy with how the hell im slimming down

Im 12 days post opt and im feeling great...i did...

im 12 days post opt and im feeling great...i did not have huge expectations but Dr. Salalma delivered on everything...he gaved me more then i expected.....i saw him lasrt wed...he drained my seroma..help me put on my foam and garment..overall im ecstatic with my Dr. and im happy i did not switch him like i was thinking about doing so.......im happy i ended up having complete faith in him remember i did not have a tummy tuck...and my stomach.....looks amazing!!!!!! I only have swelling in my mid section.....I never bruised like most ladies
I was never light headed except after sergury
my coochie never got hard
my scar are fading....dont really feel like giving a few review about whats going on now
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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