Rhinopplasty or Nose Job

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I have always hated my nose, the size is too big...

I have always hated my nose, the size is too big for my face and the tip shape is round. Now don't get me wrong my nose was not huge or unsightly, it could be smaller, more feminine, and refinded. Plus, I had a bad deviated septum from playing basketball in highschool. So, for my 40th b-day I decided to have my nose fixed. I researched plastic surgons, mainly looking at before and after photos, and doing research on the internet. I found two doctors with amazing before and after photos, the noses look so natural and in proportion. Then I googled the Docs one was in Washington State and the other in California. Both were tops in their field, highly written about, published, and were very professional when I called the office. I live in Idaho, so I picked the Seattle Doc.

The surgery took 2-3 hours, he said most of the time was fixing the deviated septum. The first day after the surgery my throat was so sore (from the breathing tube), I could not breath out of my nose, and I had two black eyes. The second day my face swelled up like a pumpkin. The first two days I was taking 1,000 mg of vicodin every three hours. The third day the pain was so much better and my black eyes were almost gone. The fourth day my swelling started to disappear. Remember, I am in bed pretty much the entire time icing my face and keeping my head elevated. The fifth day I am no longer taking pain medication. The sixth day, I get my cast off my nose and the stitches out(they nolonger pack the inside of the nose). By the seventh day my nose looked wonderful, the size and shape were perfect and NATURAL looking, you could not tell I just had my nose done. The tip is much more feminine and the bridge is refind and the nostrals are even and petite. So overall my nose is smaller and plesant looking to match my other features. I am still a little swollen, but unless you saw me every day you would never know. I am suppose to wear tape on my nose for the next 2-3 weeks. The only thing I would recomend is having chloraseptic spray for your throat after surgery and gynelotrimin in case you get a yeast infection from the antibiotics.

Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon

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