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Rhinoplasty 8 Weeks out and couldn't be happier.


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23 Sep 2016

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Rhinoplasty 8 Weeks out and couldn't be happier.

I had a Rhinoplasty done with Dr.Ghersi 8 weeks ago My nose growing up always bothered me but I was extremely hesitant about actually getting it fixed because I was always worried a Doctor would change the way I look completely which I did not want. When I saw how passionate Dr.Ghersi was about his Rhinos I knew I had to do my surgery with him. I guess it was comforting to see someone so eager to make the changes you wanted and be so meticulous about it all. My recovery was great I only had discomfort for the first night but that was all. I never had to take pain medication and I definitely recommend taking Arnika which I feel helped a lot since I had minimal bruising. I would without a doubt reccomend anyone who wants or has been hesitant about getting a Rhinoplasty to Dr.Ghersi he Forsure is the go to Rhinoplasty Doctor in Miami.