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I had a revision rhinoplasty on 12/27/07.I was...

I had a revision rhinoplasty on 12/27/07.I was anxious about doing it but didn't think twice once I met my surgeon-beyond excellent.He spent an hour on the first consultation and called on his own time,on my schedule,to answer my (many) questions and calm my fears.I originally broke my nose very young and it took on an 'S' shape.I had rhinoplasty in 1997 but the doctor wasn't the best choise to working with my nose in the condition it was in.I ended up with it turning to the left,with a huge bone spur on the side.My right septum was completely deviated,where I was basically breathing out of something the size of a pin hole. My surgery ended up taking 8 hours because once he made the incision (I had whats considered an open reduction nasal fracture.a small incision is made inbetween the nostrils and the skin is lifted so the surgeon can see what he is working with) he found my septum and nasal bones to be worse than he thought possible.He had to rebuild my entire nose,stitching cartlidge together so that it wouldn't collapse.After that amount of time and work,I prepared myself to be bruised and swollen all over...not so.I didn't get anything but slight yellow bruising under my eyes and swelling around my eyes and nose.Nothing black and blue or purple.He wasn't suprised to hear this,somehow he knows exactly what he's doing to prevent post op problems. I came out of the recovery room and was sitting up in bed,talking with my family and watching the news.I was on pain meds but otherwise felt great.I left that night and took the pain meds to help with sleep because I had to sleep sitting up.THAT was the worst part!There was no way to get comfortable and all I wanted to do was lay on my side.I slept that way for 2 weeks because it helps with swelling and,early on,the draining of blood down the back of your throat.I never got sick from the anesthesia or afterwards.I saw my doctor 4 days later (I had my surgery on a Thursday and that Monday was New years day).he gave me a cortisone injection and "debreathed" me,which helped alot.It was hard to not be able to blow my nose because there is just so much there!He removed alot of gunk but my splint,stitches and internal splints (big pieces of plastic up against each septum-not as bad as they sound) stayed in for another week.I was used to not being able to breathe out of my nose so that wasn't an issue.there was litle pain,more just uncomfortable at times. I'm 8 weeks out now and happy with the results.I can breathe great and the swelling is still going down.It truly does take a full year to see final results.I get cortisone injections once a month to help with the swelling and they have.Overal,between the doctor and the experience,I would absolutely do it again!

Dr. Steven Goldstein

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