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Had it done 4 days ago and even with the cast on i...

had it done 4 days ago and even with the cast on i think it looks awesome, im thrilled already, i had almost no bruising but a bit of swelling, and ive been sleeping on the loungechair since i got discharged from hospital so the elevation can help make swelling go away.

i was so so nervous going into the operating thetre, i was lying on the operating table and the anestesiogolist was finding my veins and i hear music playing and im like "do you guys listen to music when you operate i thought that was only on TV" and they're like yeah man cant you hear it, got a request?

and i said i want something upbeat so my surgeons in a good mood, and i start getting really anxious cos he starts putting the drugs in and its all happening and i said "omg im so nervous holding the nurses hand" and the anestesiologist is like "your a bit of a wimp" jokingly

and then after that i blacked out

when i woke up i said to the nurse "do i look beautiful" and she didnt really reply,

then i asked did we listen to music
and shes like yes
and aparently i asked her this question 3 times then asked for water
and shes like "i dont think you should be drinking water just yet"

after that i was wheeled to a private overnight room with a veiw which was loverly,

i did it because i didnt like the look of my nose and its looks fantastic so far so for me there is no cons, but i will be updatinf this and posting photos

Day 10 so all is good although it feels...

day 10 so all is good although it feels uncomfortable to smile but no one can tell ive had a nose job theres no brusing and im really happy with it so far, theres still a bit of swelling but as you can probably see on the profile. so my advice to anyone is to definantly go for it but make sure you go to someone who is qualified and in australia is a member of the australian plastic surgery society. my Plastic surgeon is really good he did what i wanted his work is genious i love my new nose

I didn't tell my mum i was getting it done and i...

i didn't tell my mum i was getting it done and i was fretting about seeing her in-case she noticed.
me: ah crap what if she notices?? i said anxiously
riles: its never as bad as you think it is, sometimes when im mowing i think hey this isnt as bad as i though it was going to be and then dred it for the next month.
me: lets make brownies!! :)

so i live out of home and 12 days after the operation i saw my mum for breakfast and i didnt tell her i was getting it done because she was extremely against it. now i have $20 bets going with my dad and sister on weather she will find out or be able to tell and so far so good.
So me and mum were sitting there for eating breakfast and she was looking at me funny and i was thinking to myself "omg she so knows, any minute now shes going to slam her coffee mug on the table point at me and yell "nose job" but as it happens she didnt and now i feel like im in the clear and she'll never know or if she does itll be old news,
like this one time me and my sister were cooking poppadoms after school and the oil overheated and caught fire so i called the fire brigade to ask how to put it out and they insisted on coming around, we cleaned up everything and threw the pot in the bin before mum came home apart from range head with was melted underneath..nothing we could do about that. Anywhoo like 8months later she was cleaning the stove and range hood and she and was like
mum: "what happened here, a fire???"
me: "you probably did it without noticing dragon lady"
mum: " no its like completely burnt on the inside"
me: well me and chevaun were cooking papadums and the fire brigade came to put it out
mum: "Fire brigade!!??"
Chevaun: do you have some sort of hearing infirmity mother?
me: "arg send me and invoice"

the point of the story is that it was old news by then so we didn't get in trouble, so if she finds out in a year or 5 it'll be old news by then, although i did have an elaborate story about a kitchen catastrophe ready to tell if she did notice a change :)

I feel like my nose was smaller when the cast...

i feel like my nose was smaller when the cast first came off, now its been a month on and hmm i think i want a second nose job, i keep meaning to post photos but i still havnt got a digital camera
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