Rhinoplasty Fixed my Broken Nose

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I had a bad road accident 5 years ago. It was a...

I had a bad road accident 5 years ago. It was a hard trauma to recover from. While all my broken bones got fixed and the cuts and bruises healed, my broke nose stayed as a constant reminder on my face, of that horrific night. I looked awful with a crooked nose and it upset me. More than that, seeing my nose always reminded me of that terrible night where i lost my best friend in that accident. I tried to ignore it for several years but then i decided that the only way to get over this was to get my nose back to its old shape so that i wouldnt be remonded of that night every time i saw the mirror. Besides, my nose looked quite bad and clearly, a nose job was the best solution.  The surgery has given me back a good nose and infact an even better nose that before. It is thinner, straighter and much nicer. I look very different now, whick i love. I never thought just a nose can change the way you look completely. The doctor gave me anesthesia of some kind, although i was awake i was barely in my senses and was very drowsy. I don't have much memory of the surgery to be honest. I just remember getting some medicines, the nurse giving me and iv and then injecting something in the iv which made me super sleepy. After that i just remember coming back to my senses in the recovery toom. While i did open my eyes during the surgery and saw the doctor doing something on my nose, i was too sleepy to talk then.  I was home that very evening and thats when i started feeling some pain. My nose was obviously bandaged and swollen. I had a severe headache and for a month or more, my nose had some swelling and i had headaches. After the swelling died, i saw my new nose for the first time and i was shocked. It was a new me in the mirror with a slick , sharp nose. I sort of lost my sense of smell for a while too.  I have heard of people who have one nose job and then have to go for several more to get a good nose. I got lucky in just one shot and never had to go for surgery again. I guess thats because i went to the best doc in the first place. I feel Rhinoplasty has really boosted my self confidence, made me look better and more than anything, it has helped me recover from the past trauma. I don't look at the mirror now and think of that accident.  I have moved on.

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