Dr. Michael Salzhauer's Rhinoplasty from Miami, Florida

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Pre-op testing went well. I requested my nose be...

Pre-op testing went well. I requested my nose be reduced and shaped scoopy from profile and reduced and shaped a with a rounded end from face. I had surgery on April 23rd at 8am. I was given general anesthesia for the procedure. the surgery took about 1:30 minutes.

The only discomfort and pain I felt was right after I was awaken from surgery, but after this I didn't feel anymore pain. I was prescribed pain medication, but have not taken it.

Post op I felt very talkative and rested. I was able to eat food in puree form and sip fluids. My nose is quite swollen and bloody. April 24th, I feel good, a little sleepy I'm still bleeding and swollen. The nurse came to follow up on me. I'm ice packing for the swelling and mainly laying down today.

April 25th, my nose is still filled with dry...

April 25th, my nose is still filled with dry blood, I cannot breath through it. I am taking my anti-biotic medicaton. I was also prescribed anti-nausea medication, but not taken but one pill the morning before surgery. I have avoided dairy foods post-op to avaoid vomiting and I'm back at my normal diet since yesterday minus milk in my coffee. I have not had any stomach problem, probably because I also didn't take the Vicodine pain medication, which I did not feel was necessary, since there was no pain or severe unbearable pain to deal with. My face is also more swollen all over, but I am not so bruised or black and blue.

April 26th, I noticed my face cheeks are swollen...

April 26th, I noticed my face cheeks are swollen and the shape of my face is changed, although the sweeling around my nose has reduced. I feel well, yet a little sleepy. I discontinued the Keflex due to skin allergy yesterday with my Dr's advice. I took some arnica tablets and let them melt under my tongue and I am also drinking lots of cranberry juice.

My nostils are still filled with dry blood, and I was told not to touch the inside at all. I am scheduled for a doctor's visit on Monday to take the splint off. I'm hoping that my face swelling will subside, just because I don't look the same since my cheeks are swollen, although I have no bruising around my eyes or on my face.

April 29th, I feel better as the days go by. I can...

April 29th, I feel better as the days go by. I can feel my left nostril slightly cleared where a little air can go through. My right nostril is still completely clogged and there were some blood clots I cleaned out from the front. It is still bleeding slightly, but I was told this is normal.

I am no longer using gauze over the front of my nose. The distance between my upper lip and my nose appears to be longer than it was, because my nose was raised slightly. I look forward to removing the splint on Monday to see the profile results.

I am eating and drinking normally. I am using Vaseline on my lips so they don't dry out. And, I'm also drinking vitamin shakes to boost my immune system. At this point I am not taking any more medication.

I have been cleaning my nose with peroxide and q-tips and not touching it with anything else. My tape and splint is still on tightly. The swelling on the front end of my nose, the side and my cheeks, had subsided since yesterday. There is still a little swelling thought.

April 30, One week post-op to remove the splint....

April 30, One week post-op to remove the splint. Results are just perfect the work is excellent. I am very satisfied with Dr.Salzhauer. I obviously have to wait for the swelling to go down. It will take at least one year before I can see the final stage of my nose. I am prepared to wait and so very happy!!

May 18th, and it's been almost a month since I had...

May 18th, and it's been almost a month since I had surgery. I started feeling and seeing a small hump/bump on the dorsal nasal bone at the very top of my nose. It appears to be swelling from in between my eyebrows that is traveling down. I have been taping my nose at night and plan on doing this for the next 6-8 weeks. I can breath well, my sense of smell is slightly off, but seems to be coming back. I have a small scar inside my nostril and it slightly visible. Yet, I love my new nose, but I just hope it will stay the way it was intended.

May 22nd, when to my 1 month follow up appointment...

May 22nd, when to my 1 month follow up appointment. Dr. Salzhauer confirmed that the small bump on dorsal is sweeling and has a soft tissue feel which will disapear in the next few weeks. Taping my nose was recommended in the time being to keep the swelling down. I am very satisfied and happy with my new nose at this point.

June 23,2012, now it has been 8 weeks since my...

June 23,2012, now it has been 8 weeks since my rhino. I feel great, I have had no pain or other issues. I taped my nose and the tip every night since my surgery; it is recommended to do so within the 6 to 8 weeks post surgery to keep it in shape. It will still take quite some time for the final results, but I am very pleased until now, although the small slight swelling on part of the nasal bone can be slightly seen and felt. I know its still too early yet. The Doctor himself said he had the same swelling when he had his nose done and it went away in time. It's barely noticeable. I have a follow up in July.
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Mainly a very good experience.

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