Hated my Nose Growing Up. Rhinoplasty Changed my Life.

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I hated my nose growing up, specially in High...

I hated my nose growing up, specially in High School.  I hardly had any self esteem.  I was about to enter College and wanted a new start, so I went for having a nose job.  I knew my parents would be againts it, but I paid made all the arrangements and then told them I was doing this.  it turned out that they were supportive.  I went throught the operation absolutely pain free.  I didnt even need pain killers or any thing like that.  I was not completely happey with the results.

At my first consultation, I asked about, what if I was not happy with it and the agreement was that I would just pay for the medical facility fee which was $500.  Six months later, thats what I did and was really happy with the results.

It has been 10yrs later and I have completely for gotten what my nose looked like before.  I have gotten compliments on how nice my nose looks, without every mentioning I had surgery on it.  I wish I could have done it earlier, but It made me who I am to day....A good looking guy with a big heart.

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