39 Yr Old, 2 Kids and 60 Pounds Lost - Mexico, MX

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Hi everyone! I have been on this sit for months...

Hi everyone! I have been on this sit for months now. I love reading about everyone's wonderful results and everyone's cautions advice and warning signs. Thank you all for sharing your experience with the rest of us. I would like to return the favor by posting my experience. I'm finally getting a tummy tuck with abdominal repair, liposuction and a bbl. I have chosen Dr. Carlos A. Ontiveros Garza from Reynosa Mexico. I did my research. I went with 2 other Doctors before choosing Dr. Ontiveros. I am confident that he will do a great job.

me now

Here are some pictures of me now. I have lost 50 pounds with diet and exercise.

surgery done

I just had surgery Wednesday. I was very nervous the whole time. Dr. O and his team of doctors where very good at calming me down. They assured me that everything would be over soon and it was. One minute I was in the operating room and then next I was in recovery. I stayed there 2 hours before they sent me to my room. I was jacked up on pain medication so I had no pain. Today I feel like I was hit by an 18 wheeler and dragged for milds. I got to take a peek at tmmy tuck scar today! Dr.O's colleague came to change my bandages today. I'm so Happy, it's incredibly thin! Dr.O said I was going to heal very good. I'm waiting to be discharge from the hospital at 2pm. The Christus Muguerza Hospital was very clean and welcoming. All the staff where extremely professional. I was being checked up on all night. I have no complaints they have a pharmacy attached to the hospital and the price of the medication I need to take home was good. The Hospital food was to my surprise delicious. My family had dinner last night and breakfast this morning at the hospital cafeteria and they told me that the food was good to their surprise as well. Alright then I'm ready to go home.


tricks for an easy recovery by gas funnel at the automotive section at Walmart there only 98 cents so you can pee standing up because it is so hard to sit and stand up the first week. For those horrible zippers use the foam that they have at the craft section at Walmart. It made it much easier on me with the side zippers to my compression garment. I am still very swollen and black and blue bruising all over. I have a lot of numbness and I can't wait till they take out the drain. I'm glad I only have 1. Dr. O told me there wasn't a lot of bleeding during my surgery compared to other patients. So He only put one drain and I can't wait till its out. My butt is huge and has a ridiculous shape to it. I can't wait for all the swelling to go down.


You will need a whole lot of pillows if you get a tummy tuck and a bbl. I sleep very little 2 or 3 hours the most at a time because I have to be switching sides all the time. I bought a pool water noodle from Walmart before the surgery 50€ so that way I can place the noodle under my hamstrings. I sit all my weight on the noodle instead of my butt. My back still hurts and I can't fully stand up yet. I had a crazy burning sensation last night from my new belly button to my mons pubic area and whole my TT cut. I was so worried that I pulled down my garment to check my stitches. Every thing was fine . The only thing I noticed was that my cut look irradiated. I was walking around the house a lot yesterday cuz I felt better but it must have been to much for my new healing body. So take it EZ all you ladies out there after a tummy tuck even on the days you feel better.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ontiveros was very professional, understanding, and told me exactly what my realistic expectations should be for my age and body. I came out of the counsutation with a better understanding of what to expect.

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