Much Less Painful Than I Thought! Rhinoplasty! - Reston, VA

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Dr. Naderi and the staff at iNova was amazing. I...

Dr. Naderi and the staff at iNova was amazing. I was obviously very nervous but there was not a lag in wait time. We checked in, got taken back, got the IV, chatting with the anesthesiologist and Dr. Naderi, then they gave me some meds and took me back! I woke up afterward in mild pain (more of a pressure than anything) and went home soon afterward.

The first day (surgery day) wasn't as bad as I thought. I took the meds when I got home and my pain pills and watched tv propped up in bed. My boyfriend was great with making sure I ate pineapple (amazing for swelling and bruising) and took my meds. I slept ok (only difficulty was open mouth breathing which was a bit uncomfortable and being propped up).

Day Two was actually when I had most of my swelling and bruising. It was pretty dark around the eyes, my eyelids, under my eyes and my cheeks. I kept icing, taking the meds, drinking pineapple juice and taking it easy.

Day Three looked better. Was pretty easy. I walked the dog and relaxed. Got a bit bored but knew not to push it.

Day Four I worked from home and was fine! I am taking Tylenol instead of the pain meds during the day and I am taking two at night to help me sleep. It throbs sometimes but it is more uncomfortable and itchy at this point. Ready to get the cast off!! Also, the boyfriend got and installed the detachable shower head so I got to shower and wash my hair!! It was AMAZING.

Day Five, the bruising is yellow under my eyes and the puffiness is just a little in my cheeks. Or maybe I gained weight from all the pineapple juice and snacks and lack of movement! :)

I will update this when I get my cast off on Friday! Also!! - Remember to clean the crap out of your nose. I have been doing the peroxide and ointment like 8 times a day. Before bed, middle of the night when I get up to use the restroom, 7am when the dog wakes me up and then all throughout the day. Dr. Naderi said it is super important so I am lathering it on! :)

Before Pictures! After to be added tomorrow when the cast / splint comes off!

Here are some pictures of me that I dislike of my nose. Some of me each day post-op and soon some to be added tomorrow.

Pictures of me before!

Here are some pictures that are soso but show my nose in the beffffore state :).

After Pics

So it is still really swollen and I feel it looks bigger? But the bump is gone and it is a much smoother profile. I think the tip being swollen makes it look like it is longer than it was before? Not quite sure but hopefully some of the swelling dissipates over the next week or so!

Also, it is pretty painful during the day. The pollen is not helping but I have a dull headache and there is a lot of pressure after I get off a conference call for work. Lots of movement and talking.

I am still cleaning it on the reg and ready for the rest of the stitches to come out. Tickles a lot. :) What are everyones thoughts?

Posted Before I Could Add the Rest! Whoops!

Three more!

Two Weeks Post - Op (one post-cast removal) (Morning Pics)

SO I decided to take a few pictures as soon as I get in to work today (selfies in my cube :)) because I think my nose is more swollen at the end of the day. I also decided to wear some makeup finally and it looks pretty nice! It is also funny how ingrained the side shot is because that used to be my best angle. Highers up, face to the side, because of my nose. I am going to have to work on new poses!

Also, I think my face is still a little swollen which is why I am not really smiling. Usually I have a huge smile but it kind of hurts to do so at the moment.

One Month is Tomorrow! One Month Appt Next Week!

Hi Ya'll! Been a while since I updated and I wanted to add some more pictures. I cut all my hair off yesterday so I a few from that! I would say that the pain is mininal and hurts some morning, but I am blaming that on the crazy pollen count. I ran the Breast Cancer 5k today with my family (first time going all out since the surgery) and I was fine but a tiny bit swollen!! :)

One thing I would note: it is very easy to lose a sense of how you looked before vs. how you look now vs. how you want to look. I very easily forgot how big, lumpy and wide my nose was until I looked back and pictures and was like OH YEAH! The tip is still a bit swollen so once that goes down, I think it will be amazing. Sometimes one side gets a little swollen so I feel lop-sided, but again, all goes away in due time and it is leaps and bounds from where it was before.

Also, the blackhead issue. It is gross but you will have to deal with it. Haha. I used those strips every weekend and did a mask and you can't use them and just kind of have to deal. Astringent is your friend.

I am very excited to be able to work out again (just cardio, no weights he said). I will let you guys know if the swelling increases.

Hey Ya'll! One month + post op and 5 days since steroid shots!

Pictures will be posted tomorrow! The shots suck but wow, I have seen a lot of definition in the past few days anddddd it didn't swell too much when I hit the gym today :). I have to go back in a month for more shots :( but I love how it helps with the swelling.

Pictures tomorrow!

7 Months After Rhinoplasty

Here are so updated pictures! I did not want to go too small so I feel like it isn't a quaint tiny nose, but it fits my face. Still gets swollen here and there with a night out. But love it tons!

One Year Post Op

Hey All! Just wanted to give an update. I had my one year a few weeks ago and Dr. Naderi offered to go back in (closed) and do a little extra work with the tip. There is still a little bit of swelling at the bottom and he is going to make it a bit cuter since the tip has dropped a bit. Pretty nice of him and I guess I am happy he didn't take too much / do too much the first time. I will upload pictures soon!

Going for Second Round on Sept. 23rd

So I am closing in on the date for my revision. Dr. Naderi will be taking some extra cartridge from the tip as well as shave down one side a bit (it is a bit bigger and making my nose look a little uneven). I am not really worried since I have been down this road before. Hopefully it will be quick and painless and an easy recovery. I will send pictures after it has healed.

A few months after the second surgery and it looks great!

I could not be happier with the way my nose has turned out. The second adjustment was beyond worth it as I feel like my nose is exactly the way I imagined! Dr.Naderi is amazing and I am actually going back to him to see what he can do about my under eye circles! :) best of luck to all and feel free to ask questions.

2016, I love my nose!!!

Wanted to add an update. I love my nose. Same days it swells but usually when I'm dehydrated or in the sun all day I do get some pressure still now and then but for the most part, it's life as usual. Adding some pictures!
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Dr. Naderi was amazing from start to finish. He wasn't overly talkative. I could tell he knew his stuff, he came in and made me feel at ease and called to check on me later in the day after my procedure. He is the best in the area and you can tell. He is very particular with the pre and aftercare instructions and I am excited to see the results once the cast / splint is off.

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