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Hello, I am hoping that sharing my story will...


I am hoping that sharing my story will help someone out there.
Age: 25
Sex: Female
Height: 5’3’
Weight: 157 lbs

I have been over weight pretty much all my teenage years up to young adulthood. One day I woke up and decided I needed to change my life style and I did, from 3 years ago up to now I’ve lost almost 65 lbs. doing it the healthy way, working out and eating healthy. No diet, no pills no nothing. And this will be my lifestyle from now on. So after losing all this weight, I wasn’t happy. I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror without wanting to throw up. I clearly destroyed my body and can’t undo it now. Stretch marks everywhere, saggy breasts, loose skin. Let’s just say a 25 year old trapped in a 60year old body which sucks so much, it’s a struggle for me everyday and no one seems to understand me.

My father was very supportive of my decision and always encouraged me to work out and be healthy and told me he will surprise me with a gift if I do achieve my goal. So I did, but I always had big thighs and I still do no matter how much weight I lost, it just runs in the family. I told him I wanted to get lipo done on my thighs because I wasn’t happy. He agreed and said wtv you need to be happy. But he convinced me to do it in Virginia, I live in Montréal Canada and he didn’t trust the doctors there, but I mean we have good doctors everywhere but he wanted to be there when I do it and he lives here so I agreed. Took a flight here and started my research on surgeons in the area. I had consultations with 5 different doctors. I checked this site which helped me a lot. I was very nervous, never had any surgery done and decided since I’ll be put to sleep to do everything one shot and get over with it. on April 2nd 2013, I had UAL liposuction done on my Flanks, Inner Thighs, Outer Thighs, Abdomen area with a skin strip ( mini tummy tuck they call it ) and Mastopexy ( breast lift ), my surgery was 6H long. 9 days has passed since my surgery.

I don’t think they prepared me for what I was about to experience. They told me don’t worry it’s nothing; it’s like getting the biggest work out of your life. Ya right… the first night I was dizzy and fainted for 10secs, luckily my father and his girlfriend were there to hold me to not fall and hurt myself. Called the on call nurse, I was told it’s normal and that I need to rest and not move quickly. I was scared, I thought I was going to die; it was the first time fainting in my entire life. Crazy pain around Abdomen Area couldn’t move or walk, it was horrible. But everyday I was better and better. I fainted a 2nd time on the 5th day when I got naked to go take a shower alone, but this time I knew it was coming so I put towel on, ran out and as I was yelling to my dad I’m about to pass out, I did and again lucky me he was there to hold me.

Again I was told it’s normal and I’m weak and I need to rest and so I did. I leaked the first 2 days after surgery from both knees, after that I leaked from one knee for almost 6days but very little; I was told it’s a good thing, because it’s coming out of your body. I had my stitches removed 2 days ago and my Doctor said I am healing well. The pain is much better now, controllable, I am still numb and uncomfortable around the abdomen area and flanks, but I’m not taking any pain killers now. I am concerned about my nipples, they don’t seem symmetrical right now, but my doctor says don’t worry it will look better when it’ll heal. Also I really don’t see a difference on thighs, very little, my doctor said he did the best he could without getting in danger zone and took out a total of 4L of fat. But I’m not happy with his best…: S what if I don’t see a big difference?

I am so stressed right now and scared I paid all this money and put my body through this and won’t see a change on my thighs. Everyone says relax, it’s only 9 days; you have to wait 5-6 months to see the final result. I hope they are right. He did a great job on my abdomen, removed all the excess skin, looks nice and tight, my breasts looks good too so far except the nipple location which is not so bad. I think I need to stop freaking out and be patient. Right now I’m very itchy, I wonder if it’s the healing process, my nipples are killing me, they are so sensitive. Over all experience A+++, very nice and friendly staff, Always there to answer my questions. Doctor Sigal even removed a big mole I had behind my neck which bothered me so much, but I didn’t even think about asking him to remove it during surgery. He did it himself, he said I thought you’d be happy and I removed it for you. I had tears when he said that I didn’t even know he did it. Only shows to me that he cares for details and wants everything to be perfect. I can walk slowly now, still hurts when I walk fast. I am hoping to get back to gym by next week, so scared to gain weight since I’m not moving much and eating. also I have constipation, I wonder if it's normal even after 9 days, I really have a hard time going to the bathroom, so sometimes when i'm really bloated and feel heavy I use laxative suppositories which is amazing 30 mins later and boom. but I'm worried my body might get use to it. any suggestions?

It's been 12 days since my surgery and I still...

it's been 12 days since my surgery and I still don't notice a difference on my thighs, i'm checking other people pics and cannot believe the transformation, I hope to get the same result with time :( I am going to post some pics, some horrible b4 pics and some I took 2night... beware, yukyy pics..

I am now 155lbs... as soon as I start gym, my goal...

I am now 155lbs... as soon as I start gym, my goal is to go down to 150lbs, i'm sure I can do it! :) thought I'd lose more on the scaled after surgery, but only dropped 2lbs... oh well... please let me know if you guys notice a difference on my thighs.

Today is my 17th day after surgery and feeling...

today is my 17th day after surgery and feeling good, the incisions on my belly burn a bit when I bend, pain is a lot less, still uncomfortable on some area's, bruising is almost gone... I went for a nice long walk yesterday and it felt great. been walking every day. I am going to post some pics I took today, I can notice a tiny difference from the other pics I've posted, you'll be the judge, I have tape on my incisions again because the nurse told me it helps to minimize the scarring and that's what I want. :)

P.s. I use to be a D cup before I lost all my...

p.s. I use to be a D cup before I lost all my weight and surgery, now I wear 36B OMG :(... oh well at least it's not saggy anymore. oh and i'm 154lbs woohoo.... 4 lbs away from 150.

Today I went on the scale.... 151.8 lbs OMGGGG.......

today I went on the scale.... 151.8 lbs OMGGGG.... I am so happy, my goal weight is 145lbs, almost there, total weight loss of 68lbs, yeey, I feel good, bruising almost gone, just a bit left on my legs. I still have a bit of pain around the abdomen area, but nothing major, I am walking for an hour everyday. still hurts a bit when I run, so i'll weight another week before running. I bought a pair of bikini from Victoria secrets yesterday, I couldn't believe my eyes, I was looking at myself and didn't hate my body anymore, I wasn't even shy, I let the girl check the size, measure me and everything. before I would hide and tell them i'm okay and that I don't need help. it feels greattttt.. can't weight to tone up my thighs so it looks more firm and not floppy. I might need a thigh lift in the future, because now my inner thigh is loose, like saggy skin like a grandma and that's because my doctor removed the fat so it looks worse... i'm still thinking about it.

I'll wait**.. sorry for the typo**

i'll wait**.. sorry for the typo**

Gosh another mistake can't wait** and not flappy**...

gosh another mistake can't wait** and not flappy**.. sorry

almost 5moths since surgery

hi everyone, I have been really busy since I go home with work and everything and didn't have time to update on my healing process! sorry about that, I'm doing really good!!! :) working out 4times a week, back to normal routine, reached my goal weight, went on the scale the other and was at 143lbs! I feel better; and look smaller, I can see the diffrence now, I don't know how to a take pics of myself to show you guys my mirrors at home are horrible! will be going for my 6months check up soon and will take my after pictures in a month so I will definitely share them with you! :) I still have pain when let's say someone grabs me hard to hug me or to pull be up etc... hurts like crazy, I get some random pains here and there but not always, but overall I'm doing good!! :) my insicions are healing well!! can't wait to show you pics!! :D my stomac is nice and flat! feeling good, might need another touch up surgery on my thighs, for saggy skin inside my thighs ( maybe a thigh lift ) w'ell see about that... so far so good but now I need to work on my inside, meaning mentally to be happy and confident with the new body I have now....

been 7montus and I feel great

I went for my 6months check up and everything is good, except the saggy skin on my inner thighs and arms, which I can't really do anything about oh and not to forget the horrible stretch marks! I look and feel good with clothes on, not so much naked, but I need to learn to love myself as I am, if not I need more plastic surgery on the loose skin etc, maybe something to look at in the future not now! for now I feel a lot more confident, still keeping my healthy lifestyle anf working out regularly! here are some b4 and after pics I took at the clinic! :)
Reston Plastic Surgeon

consulted 5 surgeons before I chose him. he is an amazing doctor. I am forever grateful. he changed my life. :) he has almost 20 years of experience and nothing but good reviews. he is also a nice caring person and I think he did an amazing job on my body. had a breast lift with only incisions around the areola when every other doctor wanted to give me vertical incisions. very nice and friendly staff. there to answer all your questions. I felt so at ease through out the whole procedure, I wasn't scared, only nervous, they took such a good care of me. thank you Doctor Sigal for everything you've done for me. Can't wait to see you in September to take my 5months post op pics. :D

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