Replacing Saline with Gel and Going Bigger! - Reston, VA

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I am excited to be able to get this procedure done...

I am excited to be able to get this procedure done as my old implants just are not sitting right! My last child moved them. Dr. Poindexter in Reston Virginia will be my surgeon. I will be exchanging my 360cc's for 700cc's.

Out with the old and in with the new. Will post pics as I get closer and definitely follow up pics.

3 weeks til revision!

I will admit I am finally seeing women on here my size going with 750's! It's exciting to read their stories and follow their results! I have been wanting to re do my old implants for over 5 years and am truly blessed to be able to finally do it. Here are some icky current pics as well as my wish boobies. I am 5'9ish 148ish and 42 years old!

One more week..

One week until these old 360 salines become UHP 750 gels! Just ordered a new swim suit for this summer! Can't wait!

24 Hours

This time tomorrow I will be on the other side! Any last minute advise?

Final update... Before..

I am laying in bed with only hours to go! I have everything I think I shall need for recovery! Even last minute, my kids who were supposed to be with their dad this weekend.. Plans change! Took Valium to sleep earlier, it has worn off.. I am pretty sure the final shower with out lotion after is one of the worst preps! I manufacture all natural skin care and cosmetics so going lotion-less is making my skin scream! Here are some final "before" pics. I will post some later on my way and in the waiting room! Now 5'10ish 145ish and sleepless! Revision! 360 saline to 750 gel... They say go big or go home.. I'm not scared just ready! My tummy hurts!

Surgery is done!

Wow, this is so awesome! Pain under control! 750 in each side! Love love.. Dr. Poindexter is incredible! Staff super sweet and caring! Love my new girls!

5 Hours PO

Feeling like this is too good to be true.. Pain is totally manageable.. Must say, frozen diapers are the bomb. My arms are fine and I can use them even to push up off furniture! (Knocking on wood!) I am taking anti inflammatories, some pain pills and Valium.. I do believe with all of Dr Poindexters experience he has this down to a science! I shall follow the rules! Plus my support person is bad ass!

Dr Poindexter post op visit

Wow.. Appt went great! Now in a surgical bra and love the support! Go in next week for suture removal. A++ so far for Austin Westin surgical center... Love the staff.. Had a huge list of questions today and the doctor answered them all!

6 Days PO

I am finding that the "drop and fluff" phase is very random. One day my right is lower, next left, then both even, then they start moving agian. Replaced my surgical bra with a light weight sports bra and must say AWESOME! Now when I bend over the girls dont scream at me. I do find that I have to make an effort to stand up straight and keep shoulders back. I realize the weight isnt significant but feels that way right now. I designed a stretch mark/anti inflammatory oil that I apply daily and swear it works even if it stinks.

Fractionated coconut oil, Hyaluronic Acid 1%, Sweet Almond oil, Frankensence, Oragano, Lavender. I manufacter all natural skin care so I did some research and made it.

Sutures removed! One week PO

Don't have to go back for 3 more months! Dr Poindexter from Austin-Weston surgical Center is my fav! Wish boobs granted!

Boob Greed

It is real, I don't care who you are! You want what you want, you get it and you want more! I have exactly what I asked for but now I wished I had saved a grand, gone saline and gone 1000cc's. I am 5'10 145ish and 42... Never wanted stripper boobs but now I want more! Why are we women like this? Wtf? I have the awesomest boobies ever and want more! Jeez!

I will say Dr. Poindexter said 750's he is the boob man.. I trust him.. And he is super cool! Why do I feel the greed!?!

13 Days...PO

Love my 750's! Boob greed getting better! Drop and fluff is super awkward and totally random.. Not worried.. But check my left.. It's trying to hide! Rude little booby!!!

New Boobie Friend!

All because of this website I now Have wonderful new friend and we got to meet yesterday!! Same height/weight/frame! We both did 750cc's. She did moderate plus I did ultra high profile.. This update should help any tall girls out there! She is 2 weeks further along PO then Me.. I am in the white! Love you Diana!

First work out 3 weeks PO 750's

Today marks 3 weeks.. Still waiting for the final drop and fluff and know it takes time. Decided to do 30 min on two different kinds of eliptical trainers.. Went hard since there is basically zero impact. Did some abs which were fine if I held my arms accross my chest! (That was funny looking to others I am sure) Biceps great, tricep kick backs I could feel a pull on the outside and switched to over head extensions and perfect.. No pull.. Speaking with a trainer tomorrow to make sure what muscles I am working are not assisted by my chest muscles.. Last BA I think I moved and changed pockets going to hard with lifting! So not ruining these new girls!! Can't wait to be free to run... Love to run. Picture is a supportive sports bra and the built in shelf bra that is made into the tank.. Support was good and feeling ok. Tomorrow I will know if I over did it or not! Anyone out there have any advise on work outs after BA?

Proof you won't really need a bunch of new clothes!

Before and after! Same shirt! Left side 3/16/16 Right side 4/8/16.

5'10, 145lbs and 42 years old.. 1 1/2 PO 750's

I am finally over a month out and must say.. Dr. Poindexter from Austin-Westin knew what I wanted and what I needed to get my desired results! Amazing! People said "omg 750's are too big for you" people were wrong! It took about 3 1/2 weeks to hit the drop and fluff phase and I won't lie the shooting pains were not great but not T bye worst? I grew an entire cup size during that week! I soooo went through "boob greed"! Now after drop and fluff they are perfect! I literally couldn't be happier! I so love them! If you are tall and need advise please just message me! This was an amazing journey and I know they are still going to move.. With that said.. Today at VS I got measure and bought $300 in bras! 36DDD! Love my 750 gels! UHP!

3 months PO 5'10 145lbs 42 years old.. 750UHP

It's now been 3 months and it has flown by.. I think they are pretty much settled in.. They feel "mine"! Have to change the way I shop for shirts.. Always buy a small now so it's fitted.. If shirts are not fitted my breasts make the shirt stand out and I look a bit plump.. So fitted it is.. Love the size and feel.. Super squishy yet full and perky! Thank you Dr. Poindexter!
Reston Plastic Surgeon

During my consult, he was extremly helpful and made me feel very comfortable. His staff is delightful. My procedure was done almost a week ago. Checking in I got a wonderful suprise! My consultant Sherry was there for my prep! I expected someone I didnt know and it was so calming to see her face. Dr. Poindexter came in and did some art work on my chest with a marker.. As soon as he left Mike my "put me to sleep" guy walked right in and anwered more of my questions, gently took my arm and lead me to the OR. Walking through to doors to their surgical center I felt like a queen (I was their first surgery of the day) all the nurses and doctors saying good morning and welcome, some even waving!!! Once in my private little OR, Mike started explaining what every one was doing to me while they were doing it. Mike then said.. You are going to get a weird taste in the back of your mouth (I did 2 seconds later) then he sweetly said in a calm quiet voice "Sweet Dreams". A beautiful nurse woke me and I actually felt great. She helped me get dressed. They gave great instructions to my support/care giver and off we went. I went bigger then most people because I am tall. Dr. Poindexter made it clear from the start that 750's would look perfect on my frame. So far I am beyond pleased with my results and his system for pain management! I highly recommend him! Thank you Dr. Poindexter!!

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