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First of all I want to say thank you to everyone...

First of all I want to say thank you to everyone who has shared their experiences on this site-it has helped me tremendously in moving forward with my decision to remove my implants. I would not have had the knowledge or the strength to do it without all of you sharing your stories. I had always been self conscience about my small -basically non existent- breasts, so at 56 years old I decided to get implants. I was going through a very stressful time in my life and I'm not sure I was thinking clearly. It was a pretty impulsive decision but I was excited about it. I am 5' 10", 135 lbs and I got 350 cc silicone, high profile implants which I found to be way to big for my small frame. I liked how they gave me confidence at first but I kept trying to hide them regardless. Then came the warm weather and I was wearing T-shirts, and strappy little dresses and I felt terribly self conscience. I did everything I could to hide them, it was awful. I wanted so badly to love them and be proud of them and show them off but I just felt that they weren't me! They also hurt a lot when lying down on my side or on my back and the left one was bigger and a bit lopsided compared to the right one which bothered me. I also experienced a great deal of joint pain after the surgery. My hips and knees would swell and hurt badly and then it started in my hands as well. I believe it was an inflammatory response because I believe I have autoimmune issues to begin with and I believe the implants stirred up the AI response in my body. I continued to have weird health issues; I developed really dry eyes, headaches (which I was never prone to), I lost a lot of upper body strength ( I think because of the pec muscles being unattached). The implants were way harder than I expected so I couldn't lie on my stomach so that ruined my yoga practice which is my main form of exercise. I hated not being able to hug my children the way I used to and none of my dresses or cute tops fit nicely anymore. Sooo.... after 14 months I had them removed just 2 days ago. I was happy to have them gone at first but today I'm really depressed looking at my completely flat chest. I spent all morning on line ordering new bras with silicone inserts. I'm sharing pictures and I could use some encouragement now to get through this rough patch. I don't ever see anyone on this site that is as flat as I am which is even more depressing. I know I did the right thing for my health but I'm sad that I don't have the beautiful breasts that I did just a few days ago. Love and hugs to all of you brave women out there. oxoxoxoxo

4 days post op

They are looking a little better every day! I'm feeling incredibly blessed that they look as good as they do. Thank you sooo much again to everyone for your encouragement and advise. I can't imagine where I'd be emotionally without the support from all of you wonderful loving ladies on this site. I am so grateful for all of you. I'm still feeling a little woozy from the neurontin but today is the last day I have to take that then only the antibiotic til Sunday. Just taking Tylenol for a little discomfort at this point. I was depressed and crying yesterday but my ps said it was probably the prednisone and told me to stop taking it which I did and feel much better today! I am going to ROCK these small breasts with some sexy new tops, great new hair cut, buy some new make up. Love love love ??

Feeling depressed

Today is Sunday, my surgery was Tuesday. I was very depressed yesterday, I tried to get out of the house and get a facial and hair wash to make me feel better but I was too woozy from the medications still lingering in my my body I guess and my son had to bring me back home. I'm not depressed about my decision to explant although with my chest still wrapped I'm flat as a board which is not exactly beautiful. I think just not being active and stuck at home is what's making me depressed. I'm still glad I did it because I know it was the right thing for me. I'll update new pictures in a few days since not much has changed since last pic.

One week update

I got my stitches out today from the where the drains were (only one stitch in each side) and nurse said everything was healing nicely. Doc was in surgery so I have to return next week again but that's ok. She said I didn't have to wear the ace bandage wrap anymore- she said the Coobie bra I was wearing is fine for compression to hold back the swelling. The bra is comfortable but the elastic band is making the incisions a little sore so I might swap back and forth with the ace bandage.
On top of all of this my boyfriend and I just broke up. Interestingly, he hasn't cared to see me this past week since they've been removed. This whole ordeal of getting implants and then 14 months later having them removed has been such a huge learning experience for me about who I am and what I really want and it became very clear to me that our relationship was not working and had been unhealthy really since the beginning which was over two years ago. And if I'm really honest with myself I have to admit that I got the implants because of him, because of the way he made me feel about myself. I allowed myself to be manipulated and I will never, ever again be something or someone other than myself to please another person. I've always thought of myself as a strong person but after losing my job in March I guess I became a lot more
vulnerable than I realized. I've had to dig deep about who I really am and what I really want in life this past year and it has all culminated to this. This is the beginning of a new chapter in my life and I'm praying that this new year will be full of joy and much love for myself and my family.
Sending love and kindness to all of you incredible women out there struggling with self image, body image and learning to love ourselves despite the pressures we feel to be perfect in order to be loved.

3 weeks post op

Things are coming along nicely. They don't feel as "droopy" as they did at first and I don't feel the need to wear the ace bandage at night anymore to hold them in place. All I wear during the day is the Coobie bra which is fairly close fitting like a sports bra but a lot more comfortable. It even comes with light padding which I really like for a little extra shape since I'm so small. But I have to say... I am really loving my small breasts and don't regret having them removed for one minute. Best decision ever. I feel a calm I never had with them in. Yay! I am dressing sexier than I have in a long time because I feel so much less self conscious. What a great feeling.
I do have one question for you all- did any of your doctors suggest massage to break up scar tissue and at what point did they say it was ok to start doing that?
Much love to all of you out there!


Has anyone had any experience with this system? I'm wondering if it really works. Thanks!

Noogleberry system

Has anyone tried this system and if so would you recommend it? Thank you!

Excellent surgeon. The clinic is highly professional, organized and provide great post op care.

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3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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