Happy with my results...and Dr, Reston, VA

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I am 50 yrs of age and didn't like the jowl's I...

I am 50 yrs of age and didn't like the jowl's I had developed. Had LSL, Laser and Upper Eyes done at Dr Dahiya's office in Reston VA. So far I like what I see...still healing..but so far so good. All in all I can recommend Dr Dahiya and his office in Reston, VA. You healed for the most part in about 2 weeks but total healing time is longer that that possibly a month or more.

Day 20 with and without makeup

Here are several pics with and without makeup on day 20.

Day 23 pics and Dec 2012 video clip

Here are some day 23 pics with no make up and also a short video clip from Dec 2012, there you can see the yowling that drove me nuts. I wish I had taken pictures of me looking down and scrunching my mouth prior to the surgery....it was really bad...so keep doing that now and I don't see what I used to see and that is good. You all can compare and let me know what you think.

Video Clip Day 23 - did not load-sorry

Looks like the Video I tried to post didn't work...I'll have to enlist realself's help and see if they can post it....I don't know what the imbedded code is I guess:) Oh well not as computer savvy as I thought:)

Video Clip converted to picture format

Ok so I finally figured out how to take a snap shot of that video that shows my yowls...this was taken in Dec 2012...then I am also uploading a couple pics this evening...I am a little red as it seems that at the end of the day it still shows up a bit more from the laser. However the comparison I am trying to show is the lower part of the mouth and the neck etc...as you can see there is no more yowling. I tried to duplicate the look in the pic this evening so you can see a good comparison of the before and after...so not very attractive pics but I think they serve their purpose.

Day 8 pic for Connie

I am posting this for a fellow LSL person to see how I wrapped gauze with the chin strap after stitches were removed, I also makes it more comfortable to wear...I still use it when wearing it at night. This is the day the stitched were removed.

Here is day 8 pics (previous post about day 8 pic incorrect is actaully a day 6 pic)

Ok so I just posted a day 8 pic which actually was day 6 which still had stitches, tried to show how I wrapped the gauze in that pic...unfortunately I can only edit the comment on the pic but not the comments on the title or info. Here are now Day 9 pic with the stitches removed, make up and glasses...sorry for any confusion. Also additionally day 11 pics without makeup.

Day 27 Still happy:)

Here is another pic, with full makeup. Love my new yaw line...it's simply amazing what my Dr was able to do for me....

Still Happy With My Results

Day 36-37 post op....very much still like my results. Every day is an improvement...there is still some healing taking place as my Dr has told me. There is some bunching along some of the incision lines and some areas on the left eye that are still improving. I had posted a question and pics on the surgeon forum and all the replies I received from the surgeons, both LSL and non-LSL surgeons, all agreed (and my surgeon had communicated the same to me as well) that what I am experiencing is all part of the normal healing process and that all should be resolved within 3-6 months. While that is a longer time frame than what I had expected from the total healing process, these comments were encouraging and eased my concerns. So I am just sitting back and relaxing...continuing with my hot compresses and daily massages to help it along. Also when I wear makeup and in day light....the issues that still concern me are hardly if at all visible! I will be posting new pics soon as I see more improvement. I can highly recommend LSL and my surgeon in particular.

6 weeks post up today June 12-13

All right here are some updated pics with makeup today, exactly 6 weeks post op. Again so far so good. Lift is still good....as one would hope, no yowling to date. The tell tell sign for me was always when I looked down. Judge for yourself and I welcome comments.

yowling or jowling)....and that is the question...for me at least...kidding!

Hope everyone gets a good laugh...one day I may figure out how to spell jowling correct....then again maybe never hahaha!!!!!

Jowling Returning

I am almost 3 month post op and now I see things that concern me. Here are pics I took this morning. I am not happy with what I see especially on the left side...the jowling is returning.

I have contacted my Doc who has so far always been very responsive and fantastic. Lets see what he says about it...I am guessing revision...but lets see. I'll keep everyone posted!

Jowling Returning Post July 17th

Correction in the write up I say left side, I mean right side, the pics are correct. When you look closely you see a kind of chipmunk look I had talked about before but now you can see a line underneath it which is the onset of jowling...it is not as bad as before the surgery but it is there and I think way to soon for this to show it should not be there.

I also understand that with ANY facelift revisions are NOT uncommon so I do not want to say at this point anyway its all that LSL does not work...I am still pleased with the overall results but I think a little tweaking might be required in my case.

More to come.

Dr Conversation Update to July 17th post

So I communicated with my Doc, I sent him pics on his cell and he felt that it was the angle the pics were taking or it may just be perspective but he would be willing to discuss when I see him for the scar bunching removal with laser in Aug.

Again my Doc has always been responsive and willing to address my concerns.
Not sure however about a revision with the same exact procedure, I am thinking that if it didn't work right the first time why would it the next. It is my understanding that it is the mid face that LSL does not address and that this is the reason persons see yowling returning early in the healing process. Another reason that I read complaints about is that LSL takes short cuts on the neck portion of the procedure...not sure what the fix would be for that with LSL.

I will say that when I play around with pulling at different angles, when I ever so slightly push the skin in under the chin into the neck the bulging chipmunk look goes away...so may be it is the neck. Anyway I will show this to the Doc and ask him what he says. I am hopeful that maybe a little neck tweak is the answer, the thought of going through this whole thing again is not appealing and I would think very hard if I would want to do that or rather get a full lift that addresses the mid face as well.

In closing, again, I am not entirely unhappy just very concerned that this lift will not hold. More to come.

3 Months check in

Well here it is at three months. Again not entirely unhappy but not happy either...somewhere in between. I welcome feedback but from what I can see the yowling is returning...what a drag...so sad...!!! Please however no comments such as you got what you paid for...I don't really need that right now. You will notice that you can see the yowling more in some light than in other lights...looking down still looks ok and smiling looks ok too.
Washington Facial Plastic Surgeon

Very good Dr... the only negative comment I have is the statement that the healing time is 2 weeks...it is more than that.

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