Heavy Black Tattoo Removal on my Inner Leg

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I started on my tattoo the day after I turned 18....

I started on my tattoo the day after I turned 18. I went to a reputable shop with a great artist who had a great portfolio. The first half of my tattoo that he did is amazing and I love it (outer leg) but I got too excited and immediately went in a couple weeks later to get the inside of my leg finished. Well my artist kept on telling me "oh just trust me, I'm the artist it will look good" anytime I had input on what MY tattoo should look like. But seeing as though he was the PROFESSIONAL artist I believe that he would do an amazing job, as he did with my outer leg, and I trusted him to do what he wanted with my idea. Well, basically he f*cked up on the most important part of the tattoo. I told him I wanted 3 beautiful demon girls to be "tempting" the buddha (outer leg tat) because it is a story in buddhism about when the buddha was enlightened. and he came up with the idea that they should be dancing behind flames as silhouettes.(why I thought this was a great idea is beyond me). The flames ended up looking really really cool it's just the girls that look like sh*t. 2 of them look like dark black blocks that somewhat have the features of women while the other one looks so stupid I can't even compare it to anything because it looks like nothing!
So I'm very very very lucky to have close family friends that work at a Plastic Surgery medical spa that specialize in tattoo removal! So I've decided I am going to remove just the 3 girls from my leg and cover it up with either a large dragon or phoenix piece (maybe something different, not sure yet) to incorporate the flames that are already there.
What I want to know is how successful the removal of the dark dark black part of my tattoo will be? And will I be able to cover it up after a couple sessions.
Oh and Thank you all for the stories! I am glad I'm not alone in this whole ordeal

Has anybody dealt with black this dark?

I was wondering if anybody in this community has dealt with tattoo removal on a dark dark black tattoo? I have 2 questions for you!
How long did it take to get the black to fade enough for a cover-up?
Will the fact that my tattoo is fairly new affect to removal process?
Thank you!

Super nervous about this whole process

I want to hurry up and start it already but my tattoo is still too new for the laser. I just can't stand looking at it anymore. I want to cover it up so bad, and I've found an artist who will do it, a very good artist . Has anyone dealt with this much black in a cover up? How many sessions am I looking at here?

Went in today for a small test spot

My tattoo is still relatively new so I went in to do a really small test spot today to see how my skin will react. The pain wasn't unbearable, but it definitely hurt a lot more than getting a tattoo. You can see the spot at the feet of the girl and a small area of shading near the girl

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