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Pre-op scheduled for 10/12! I'm a 33 year old mama...

Pre-op scheduled for 10/12!
I'm a 33 year old mama of 2, whose boobies got put through the wringer while nursing! I've got a petite frame (5'1", 100lbs, 26" under bust) and am currently a 30C/32B, but with minimal breast tissue and enlarged areola.

After SEVERAL consults, I have decided to go with Dr James Murphy for a Benelli lift and small implant; my goal being a perky, full C cup. I have read SO many mixed reviews on this procedure, but my nipple placement is acceptable (pseudoptosis), so a full lift isn't required - BUT I *really* would like my areola to be reduced. I'm just going to cross my fingers that my body responds favorably!

Pre-op complete!

I had my pre-op on Wednesday, and am left feeling a bit nervous. Dr. Murphy has suggested Natrelle style 10 implants, and stated that he would order the 240-270-300 range of sizes, as they are smaller than what he has in stock. No measurements were taken (they may have been taken at my consult last year?) sizers Vectra scanning. While I REALLY like his work, I was expecting a bit more than just taking"before photos" and forking over my $. I did share a couple of my wish pictures with him, and stressed that I don't want to be large chested; I just want to regain the fullness that was lost from pregnancy and breastfeeding. I was a bit surprised with his decision to use the lower profile implants with my frame being the size it is. I think that both the 270 and 300 cc implants are greater in diameter than my BWD (by less than a cm, but it seems that this is a less popular approach. I'm nervous that I may have too much side boob, potential rippling, and too flat a profile if the larger implants are required to fill out my saggy booby skin. I know it's probably just me being neurotic, but I decided to call their office this morning to discuss the benefits of low (style 10) vs mod (style 15) profiles. I told her I trust the doctor's opinion, but I wanted him to be aware that if larger implants are required, I'd prefer greater than ideal projection vs width. The coordinator said she'd discuss with the physician and get back to me. I just want to make sure there is time to order additional implants, if we decide to change the profile!

I made myself some 200ish cc chia seed sizers in snack sized ziplock baggies, and am happy with the size in a bra, and under tops. I'm crossing my fingers that the 240cc implants fit my breast envelope/remaining skin, and all of this worrying will have been for nothing!

New boobies installed...feeling good!

I had 300cc Allergan Style 10 moderate projection implants placed sub-muscularly last Thursday. The procedure went well, other than the fact that I was a bit of a bleeder, and required drains. I was sent home mummy-wrapped and advised to leave my goods intact until my follow up appointment today. The pain's been completely manageable with somewhat regular med dosing (Percocet every 4-8 hours) on days 1-3; I'm off all pain meds as of this morning. I honestly think the tummy bloat may be the most uncomfortable bit at this point!

My post-op went well today. Drains were removed, along with my foam tape. Now I've just got my steri-strips and band aids on my incisions. I am so happy with the outcome thus far! Fingers crossed that the incisions look as good as the rest of my breasts at their reveal next Monday!

*its amazing to me how much more noticeable my stretch marks are now that my breasts have been re-filled...maybe some of it is the lighting?
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