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Six years ago I was researching breast implant...

Six years ago I was researching breast implant surgery. It seems odd to me now that I am researching removal after always thinking that implants were the answer. After having my children, I had imagined that implants were in my future. I had breastfed 2 children and had become very engorged with the first one (E cup from a B cup). After deciding that I was not going to have anymore children, I began my research to finally get the breasts that I believed would "complete" me. I would finally feel beautiful and not self-conscious. Right! All that I have felt is self-conscious! My droopy B's were filled with 450 Mentor MemoryGel Silicone implants over the muscle. I chose this size because I thought that if they were just "filled up" I would no longer feel the need for a breast lift. It worked that way for a while and I did think that I was happy at first. After a little time passed though, I started feeling very self-conscious and even paranoid. It felt like my breasts were the first thing to walk in the room and everyone just knew that I had them done! I couldn't hide them or even downsize the way that they looked. I felt out of proportion. At the time I as 132 pounds and I am 5'9" tall. I cut my hair and that made things even worse! I hadn't realized how much I was trying to hide until I didn't have the advantage of the hair to help cover my chest. I wanted them out 3 years ago, but just kept trying to get used to them.

So why did I decided to get serious about it now? I want to live a long life! And guess what? I decided to have another baby!. He is 3 1/2 months old now. My breastfeeding experience was a nightmare. I became extremely engorged and ended up spending a night in the hospital. He would cry and fight me when I tried to breastfeed.I pumped for a while and finally gave up on the whole thing, as I pumped a whopping 1/2 ounce per breast. It was a very emotional time for me- I had successfully breastfed my other children with no problems and it came naturally..... because I was natural.

Since having implants, I have had some odd skin issues. I break out in hives on occasion, or sometimes in what looks like eczema. The "eczema" appears for a few days to up to 6 months at a time. I have periods of itching all over, as if I have something crawling under my skin. I used to think it was just dry skin, but it only happens when I am tired or laying down. I have felt very fortunate that I don't have any other issues, but I do feel like a ticking time bomb. Who knows what is going on in there?

I am ready to feel natural again. I want these out. I don't want something in my body that could cause me harm. I have a baby to live for. My husband supports my decision. In fact, he never wanted me to get them to begin with. As I prepared to go into surgery, he told me that we could just get up and walk out; I didn't need to do it. I wanted it. Live and learn. I do worry about how he will look at me afterward. He has gotten used to the way I look with the implants- and he does like them. I just think that I will feel so much better in so many ways. I am scheduled for a consultation on Feb. 6th. That's the first step to get the ball rolling!

I hadn't re-posted since my consultation for...

I hadn't re-posted since my consultation for implant removal because I was going to delete my account. I then realized that I would not know much of what I do now without reading the stories of others. I am going to continue my story so that others may see a differing view that may help with the decision making process.

I went for my consultation for removal on Feb. 6th. I was very happy with the consultation and the plastic surgeon. I did not feel the need to go elsewhere for further consultation. He was very honest and told me that it may be as easy as removal depending on my skin and how droopy I am. He said that many do not need anything more than removal because the skin can be so forgiving. After he took one look at me, he said that I would benefit from a lift as well. I asked about just removal and dealing with the sagging and he said that I would probably not be happy- but that it was up to me. I didn't feel "talked into" anything. Before implants I was in need of a lift, so it was no surprise that I would really need one now. I remember how I looked before. I didn't like the extra sagging skin that I had and probably should have just gotten the lift to begin with rather than opting for large implants. So I am going to have it done March 8th! It can't come fast enough.

I have not posted any pictures yet, but I will . I think that it is important to see what women have gone through and what the end results are.

Had my surgery yesterday. I forgot to put before...

Had my surgery yesterday. I forgot to put before pictures up, but I will post the afters anyhow. I took my bandage off and already put on a sports bra. Pain has not been too bad at all. When I saw them for the first time today, I had to remind myself of what I have seen on this website. They look pretty good, but even with the lift procedure I need a little "fluffing" to take place. One droops a bit more than the other right now, but the other seems to be more swollen. I am so relived that the surgery part is over. Now it's just the healing that needs to take place. I know that I will feel so much better both physically and mentally as the healing takes place. I am a little concerned about how some people will react, as I only told a few people that I was doing this. It changes my appearance quite a bit. My husband says that he didn't realize how much heavier the implants made me look. He says that I look much thinner and can't believe that the implants made such a difference in my appearance. I wish I had remembered to post before pictures. I was about a 34 D and now I am a 34 B.

It has been exactly one month since my surgery!...

It has been exactly one month since my surgery! Hard to believe! I am soooo happy that I did this. I feel like a whole new person. I didn't realize how badly having implants impacted my every day. I know that I look quite a bit different, but I feel so comfortable with myself now that it's unbelievable. I don't care if people are wondering what happened to my boobs! I actually stand up straight now and my energy level has gotten quite a boost! I brought the implants home in a bag just so I could see what I was living with for 6 years. I took them out the other day and held them up to me..... it instantly reminded me of how I felt with them this whole time-- the weight of them both physically and mentally as well as how self-conscious I felt while unable to hide or downsize the look of them. I know why I got them to begin with, but it is easy to forget that our bodies change and things never stay looking the same. I understand that with my lift as well. I will be healing now for some time and seeing positive changes, but I know that down the road (I am 40) I will have changes. I still feel better though because it's all me! No longer do I have those plastic bags dragging me down. What a feeling! To anyone who is considering an explant or an explant and lift, take your time, do your research, find a plastic surgeon that you are confident with, and be patient during the healing process. It was definitely worth it in my opinion. I don't remember feeling this good, even before augmentation, because now I know how to feel comfortable in my own skin (scars and all)! Implants aren't for everyone.

6 weeks post-op today. Still seeing some changes...

6 weeks post-op today. Still seeing some changes and hope to see a bit more. The stitches are slowly releasing and I am seeing some fading of incisions also. I am concerned about weight loss and sagging skin after having the breast lift. I would like to loose a few pounds and hope that it doesn't make my results change too drastically. I feel like my PS did a great job with what he was given to work with. Reality is that I was never symmetrical and can't expect to be now either. I am very happy, but I am sometimes second guessing how I have gone about things ( as in maybe I should have lost those few pounds before surgery). Posted a few pics with same swim suit top from before picture.

Almost 7 months post-op!

Just a quick update after almost 7 months of healing. I feel great. No regrets. I have been more active and able to do things more easily than when I had the implants. I no longer feel self-conscious. Clothes fit much better and I feel like people look at me for me rather than taking notice of my breasts.

7 month photos

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