Turning 30, 1 Kiddo, Have Been Wanting Implants Since He Was Born - Reno, NV

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Back story: I am a 29 yr old single mom to a 7 yr...

Back story: I am a 29 yr old single mom to a 7 yr old, aka as my Mini. I have been wanting implants since he was a baby. Pre kiddo I was a big perky b. After breast feeding, my chest became flat. I almost got a BA 4 years ago, but decided to wait in case I had more children. I told myself a couple years ago that if I didn't have more kiddos by the time I was 30, I was done and getting my girls. That time has come!

I am a big fitness fanatic and currently work out Mon-Fri doing everything from Spin, TRX, Cardio and working with a trainer one day a week. I know I can do cardio after two weeks, but not being able to do TRX or a full workout with my trainer for 6 weeks to 2 months bums me out a bit. Especially since I am convinced I will gain the post op anesthesia/pain med bloat.

Goal size is roughly 400 CC. I am going to let my surgeon pick what works best for my weight, height and shape. I am doing Saline, but going back and forth between moderate plus and high profile. Once again, probably going to let him pick on that. April 24th cannot get here soon enough!

Wish boobs

I'm still a month out from my surgery date. It feels really far away yet right around the corner at the same time. My pre op is in a few weeks & I can't wait to finally discuss size. Here are a couple that I really like.

Wish boob take 2

More wish boobs

After pic

Here we are 48 hrs after. Had a scare yesterday & we were worried there was bleeding in the pocket but I think I just did too much. After relaxing I was able to go 6 hrs without a Percocet & be fine. Tomorrow is a follow up so we'll see what he says. While pain isn't awful it feels right.


Cleavage Shot-13 Days Post Op

So for some reason my photos only upload half the time so I haven't done a post op yet. I am trying again with the cleavage because I am absolutely obsessed and I know this phase will be short lived since once is going to drop quicker compared to the other. I think it is already starting to happen with my left boob since that has the larger implant. I start accolade on Monday so hopefully that helps with the "softening". They are a little "porn star" looking, but I have never had cleavage before so I am loving how they look! Even if my nipples are still kind of pointing down lol

3 week Post Op today

Hopefully this uploads-girls are looking kind of small in this pic but they are 540cc on the left & 510cc on the right & look much bigger in person.

3 week Post Op Fitness Measurements

So as I stated in many posts previously, I work out a lot and do a lot of resistance and strength training. I was very concerned about the surgery and the affects it would have on my fitness goals. I was cleared to do light cardio this week so I had my trainer measure me and do body fat percentage just to see where I was at and so mentally I know what I would need to do to get back to where I was. Luckily, I lost an inch in my thighs, and waist stayed the same. I think I lost some muscle and my waist isn't as toned as it was, however, I think I will be able to get it back quickly. Hopefully. Anyway, prior to surgery I read about so many women who gained 10 lbs after surgery and held on to the weight for a few weeks or longer. I only had the worst of the anesthesia/pain med bloat for about 5 days after surgery. I was so scared of what 3 weeks off would do to my fitness goals to the point that I almost didn't do the surgery. So glad I did. This is more for the fitness girls who haven't had the surgery yet and might be feeling the same way I did, but I would love to hear other girls fitness experiences after surgery in additions to tips to help with toning up again without compromising the integrity of the "twins"! I start lower body next week!

Dropping progress

I'll be 4 weeks post op in 5 days & I noticed this morning Leftie has dropped enough that from the front, it looks rounder/fuller. Rightie is still looking boxy/frankenboob-ish but not noticeable in shirts....yet. I feel like my girls have growing pains with the little twinges/random aches as they go through this process. Nice to see some progress though! Hoping in a few weeks, the right will join the left otherwise I'm going to look funny in my bikini while on vacation!

I month post op (technically 5 weeks on Fri) update

Had my "1month" today. The girls are looking better but the right is still higher & tighter, although not by much. Ironically my left (the one with the hematoma) is doing quite well & is softer compared to the other. I have to start getting more aggressive with the massages to prevent scar tissue & he still wants me on the accolate. Once the girls are in their perfect position, I can do upper body but we need to assess that at my 2 month. In the meantime, I can bump up my cardio intensity & lower body. So all in all, good. Trying not to worry about my right too much. Will post photos soon!

Another Photo Attempt

Here is the latest visual. You can see that slowly but surely they are getting rounder & dropping. A friend of mine told me they didn't look that big & when I told her I was a D, she said I didn't look bigger than her & she's a C. She is also 20 years older than me, lacks volume & wears a padded bra so I am wondering if she is jealous or if they look small? I know mynsurgeon put in what was best for me but I haven't had anyone tell me I'm small yet!

Found a cute unlined bra!

So I'm still not to wear a bra unless I absolutely have to. I found this little (uh seriously) number for $16 at a cute boutique in town. It is the M/L size. Righty is still bumming me out-not as round & pretty but I know that the difference is not super noticeable. Hoping it can catch up & the difference doesn't get worse.

Vickies Bathing Suit

Tried one on yesterday. Asked for a D (forgetting that they do vanity sizing & that's actually a C). That was cute. The girl saw me in my top & said "Oh my!" & ran off for the double D. Still no dice. The photo is with the double D on. How do I need a triple?! I don't hate it but in the last week everyone has commented on how big my boobs look-including the gal who last week told me they were small! Yesterday she saw them again & said she didn't realize they were so big. My cousin said as hers dropped they got bigger & bigger. I don't know if I should be excited or scared!

Photo Update

Not great photos, but these are the girls almost 8 months post op. Still not sure what official size I am. 34DDD at Vickies still doesn't quite fit (I have booby muffin top) so bra shopping has been frustrating. I got 540CC on the left & 510CC on the right, moderate profile. The bra I'm in doesn't have any padding or push up. Will try to post some braless pics later. Murphy is the absolute best though! Love the girls & couldn't be happier!

Before & after

I got the before & after from my surgeons office. They look a little lopsided in these photos at 6 months post op which drives me crazy because in person they look better. I also keep wishing I went into the 650 HP range but then I see this & realize that the 540/510 is large. This size is very versatile. I can keep it classy & contained, or I can push it up if I so please :)

More photos

The photo on top is me. The bottom are my wish boobs (which my surgeon did-this is one of his clients). I showed this to everyone & they all said those boobs were too big & fake looking. They are a smooth round mp saline like mine & I think mine look bigger....

Bathing suit season!

Now that the girls are soft, bouncy & dropped I am loving swimwear shopping. Larges still don't quite cover them but I don't mind showing them off lol. This is a bikini from Koa Swim.

Freya Bras

I know it has been FOREVER since I have been on here but I wanted to recommend a bra brand. I finally went and got sized at Nordies after countless frustrating trips to different lingerie departments and Vickies. They professionally sized me and I was way off..I was trying to squeeze into a 34DDD/36DD at VS and other brands and didn't size up because they honestly don't look big enough to be anything else. While my band is 32, I walked away with a 34E. Fits amazing. Makes the girls look GREAT! Comfortable and has convertible straps. $75 but worth it. I will try and upload a photo later.
Reno Plastic Surgeon

Absolutely, hands down the best. First, the surgery part was a breeze & his team is amazing. I was out before I hit the OR (or at least I don't remember what happened after his gas man gave me the happy juice). I was one of the random people that got a hematoma so he got me in the night it was determined what was going on to get it out/put in the drain even though he doesn't normally do surgeries on that day. Once again, surgery was a breeze & his team was amazing. He has stayed in touch the entire time. BA pain level has been between a 1 or 2. I am only 1 week out but I've been incredibly high maintenance & he & his team have been nothing but kind, patient & extremely professional. Call him before you consider anyone else. I cannot recommend him enough.

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