600cc after 5 years of waiting and ready to start bodybuiling shows- Reno, NV

Well after 3 kids and being a bodybuilder my...

well after 3 kids and being a bodybuilder my breasts were saggy and depressed me on a daily basis. i have a perfect body and my boobs are the only thing that i could not change on me no matter how long i worked out. i had the most perky boobs as a teen and now they looked liked socks with a marble in them. my husband and i decided there were more important things than my boob to take care of money wise. after 5 years of living with saggy unhappiness to the point were i would wear extra padded bras to the gym because i looked like a boys chest in my work out tops except you can see my boobs sag through the my tops. i explained to my husband it like walking around with a limp cock. he finally just surprised me one day. go get a consult.

one month later i am lying in bed in a lot of pain with my new implants. was it fast haste. no i had been looking at the doctors in my area for years and asking people about there experiences. all my husband and i knew was the only thing that was not going to factor into which doctor we picked was the cost. after visiting every doctors webpage and talking to people i decided on Dr.muphy and what got me was his breast reconstruction and breast lift before and after i mean if he can do that work on that a breast aug. is a walk in the park for him. i loved his pics and the moment i walked into his office i knew he was my doc.

being from ukranian decent i have a very broad chest. no joke in high school i was a full c and everyone thought a small b. i am 5'6 135# 24" waist and 32" hips with 36 rib cage. dr murphy said i would not need a lift i i went bigger and because of my wide chest bigger would not look that big on me also bigger would give me a more shaply body because i do not have many curves. i did not want to go to big thinking that it would hinder me working out. the day of my pre-op consult appointment to make all the last decisions i knew that after seeing his before and after and he is quit particular on tear drop shaped breat with nice cleavage i could not go wrong with what he says.

so i told him doc put what ever size you think is best. i knew i wanted gels under the muscle and he picked out the size 600cc. we where leaning to 500cc but i am so glad i let my doctor go with what he does everyday. my 600cc look like a 450 or so because om y broad chest and they are not saggy at all. they have great cleavage. i can believe it i look down and only 3 days post op i know this is such a great life changing deal for me. i plan on entering my first show this august and being a personal trainer hope it will give me that boost i need to walk with my head held higher. i love that i let my doc just do his thing and not go into his office questioning everything. all i can say is research doctors, look at all there photos and what type of surgery they do. never have price be a huge factor just wait and save more. i wish i knew before hand what a great feeling i would get from my new breast. i cant wait until they finish dropping and i can go bra shopping

Ohh day 3 i think i over did it picking up my room...

ohh day 3 i think i over did it picking up my room. got to take a shower yesterday and take off the tape. loving my pain meds not in 100% state of good mind they make me out of it but i am so happy i cant stop grinning ear to ear. i am so happy with my breast i cant wait for them to drop and i can buy a bunch of cute bras a vs

Day 4 can feel my implant though the sides of my...

Day 4 can feel my implant though the sides of my boods not sure it that is nomral going to call doc today. i have a pinched muscle on my sholder blade and i dont feel like standing with good posture. the stiches hurt on tyonal now but switching back to real pain pill i can handle pain just not in the mood to right now.

Day 5 feeling great more energy a little to much,...

day 5 feeling great more energy a little to much, had to have my husband shave my armpits for me today, lol he is so sweet could not live with another day with hairy pits. i secretly dont want my recovery to end. is that bad is a vaction for me. after 5 years of waking up multible times a night to take care of kids sleeping in to what ever late, taking a nap, laying around people doing everything. i am a pampered and well rested. our nanny goes home an the 29th think i just might cry have not felt this well cared for scence i was about duw in pregnacy. *sigh* all good thing must come to an end makeyou appreciate them more i guess. good thing my right breast is dropping

Day 8. no pain, i have to be braless though i cant...

Day 8. no pain, i have to be braless though i cant wear that damn surgery bra for one mor sec. i am going into day for my first check up. posted pics of day 8ok boobs dropping dr muphy is the micheal angelo. i let him pick the size and do whatever he thinks is best and i could not be happier. they are PERFECT! i cant wait until they are fully in place.

Hey all! 5 weeks later and all i can says is clap...

Hey all! 5 weeks later and all i can says is clap clap clap clap with a big stupid grin on my face, i am one happy happy lady. no pain implants mostly settled getting softer eveyday. i hate "massaging" them thats sometimes is uncomfotable but i no love squishing them. maybe i just a perv. oh and you know how when you prego and eveyone touches your stomic when i tell women i got my boobs done all they want to do is touch them. i let them why not. it really funny. i spent $300 on new bras in one day. i cam a 36D in VS sizing and a 36c in most other brands. 600cc implants fit my body perfect. i caould not be happier. i am just in love with my boobs i bought them never realizing how much self esteem they would give me. i can actully walkaround in a bathing suit top with pride. i love my dr thank dr murphy i am so glad i listened to you in sizing. i love them under the muscle just not sure wheni can workout my chest again. cuz i work out like harder than most people including guys so i dont want any damage to them. just doing the stair stepper until i get the full ok to go all out. lets see anyother up dates scar in already fading benn using mederma for 3 weeks now great stuff. oh i forgot because of my boobs i got to meet the lead singer of sublime with rome thats cool that and i super hot just more so with my new girls.oh any being a personal trainer i actully have more clientel as a result of the surgry. like i said perviously if your thinking about getting the surgery just research reasearch and more research your doctors price should be the last thing that you look at these will be with you a long time so do it once but do it well. oh and listen to your doc and his recommendations if its a good doc they know for a fact what they are doing. will add pics soon
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actully what sold me was dr murphy breat lift before and after and his breast reconstuctions they were also amazing. i only needed a breast augmentation but if he could do what he did in those surgeries then mine would be a peice of cake. that and he really really know what he is doing you can just tell by the way he talks. ok boobs dropping dr muphy is the micheal angelo. i let him pick the size and do whatever he thinks is best and i could not be happier. they are PERFECT! i cant wait until they are fully in place.

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