Breast Augmentation

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Hello Realself friends. I'm not creepying around...

Hello Realself friends.

I'm not creepying around on realself with reading, looking, and wishing No more. I'm here adding my story and review amongst the many great Stories/reviews I have read.

Starting my Journey to breast augmentation. excited and also impatient, but what's holding me up is, I have to add more coins to my saving. California breast augmentation is Expensive.

my stats are.
5 10' weight 150
34A/small B. waistline 27 Hip 38.5
pear shape type body.

Breast size "Wish"
a Full D cup, fantasy wish size Small DD. I want nice and full breast. If I can have 500cc left to 600cc right. I will do, if doctor say yes.

Asking yourself, "Why she wants" 100 cc difference. Well, I'm thinking I might need that. And here is why, ...

Nice perky breast (small).
I have a mild case of chest wall Asymmetric. mid case of Poland syndrome.. Where my right chest wall(the bones) caves in slightly, and breast volume is lesser then left breast.

nobody really knows I have that condition, I am very good at hiding it.

I will be booking a consultation with Doctor James Murphy In Reno, At the end of this month, September, if date is available. if not, book for October Consultation. He's my number one and top choice doctor. I have emailed and talked with the office already, and Megan I think she's the office coordinator, she's very nice and extremely helpful. Dr. Jame Murphy consultations are only on Mondays and Wednesdays, I was planning for a Friday consultation but that is Not available. But Dr Murphy is worth the wait.

Also, I see By others reviews, I should see at lease one other doctor. My reason Would be, to evaluate 2 different doctor's Patient hospitality and their advice's.

I'll do a second consultation with"New Body MD Surgical Center & Med Spa In Sacramento. It's has 3doctors there.

But, i Might just stick with my favorite doctor "Murphy". And do one consultation and put my deposit down same day. I really don't know what I should do, .....1, 2,or 3 consultations?

my other doctor Choice WAS, Dr Hedden in Alabama. But I live in Northern California, and I couldn't face the long traveling during breast augmentation. Most important "no" face to face post op visits once I fly back home. Any out of state breast augmentation advice from ladies who made that choice, I would like to hear from you.

Doctor Hedden in Alabama price Is $3000, for saline breast implants. And he does an amazing job, based on his reviews and before and after photos. I could have my surgery within 2 months with his surgery fees :( but I decided not to travel. But, boy oh boy, I get impatient and just say "I'm on that plane" I got 3000 now, but I calm myself down. lol.

1 consultation and that's it.

I have a financial budget of $5500 cash can't Finance, total Saving max. this budget will include surgery cost and miscellaneous surgery expensive.

I truly wanted to do multiple consultation but the reality is, every email I get from surgery doctors in Sacramento and in the valley, there surgery Cost is at My Max cash saving, which means there's no room for miscellaneous expenses which is a must to include. 1 or 2 day hotel. post op bra, medication, and so on, " miscellaneous expenses related to surgery"

it is a downer to get multiple emails and realize you just can't afford their fees, so I'm done with this year of looking and searching for surgery in my budget.

I found an amazing doctor, Doctor Murphy. so it would only be one consultation, Put my deposit down to book my surgery date, same day of my consult. And pay off balance a month or two before surgery.

I am planning to have my breast augmentation on March 22nd or that week, but the 22nd is the date goal.

I have 2weeks off work, and spring break Off with school, break starting march 21St.

Im 32, single mom of a 5 year old daughter. Busy schedule with my job, college work and home life. So my surgery date isn't flexible, I need March 22nd 2016 booked and certify.

just like on the bachelor's paradise, when the gentleman used/played the woman for a rose to stay in paradise to flirt with another girl. he said "give me that damn rose, in a rude and obnoxious voice"! that's how I'm laughing and saying give me that march 22nd surgery date, at my consultation. lol. Joking..

It was funny to me. my apologies, if you didn't understand the humor but I'm laughing.

the truth Is, if you're with a popular doctor, he could be booked up 6 months In advance, or some dates aren't available.

Calling Megan from his office for a consultation appointment, choice made.

Consultation Book Doctor Murphy.

I booked my consultation 9/30 Wednesday.

Anybody that had plastic surgery, leave a comment, On, what happen during their Consultation. Thanks.

I have read some patient had 3d imaging, was able to play with sizers, and had chest measurement to know what's size is possible. But I also heard, some consultations were answers and questions only. and that's it.

My brother, his girlfriend, and I is driving to Reno, it's a 3hour drive from the Sacramento area.

7:30am on the road. in Reno, Nevada..10:45am. consultation early afternoon.

After, some Fun time Eating at a restaurant and going to casinos.

Leaving back Home, same day, 5:30pm. Home by 8:30. It's all planned out.

mind made up.. consult booked. but thinking

consult,On September 30th with Dr Murphy, and book 3/2016 surgery.
put my deposit down that day, will make it official.

Also, I'm searching to see "by luck" If I can find a doctor with total fees $4600. if so, I can book my surgery in November, instead of booking for March2016. Which is 5 1/2months from now. but that wishing on the stars search will End 9/28mon. . Lol

"myself reminders"
1 having patience is key.
2 accepting I'm paying almost 5,500, and save save is a fact.
3 be happy, I saved already 75% of what the cost is.
4 Doctor Murphy is amazing based on reviews.

I've been looking for a year for cost in the $4,000 dollar range in Northern California with a good doc, it's just not happening.

550cc to 650cc I want

I'm between 5 9'and 5 10' in height. and weigh between 145 to 155, it fluctuate.
I'm a 34small Bcup. I want overly full Dcups to small DDcups.

Hoping after consultation my doctor says it's possible.

I'm thinking 550cc to 650cc Could do, since I have a slight/mild chest wall deformity on my right side.

I'm going to need different volumes Between my left and right, at lease 80cc maybe more. all this Is a guess. hopefully my guess is close to what the doctor advises on.
I purchased post-op bras, which can also be use for night time comfortable.

550cc to 650cc Goal

it's a possibility I might have my surgery in November because I recently found couple doctors in my $4500 budget range. But this is Plan B.

The plan is, March 2016 Due to higher fees, meaning more saving. Consultation booked 9/30..close to home.

Plan B.
Surgery this November, cost found in my "Now" cash on hand budget. ** I'm willing to travel not worried About traveling ananymore.
my wish this year instead would be amazing.

Ibread lots of reviews on people who traveled, also got answers to my questions from them. reading successful traveling reviews gave me confidence to travel Now.
But no matter what happens, the choice between plan A or plan B, I will put my deposit down on September 30th with a surgeon.

Next Wednesday.. Can See and feel Sizers

My consultation is Wednesday. 9/30.
I called the office today, to verify my appointment time, and get information on details of my consultation.

what's going to happen is, they will give me a gown to put on, so the doctor can have access to my Upper body.

He will talk about the surgery. show me silicone and saline. examine my chest, and discuss my goal size, and answer my questions.

he will also, bring a book full of women with my similar body type, that he did surgery on, so I can actually see possible results on my body type in different cc amounts. which I thought was pretty cool. I'm going for the women that had 500 to 600 CC photos. Lol.

also, I have to be realistic too because The doctor can say, that 500/600 cc are to big for my body, but hopefully not.

After, put my deposit down. I might book January 11, 12, or 15 for my surgery date instead of a March 22.

Consultation Done. Surgery Booked.

Had my Consultation today with Doctor James Murphy in Reno.. He is very welcoming, easy to talk too, also he's very knowledgeable.

Consultation was relaxed and he spent 45mins with the me.

I Came in wanting Saline, but choose silicone.. So instead of a January surgery date, will be in March. Making up the cost difference, so later surgery date. Worth the wait.

Also, I had my goal size photos for the doctor. He said, oh you want full D cups or small DD based on these photos.

I said, Yes, I do Doc:)..

Side note"Good to know the Doc and I views D cups the same.

People have different views of what full breast looks like.

When done, went over pricing with the coordinator, then put a deposit down to book for March 17th.

Pre-op is March 16. This is for out of state patients. Pre-op the day before surgery.

Now time to hit the gym. Tone up. Strengthen my core, Strong back and ads. Enough time for from now to March to get my body Better.

End of this review. Will start a new preview in February 2016 under James Murphy.


Consultation 9/30

Rescheduled for 2017

June 2016 update.

I got pregnant And my due date month is August 2016. So I couldn't go through with the breast alimentation that was booked for March 2016.
the office was very nice with me, and gave me a full refund because I cancelled the surgery three months prior to my surgery date.

I was also told, I can have breast augmentation 4 months after I delivery my baby, if I'm not breastfeed. or 4 months after I discontinue breastfeeding.

I was so close to my dream, even had the money too. Cash-paying.

:( that money is now spent on baby items and personal stuff.

so hopefully next year, I can probably Finance the whole procedure because I've been working on my credit.
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