5'7, 145 Lbs Athletic with Previous Breast Lift - Reno, NV

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I'm scheduled for my breast augmentation next...

I'm scheduled for my breast augmentation next month and I am trying to figure out the right size to fit my frame. I workout frequently with weights and also cardio. I want a round look with upper fullness. Trying to avoid side boob and a large gap. I am not going for a "natural" look I am wanting a lot of upper fullness.

Consult in 2 days

So I have my consult in a couple days and surgery is scheduled for next month. I am still torn on how big I want to go! I need input from those fellow fitness addicts like myself ???? I don't want my new boobs to interfere with my workouts (crossfit). I want to have nice fullness on the top and cleavage! I'm afraid I will go too small and regret it afterwards.

Post surgical bra!! It's getting real!

Just bought this bra online and it fits fine I'm hoping it fits the new boobs! I am assuming it's supposed to be snug. I'm hoping I just actually have cleavage in this bad girl in a couple weeks. I have my post op next week and I'm super anxious. I can't help but get worried about how long I won't be exercising like I am used to doing everyday. I know it will be worth it though!

Before pics

Ugh this picture just makes me want my new boobs even more!!! This bra used to fit me before I lost weight. Come on October 14th!!!!

Getting close!

Well my surgery is in just a few days and I am getting super anxious! I just want to get it over with. Here is another before pic to let you all know what I'm working with before the big day gets here. Can't wait!!

On the other side!

Well it's all done! I ended up with 550 cc ins the right breast and 650 cc in the left breast. I'm in a good amount so I am making sure I keep up with my meds. Felt groggy when I woke up from surgery but otherwise it wasn't too bad. Can't take off my bandages for two days so I am going to be super anxious to see my new boobs!

3 dpo

Well I'm on day three after my breast augmentation. I am feeling much better than the first day but still super sore. Got to finally take a shower which was nice and I got to see the girls for the first time. Now I'm wearing the death strap to get them to move down. I'm hoping the next few days the soreness subsides! I have my follow up appointment next week to learn the massage technique.

More progress pics

Here are some side view pics!

9 days post op

So it's been over a week since my surgery and I'm feeling like a different person than last week. The soreness has reduced drastically and I'm feeling almost back to normal. Still sleeping on my back but getting in and out of bed is not nearly the struggle it was in the days following my surgery. My range of motion is better I can get stuff out of the higher counters which is nice I never realized how much trouble I would have doing normal daily activities! I have my first post op appointment tomorrow where I will learn the massages I guess to help move the implants into the right position. I took a comparison pic this morning and I was so happy with the changes in just one week! Will update in a few days!

Post op

Had my post op yesterday and my right boob is looking perfect but ps isn't crazy about how tight the left still is which is the bigger implant. So I have to keep wearing the strap along with massaging or more like pressing my boob down 10 times a day. Then he has me on vitamin E supplements and prescribed me a med for the scar tissue. He kind of got me freaked out even know I know things are ok right now I am just terrified of cc!! Hope all these things work and everything turns out perfectly! Anyway here's my official implant card! Woohoo

15 days post op

Just some more progress pics of the boobs!! And finally my bloat is gone yay tried on a few swimsuits for our trip to Aruba next week. Loved them!

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