750cc's High Profile Silicone PICS!!!- Reno, NV

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Hi ladies, I'll be getting my breast augmentation...

Hi ladies, I'll be getting my breast augmentation on March 22nd 2016 with Dr. Murphy in Reno, NV. I had my 1st consultation Jan 18th. I discussed with Dr. Murphy what I wanted. I told him i want large, full natural looking breast. The reason I chose Dr. Murphy is because his work is very consistent and he has an eye for perfection. If you look at his website before and after. In my opinion all his after's are very narural looking and he doesn't leave a gap in between your breast. He did express that during my consultation, he does not like leaving a gap. I have a 4 year old son. I've never had big boobs, but the perkey ones I had pre-pregnancy are now saggy and uneven and I have a big gap (hate that) . Back in 2014 I got a BBL. I am very happy with my BBL results, big hips and alot of projection. I feel like my body now needs to look more balanced. I'll be posting my journey on here. Here are some before pics of my breast and some wish pictures.

Wish Boobs

Hi ladies, here is my wish boobs. What do you guys think? Will bigger boobs look good with my big hips/booty?

Pre- Op Appointment

Hi ladies, I had my pre op appointment with Dr. Murphy today. We went over size, look, day of surgery stuff and he took my before pictures. I showed him my wish pictures and he said that from the pictures it seems that a high profile implant in the 600 - 800cc range will give me that big fuller look. He also said that I have enough tissue so that my boobs can look soft and natural like I want. He will be bringing implants ranging from 600 -800cc and will put in which ever looks best. I told him that I absolutely don't want that hard fake looking boob look. I even brought a "what I don't want" picture to make sure. Everything is all paid for except for hospital fees. They charge separately. Meghan his assistant and who does all the paperwork (she is awesome by the way) she said that the hospital should be calling me about a week before my surgery to set up a pre surgery appointment, and that's when I'll pay the hospital fees. This definitely feels more real now. I'm starting to get really nervous. I currently live with my parents and I haven't told them that I am getting a BA. My parents are very old school and are very unsupportive when it comes to these things. I don't think I'll tell them until after. I don't want to stress them out and I don't want them to try and talk me out of it. I definitely don't want to go into surgery feeling guilty. I will be Dr. Murphys first surgery that day so that makes me happy. I will need to get to the hospital by 730am and my surgery will be at 9am. Dr. Murphy said that I should be getting back home by noonish. He also gave me my prescriptions today for me to fill which is nice so I won't have to worry about filling them after. Anyways, that is all for today. I will be updating until my surgery. Thanks ladies! Wish a fast recovery for all of you!

Technically on more day to go

Ladies, my surgery is this Tuesday. I haven't told my parents or anyone really. Just my closest Co workers know and my boyfriend. I have extreme anxiety to the point I get butterflies in my stomach. I keep thinking... am I doing the right thing... do I really need this.... what will my parents say... what am I getting myself into.... Aaaaah sooo many things. I was thinking of rescheduling my surgery due to some family that will be coming into town next week. I don't know how well I'll be able to hide my chest since I do wanna go a little big. I do have some baggy shirts and hoodies that I'll be wearing. Anyways... I will update you guys after surgery. Hope all you ladies have a fast recovery!

I made it ladies!

I arrived at the hospital at around 7:45am. Within 8min I was being prepped for surgery. Nurses were very nice and had good sense of humor. I took my clothes off except my underwear due to me getting my period the night prior. After that I met with anesthesiologist who was super nice and made me feel very comfortable. He answered all of my questions. He said he has been doing this since 1999. Super long time. He inserted my IV, after that I was good to go. I was ready to go by around 8:25am. My surgery was scheduled for 9am. At 9am Dr Murphy came in and marked me up. We spoke about the size and look. I just wanted to remind him about the look I wanted. I expressed that I didn't want to look too big to where I looked ridiculous. He said he had brought different sizes of impacts and what ever looked best he would do. I trust him 100% and I believe he gave me what I wanted. My boobs look really nice already. After he was done, they brought me to the OR room. The anesthesiologist came in and knocked me out. Next thing you know I woke up in recovery room. I woke up with a little bit of pain. The nurse gave me some pain medication and it was instant relief. I then noticed that I had drains in.. Ugh! I absolutely hate drains. I've had a bad experience before. I asked the nurse if she knew how many cc's he had put in. And she said..... Drum roll...... 750cc. I was like aaaaaah! It scared me a little. I've read on here by patients and doctors that 700cc is to much and they don't recommend. We'll see what results I get but I believe that I will get what I wanted. Dr. Murphy is amazing and an incredible surgeon. He is a perfectionist too. When I got home I dranked an ensure and took my pain medication. I laid down and went to sleep. For those ladies that don't know about ensure. I would really recommend it for when you have to eat so that you don't feel nauseous after taking pain meds. It really doesn't make nauseous at all. Obviously you're not going to want to eat solid food right after your surgery. So, ensure is definitely the way to go. Anyways, I will keep you guys posted. And will be posting pictures either tomorrow or Thursday. Probably Thursday though since I shower Thursday. Thank you ladies for all of your sweet comments.


Ladies, here are some pictures.

2 Month Update

Hi ladies here is my 2 month update. My boobs are nice and soft but still getting softer. My Dr said that by 3 months they should be where they are going to stay. But obviously they will continue to change and soften as the years go by. I am so in love with them. It's so worth it. When people ask me about how painful it was, I can honestly say that I didn't have any pain. It was discomfort not pain. I only took my pain meds for 3 days and I was literally making dinner and up and feeling fine the next day. The pain meds definitely took the edge off the discomfort. They totally feel part of me now. My scars are doing good. They are smooth but still with a little redness. My doctor did an amazing job he took care of me 100% he is the best! Here are some 2 month post pictures!

New Pics!

Hi ladies I've been feeling great. I love my boobies. Dr. Murphy is A1

My consultation went great. Dr. Murphy knows and understands what I want and I believe he will deliver. His work is very consistent and he has an eye for perfection.

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