29 Years Old Mom of 3 Going from A to D. Reno, NV

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I am very nervous but more excited than anything....

I am very nervous but more excited than anything. I have wanted them from the age of 16. I promise my family I would wait until after I had kids just to see if they might get bigger on their own. I had huge beautiful boobs when I was pregnant, but size never stayed. I never thought they could get any smaller after kids but they did. So I now feel I look like a 12 year old boy and my belly sticks or further than my boobs and I only way 118 pound. So finally my husband said enough is enough your unhappy depressed lets get you boobs and make you confident and happy. So I set my appointment and I am starting my journey.

Paid for my beast augmentation today!

Went in and payed for my surgery today! I know it's not until May 6, but I am just sooo excited. I wish I could get them sooner. I have to wait until after I take my 3 kids to Disneyland. All I can think about I feel 24/7 is getting my bigger boobs finally!


The wait for my surgery feels so long I think it's because I am so excited. I have 2 1/2 months left to wait. I know waiting until after taking my kids to Disneyland is best idea. I am like a kids waiting for Christmas

45 days until surgery

I am so excited I am counting down days until surgery. The wait is driving me crazy but worth it!!!!

Postop appointment

I am having my breast done in 9 more days! We came up with 700-800 cc implants. I am extremely excited! I cannot wait to start my new life with my new boobies. I am so happy with my doctor I picked and I feel so far everything has went great. Got all my questions answered and feel really I am in good hands.

Did my labs

Got labs all done and all ready for surgery this Friday. I am getting more and more nervous but I am sooo ready to have my boob up grade ????

Got them today

So I have so nervous! I am in some pain. The meds are helping a lot I cannot wait see them with out all the wrap on.

Cannot sleep

Got my BA yesterday. I cannot sleep at all. The pain is bad. I went from w small AA to a full D so I know this is going be long recovery, But I wouldn't change it!!!!

48 hours after surgery

I didn't realize it would hurt this much. I got a lot of bruising and swelling.

Going on to day 4 after BA

New bruising under my breast. I feel my bra they put me in is just sooo tight. Most likely from all the swelling. I feel that icy is my new best friend. Helps with the burning feeling. Having little muscle spasms and a lot of tingling in my breast today. Have been able to cut way back on pain meds so I feel that's a huge help.

Feeling lopsided day 5 after surgery

I know this is expected. It kinda cracks me up. My 8 year old daughter pointed it out that i am bigger on one. So I had to explain to her how it will change. It makes me feel so blessed to have her looking out for me.

Day 6 after feeling exhausted

I cannot sleep good yet. All the lack of sleep is getting to me. I tried Tylenol pm and Benadryl like my doc said. And it hasn't helped. The muscles spasms have been making sleep that much more harder to get.

Day 8

Feeling lot better just sleepy the muscle spasms are making things hard but have not had to take pain meds so that's a good thing for me

I am on day 13

I feel they look so different from each other

Day 17 after BA

I am feeling better. My bruising is getting better. Feeling less like I need to hide them.

Feeling sooo much better

Think things are looking better but my skin is braking out.

Very uneven

I am worried at this point on what I am seeing.

Uneven/ acne

Boobs still not even yet. Chest has acne and it's driving me crazy. Been trying everything.

Very happy

Things are looking perfect. I bought first bra ever a few weeks ago and I love it!

Feel like my boobs are apart of me now!

At first it felt like my breast wasn't even apart of my body and I kept feeling them as foreign objects on my chest. But now I don't even notice them on me. It just feels like me. I am loving them.
Reno Plastic Surgeon

I went in for consultation and my PS made me feel so comfortable. He made me feel like I had a say in what I want and didn't try to persuade me into anything I wasn't comfortable with. The staff at his office made me feel welcomed from moment I walked in the door. The office is so clean and beautiful and has a comfortable feel to it. I am 100% happy with my pick of plastic surgeon.

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