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This is my first week on accutane and I am...

This is my first week on accutane and I am experiencing dry lips and skin. My face looks red and it's really irritating because it's itchy as well. I've tried to many things to get rid of my acne but, anything worked. I am 30 years old and I started eating healthy and going to the gym and I don't know of this was the reason I started breaking out. It was very irritating looking at the mirror and feel really insecure about my self. This is my first week on accutane and it's not getting any better is this normal?


I've been on accutane for 10 days now and I have noticed that my mood changes a lot. I feel like I don't have any patience and I'm moody most of time. I was wondering if anyone has experienced this side effect?

Alergic reaction

I stopped taking accutane because I think I got an alergic reaction. My neck is red and itchy, and after working out it feels like it's burning. Is it a good idea to stop the medication for a couple days?
Doctor Patty levan

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