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This website has been so helpful for me during the...

This website has been so helpful for me during the process of committing to going ahead with surgery and deciding the best size for my body shape. There are very limited reviews on NZ surgeons so I hope someone finds this helpful :) Please note that the cost is in US dollars which is just over $15,000 NZ.

After years of thinking about having breast implants I am now in a position where the timing is good and I have a supportive partner. Though he isn't convinced this is something I 'need' as he loves me the way I am and is worried that the surgery may result in complications (scarring, infection etc), he appreciates it is something I want to do for myself.

I decided to go with Dr Janek after reading another review on this site and researching Dr Janek's credentials. A friend of mine also had their augmentation performed by Dr Janek and highly recommended him. He is probably the most expensive surgeon in NZ for this procedure but after my initial consultation I felt that he was highly professional, warm and very confident in his ability. He was not pushy or rushed and I felt comfortable asking questions, explaining what I would like and was given an information pack to read over. The nurses are very professional (this might come off a little cold to some people) but are very responsive to emails. There was no wait time at my initial consultation but Dr Janek was 20 mins late to my second appointment which isn't a big deal. My surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday 30 August.

After the initial consultation I spent two weeks considering whether this was right for me. Dr Janek was quite keen to perform a small lift on my left breast because there is some noticeable asymmetry, with my
left breast sitting slightly lower than the right. However this would result in asymmetry in respect of some scarring which I would prefer to avoid. At my second consultation (earlier this month) I decided to go against having the lift, which is something I could have done in the future after having children etc. I think that this will be brought up again on Tuesday, when Dr Janek will probably ask my permission to do a lift if the implants make the asymmetry look exaggerated.

What I found most helpful on this website were reviews from taller, slim women who wanted to retain a natural look but have more volume (particularly upper pole). I am 5'9 and a slim build (around 55kg) with modest C cup breasts. Because of my height my breasts naturally sit sloping low on my chest, which makes them look small on my body (I think) in swimsuits or non padded bras, which is the issue I want to address.

Dr Janek said on ladies my height and taller just about any size implant will look 'good'. However I prefer to err on the side of caution and go smaller rather than larger - as he said himself "the bigger your boobs the less seriously people might take you"! Dr Janek will use Allergan Naturelle Smooth Round implants (apparently he has been using these for years), placed over the muscle because I have enough breast tissue for the implant to look natural. I am quite relieved about this as recovery time is supposed to be quicker than under the muscle (according to other posts on this website). I liked the look of both the 300 and 330cc, so the final decision will be made on Tuesday. I am still undecided as to whether I will post photos (I know they are super helpful though!).

If this post generates interest I will keep it updated following my recovery.

Current size

More "before" photos :)

Post op

Hello! Well I am just in the recovery room, woke up around 25 mins ago feeling a bit sleepy and thirsty and was given some water straight away. I was the only surgery scheduled this morning so was underway quickly. I was quite keen to try some sizes on again but Dr Janek didn't want to muck around with that so just I trusted his judgement as he knows what look I am going for. He ended up going for 330cc and from the quick peek I have had they look really nice and natural. Just like my before shots but much fuller at the top which should improve their profile dramatically. I was very nervous going on but him and his nurses an anesthetist made me feel very at ease. It was over before I knew it. Thank you ladies for the well wishes. Will keep you posted xxx

First post op photo (around 3h 30m post)

They feel a little swollen and firm to touch. The faint lines you can see are pen marks. I can just see from peeking down that my stretch marks are now barely visible now. Hoping this doesn't change as the swelling goes down!

Post op checkup

Hi ladies,

Just had my first post op check up. Janek says everything is looking good and I was surprised to hear he actually did a partially sub muscular implantation. I am quite swollen and the stitches on my right breast are a bit itchy, but the recovery so far has been SO much easier than I expected. Just not being able open doors or reach or lift is a bit annoying. I hope the photos I have added will help others deciding on size xx

Two Days Post Op

Starting to get used to the feeling of having implants.... It felt really weird to have a shower for the first time yesterday. It felt like I had to clutch onto them to stop them falling off. Sounds so silly, but it's true! Swelling has reduced and I had a much better sleep last night, though I did wake up once and took some painkillers for a stingy/itchy right incision. I was dying to try some swimsuits on that I bought pre op, I'll post the photos so you can see my progress so far. I am super happy with how they are looking, I feel like my body looks how it should now! :)

2nd Post Op

Just had my second follow up appointment. I've been feeling great since the surgery, with no more swelling and no bruising to report. The incisions look very tidy so it is just a matter of taping them for the time being. Janek and the nurse Catherine were very happy with how they are looking and I am absolutely thrilled. The size is perfect and to me it looks like the asymmetry has vanished. I'm so so happy with the results! It's just a matter of continuing to take it easy and I'm trying to train myself to sleep on my back (to prevent wrinkles too!).

Update - 6 weeks

Hi ladies!

I've had a few questions so I thought it was about time to post some update pics.

Recovery has been great. I took it really easy the first four weeks, no lifting, strenuous exercise (just walking) etc. I am taping my scars and will continue to do so for the next month at least. They are looking great, nothing but a thin line that looks like no more than a fine wrinkle. My weight has also gone back to normal which is great.

I am really thrilled with the results! Photos attached for those interested. (330CC, allergen naturalle, over the muscle)
Janek Januszkiewicz

Dr Janek is very warm and professional. The surgery is in a convenient location with plenty of parking and the office and waiting room is pleasant.

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