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Consulted with Dr. Ghremida today and he was...

Consulted with Dr. Ghremida today and he was great! I came in after doing years of research and knew what it was I was looking for. 5'10, 135lbs, currently somewhere around a B32 getting 475cc's natrelle high profile round cohesive gel babies in June! I have been researching and comparing photos for years and it's finally time to feel sexy and confident with my body! So excited and so nervous!

Second guessing sizes..second consultation done

Well after researching more and more I completely confused myself and went in today for another consultation and I'm glad I did. I am now super confident with my choice of cc..getting my giris in 2 months! !

Just over two weeks to go!

Mentally prepping for the big day. Hoping to post some before pics soon. I'm so excited and so nervous about the procedure itself..ugh..counting down!! 2 weeks and 3 days to go!

One week!

So excited! Definitely hoping for a healthy week ahead. Trying to think of what I'll need post op..any suggestions out there?

Before Pics- 6 days to go!

Well as I've been on this journey many before and after pics helped me in having somewhat of an idea of what to expect post-op. Here are some before Pics. I would love any prep suggestions..what to wear to the surgery and what I should get in preparation for the post-op recovery..here's me and some of me in a VS double padded 34b bra that I current don't even fill out..

Post op day of..

Well I'm at home resting..during surgery they had put a breathing tube in so my throat hurts a bit. They kept getting me to cough which hurts more. As side from the feeling I have an elephant on my chest, things are going ok. Very medicated so I'm in and out all the time. They put me into a surgical bra and I am also wearing a sttap..feeling very tight but excited to see what the girls look like!

Day 1 post op

Feeling a lot better than I was yesterday. Feeling pretty tight and bloated..didn't help that I woke up by my cat jumping onto my chest this morning omg..cat is being locked out of my room tonight. Way more coherent today. They entubated me during surgery so my throat is sore..apparently they also maxed me out on morphine yesterday. Those nurses where awesome..minus towards the end.. kind of felt like they were rushing me out..must have passed out at least 5 times on the 10 minute drive home..so far so good I think..

Day 3 - feeling a little better and VERY tightly squished!

Well day 3 is here and I can't wait to unleash these puppies for anow indirect shower! I feel With the surgical bra and the compression strap (currently placed underneath these puppies) I'm feeling super squished and getting frustrated with how tight it all feels. I'm wondering if this is normal for this stage in the game. Its more annoying than anything..at times I get stinging sensations but I'm assuming that's the nerves coming back to life..any thoughts/tips would be great!

Day 4 review-hoping these girls settle soon!

Well last night I had such a hard time sleeping. I am still really swollen and bloated. Couldn't get comfortable at all..one of those boob blues days I'm guessing. It was a rough one..probably didn't help that I was pushing myself too much yesterday..pretty well over the Frankenstein boob look already and I've only seen them out of their confines twice since my surgery on friday..at this point they can stay in there until they decide to be a little nicer to me and calm down a bit. I am hoping that there are no issues in the long run..but man these twins have been having temper tantrums for the last 24hrs..anyways..photos of the mean girls..day 4..

1 week update

Well I thought I would be pretty well back to normal by this point haha..nope..the stubborn side got to me and I triedon't to cook something on the stove myself..yeah..well that lasted all of 5 minutes before I felt like my sternum was going to pop and I was back to rock solid boobs..holy man..lesson learned..day 7 update photo

Puttering along..

Well I'm back at work tomorrow..still riding pretty high and driving is still pretty painful but doable. I've done a couple of quick trips..luckily I don't have a long commute.. I'm still pretty tight and sore at times throughout the day..seems to be first thing in the morning and right before bed.. I'm still needing help because of the amount of muscle they had to place these girls under..it's obviously a longer recovery for submuscular placements like I have..it's kind of getting annoying at this point. My lefty is still very tight and higher than my right..which I know is normal..impatiently waiting for these girls to drop and fluff!! Every day I notice changes which is great! I'm pretty thankful they're not right at my collar bone anymore haha they are slowly travelling to where they need to be..

2 weeks

Almost 3 months post op!

It's been a hectic, crazy busy summer! I haven't had much spare time so here it goes.. these girls seem to be doing really well for the most part. My righty has been making random rubbing noises over the last week when I'm massaging..this was after my hubby rolled and flung his arm in his sleep and inadvertently smacked my boob..hope things are fine. I have another follow up with my ps this week so I'll discuss it then and find out more..am I the only one out there that actually forgets to massage as often as I should? I randomly remember that I should be doing that and start up again..eek..anyways.. some photos to update

More pics..3 months post op 34D underwire only, no padding

Dr. Ghremida was amazing during my consultation and came highly recommended.

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