27yr Old 3 Kids. Major Weight Loss. Anxious About Surgery! - Regina, SK

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Since having my babies, gaining too much weight,...

Since having my babies, gaining too much weight, then losing most of it I have been left with the awful hang of skin. I'll be going for a full tummy tuck within the next month or two and I can't wait! I'm planning/trying to reach my goal of 150 before the surgery. I've had my breasts reduced and the pain was a 0 for me. Hoping TT is gonna be low pain also????( has anyone had both done and could give me the pain comparison?)

I'm also looking for any tips for the recovery! That's the part I'm most nervous about.

Tummy Tuck with Lipo of the Flanks

Well I am 3 days post op and so far everything has been great! I honestly have like no pain, only when I move I feel a little sting/burning feeling on my right side where I think the lipo was. Haven't seen my TT yet as it's bandaged up for a week until I see my surgeon at my 1 week follow up appt. So far from what I see everything looks good! Glad to be on the mend and here's hoping I heal quickly!

26yr Old, 3 Kids and Weight Loss

I just had my full TT and lipo of the flanks with Dr. Ghremida. He's been a pleasure to "deal" with since first meeting him. I haven't had much pain at all, very minimal. The drains are the worst part, can't wait to have them removed! I haven't seen my incision yet or anything due to it being bandaged until my first week follow up appt but I already know I'm going to love the results! I completely recommend this doctor to anyone.

Post OP day 9 update

Well today is day 9 PO. Yesterday I seen my ps and he removed my bandages for the first time since surgery. Seen my stomach and flanks for the first time and I was so happy with what I seen! I've had no issues at all and everyday keeps getting better. I still have both drains in but they will be out next week and I can't wait! I might attempt a shower tonight but I'm a little worried about the drains still being in. So happy to have done the TT with lipo!

Day 14 PO tummy tuck

Well today marks 2 weeks for my TT/lipo flanks surgery and I couldn't be happier! It's been a pretty easy recovery for me. The hardest part would honestly be the drains and not doing anything for 2 weeks besides sitting in my recliner watching netflix!
I am still feeling quite hard in my stomach and sides where I had lipo done, quite numb, and still boxy shaped but I am extremely happy with the way everything looks. It's only going to keep getting better!
I'm going to see my PS tomorrow and get these nasty drains removed and I can hardly wait!

PO day 16

Well yesterday(day 15) I seen my ps and got my drains out!!! That changed everything 100%. My mobility and everything is so much better. I also started wearing my binder yesterday and I'm now starting to see some shape!

PO day 20

Well this weekend was a pretty active weekend for me; which means a lot of swelling and feeling tired. Today I took my tape off and had a shower, the tape is really bugging my belly button so I'm leaving the tape off it for a day or two in hopes it'll help the effected skin.
I'm feeling pretty awesome, tomorrow will be 3 weeks so I'm gonna start a scar treatment soon!
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