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Well I just received my surgery date yesterday and...

Well I just received my surgery date yesterday and I go in for a TT on Sept 17th. Feeling elated and stressed about the whole situation because this is all I wanted. When I had my first child in 1989 I had to have a c-section due to my daughter being breech, and then went on to having 4 more children and they all ended up being c-section for various reasons. Well now my children are grown up except my two youngest who are 10, 8 I have decided to get rid of my apron. It gets in the way all the time I have to buy bigger clothes, I get stared at, I am uncomfortable in my own skin, I believe it has led to some depression in the past, and not to mention I lose weight and it doesnt show. Ugh!! I have a very supportive husband and he is totally on board with me choosing to have a full tummy tuck. I have waited almost 2 years for this and now I know its going to finally happen im a roller coaster of emotions. Now ladies I love this site please help me with any pointers, support and encouragement I know I am going to need. Here are a few pics of yuck ..

Telling the kids

Well today I told my two younger children, and my little 8 year old seemed ok with what I was telling them, but my 10 year old had a different view on it. She started to cry told me she was scared I was going into surgery and not going to come out. I tried to reassure her but I wasn't getting anywhere, after all I just shook her world my poor girl I was so upset so we went to talk with my husband and then she really sobbed. Oh boy.. that's 3 now that I have told and I have my 2 older boys left to tell I hope it goes better than the kids. 4 weeks left now and counting.

yes I can!! because I want to.

We are coming to the end of august and boy it seems like time is flying now I am making my plans. I have the supplies I need, and the support. I have told the children and I just need to have the surgery. I am planning to enjoy any time I have right now to go fishing, set the children into a routine for school when it starts. I am planning to spend my first week in the recliner and then hopefully I can move to the bedroom upstairs. Who knows I am not going to rush recovery. So far I have been through what ifs and doubt already, but I know thats normal thinking. Lol my hubby says I am going to be a plastic surgery addict, but he is joking only because I was talking about a breast reduction. I think we all need a little humour. I say this all the time finding this site is a godsend. I love this site the women here help ease my nervous nellie nerves ha ha.

pre op

Today was interesting for me first I got a phonecall from a nurse at the surgical center wanting to know a little history about me so I gave her the information she needed and she faxed over to my work the blood work and ecg orders for me to have which works in my favor because I work in a health center I can get the work done and returned faster to her. So you know I figured if she can ask me questions I am going to ask her questions back, and she was friendly and kind .. I actually can't wait to see the nice voice on the other end of the line. I ended up calling my surgeons office and the receptionist told me her surgery was done by my doctor. He doesn't like to use binders because there is a spot in them that cuts off circulation. He also uses glue and puts the drains in backwards and she also said the drains dry and cause discomfort and cause dimples (scars) in the front of the vajayja!. All in all she was helpful and will be there all week if I need to talk. So excited so so excited!!! Yaaaa Sept can't come fast enough.

seven more days of work

Well if you add it up I have seven days left of work and then new me. We are short staffed at work so the questions are starting to come to me why are you off? What kind of surgery? But you know I am not in control of staff but I am in control of how I answer my questions being asked of me. The children are back in school and I find myself in a daze. All I can think about is the surgery :)). My husband says he will be happy when my head is out of its daze. I find myself looking in the mirror all the time, covering my stomach leaning ahead and looking at half of me haha I am so unbelievable excited. I hope I just don't have such a expectation and then it's not so. I have all my ducks all lined up, and am ready to go. Sept 17th can't come fast enough or I will have a heart attack just from the anxiety of waiting for the day. Ha ha kidding..

pre-op cont..

Well here I am constantly thinking about my surgery and now I have the sniffles. Oh I hope I am not catching a cold and if I am I want it over and done with. Tomorrow I do my complete pre-op and the nurse told me it would be 45 min over the phone, hmm wonder what we are going to talk about? Time sure goes by fast, the kids are in school, and before we know it sept will be over and my experience having tt will a memory. Any tips anyone has for me will be welcomed whole heartedly:))

finishing touches

Well today I had my final pre-op before surgery and I tell you what nice ladies. We went through everything....pain meds ..type of surgery..before .during...and after. Now this is the absolute hardest part for me and it's writing my what if letters to my family. Lol loving words are not hard for me to write , however I hope I am not jinxing myself doing so..sigh ....I know being nervous is normal but OH MY!!! 5 more days left of work. I don't want to panic....freak out...oh my life..


I know being nervous is normal but I want to vomit! Puke!!. My surgery is on tuesday and now I am getting freaking nervous ugh. I feel ugh like nervous. Maybe its a different type like I am in control of my situation and if I mess up its my fault and no one else. Holy my nerves are having a hey day and they didnt invite me. I know I'm being irrational but there is so much to think about. Is my room clean enough? Have I cleaned my bathroom enough? Are my books in place. Is there enough food ?? So much!! Lol see freaking... going out for a suprise tonight. Hubby and our older son and girlfriend have set up a suprise for the little kids and myself. Good luck all my tt sisters on your upcoming surgeries.

fluctuating weight

Ugh my weight is fluctuating up and down and I am suppose to be under a certain bmi number. I exercise each day but I am in the menopause lets have a period here and there. Swell here and there and you know I am one of those people who gains weight with each tinie oz that goes near my mouth.I am feeling dissapointed already and so nervous. I am a rational person but golly gee enough already. Oh my life


Ok I am ready!!!! Now I am feeling it. I have everything in order and I mean everything!!! Hoping for a good night sleep and no complications. Woooo I feel like im going in for the biggest race of my life. Breathe! Breathe!!. Ok let you all know when I wake tomorrow. Wish me luck.

1st day post op

Yaaa I'm on the flat side from what I see it's not that bad yet!!! Doctor was wonderful...excellent bedside manners and was wonderful. He marked me up with his marker. I havent gotten much sleep yet but I took meds 20min ago and I'm feeling drowsy.i will chat later. Oh I have no pain just discomfort. Will post later

just a couple pics

These I took in my recliner looking down.

feeling wonderful and starting to sleep more and more.

Hi ladies I just want to let you all know I am doing great. I had been having problems with my medication so what did I do? Well I went off the morphine and went on motrin and my antibiotics. Well it turns out I didn't need my gravol anymore because I wasn't vomitting anymore because I went off morphine and since that night I have had discomfort but no pain and I can deal with a little discomfort.:) I had to go to work to get my dressing changed because it was loose and felt like it was falling apart. I had a nice peek and am very impressed. I did take some pics and will share them with you ladies. Now I don't have a cg on or binder. My ps found some flaws according to healing so it's his choice not to use them. I have had 5 c-sections and there are some similarities in recovery but not to much. Ok well I am going to have a nap. Slow and steady..

updated photos swollen

10 days post op

Well I just thought I would give a update as to how I am doing. Well first off when your not in control of a few things I just have to sit back and breathe. I have extra help at home but the house is getting messier and sigh I still move like a turtle. And these *#&#@**. Drains pull and catch sometimes and hurt. Over all I am doing wonderful, my tummy is still numb but tingly.... oh I wait till the 3rd to see if I can get the drains out. I have found out I am incredibly clumsy, I drop things ....and.... I say a curse ...and my daughter says...I got it!!! Hahaha all day long.....drop....@#$$/$#...I got it.....and then all over again lol. I'm hugging my husband this morning and telling him "I wish you were here with me." I wish he were here rather than at work. Oh my life!!!! I'm sleeping a bit more and more which helps because I was sure getting grumpy with no sleep...drains pulling..adjust! Adjust!! Adjust!!!!...Can't wait for the drains to come out!!!! Lol

So ready for a nice bubbly cuddly bath!!!

Well I am 2 weeks post op tomorrow and I just want a few being a nice bubbly bath and two these darn drains out!!!. Hopefully thursday when I see my ps. I am getting around a little more, and my back is easing up a little. I wish this recovery was a little easier but oh well, it is what it is. Something funny tho. Last night I just get comfy getting all set up in the bed, just going to have a nice relaxing evening and my kids and hubby and then my 8 year old boy! ...your tummy looks like it's having a baby!!! Bahahahaha....oh you should have seen the look on my husbands face. Too priceless..

It's a beautiful day!!

Today is 15 days post op for me and recovery is getting better and better each day. There are little things I can do in small portions. Last night I made supper for my family. Yaaaa. Anyway small little victories are a few photos I took this morning..healing..!! Best wishes all my tt friends and happy healing..

photos 15 days post op

Ugly drains, but I like my results. Sorry about the quality of the photos. But like I said I'm impressed.:))

If this is 45 bring it on!!

Yes 45 I survived the big day with ease and confident....I did it!! As soon as my incision finishes healing I'm on the other side... I am just thinking next year I will be out celebrating my birthday rather than taking it easy. And I am not looking bAck on this year!! Forward and onward to a better improved me!!!! World I am ready to live again...yes!!!

I am truly truly blessed and pleased with my results.

Hi I am now 4 weeks post op I'm healing nicely, but do have an area in the front that keeps acting up. I am sure glad my appt is on thursday. I hope he finds a I thought I would have healed by now.....but perfection takes time. I also believe I have seroma but will also ask on thursday. Finding it easier to get around, and honestly can't wait until I can sleep on my tummy . I am a tummy sleeper and side sleeper. I have been sleeping on my sides for about a week and a half now. The sleep I do my husband and children have been wonderful!! ! Thanksgiving was great I held my 21 lb grandbaby for about 5 min and then my daughter came to my rescue I guess one day I will have all my strength back. Anyways here are some photos of my tummy ....belly button and incision. Swelling and all. Happy healing everyone.

just want this to darn tired of being sore!

I went to my visit with my ps and he had a look at my open incision..ugh I just want to cry. And I mean I can't even see the light at the end of the tunnel..well he says everything looks good my open incision and other areas he snipped stitches that were the problem areas. Said to change dressings every 3 days well so far I had to change the dressing on the second day because the dressing was wet where he had snipped stitches. My hip hurts not all the time but enough to bug me. incision split on my right hip 1 inch apart and maybe 3 in long. It's healing nice and skin is hurting. ....I told the ps secretary today I just want to heal already and the doc told the rn to put a mepital dressing on...well she dressed with mepore and no mepital so when I went and had my dressing changed on sat the rn said I just dressed it the same as the other nurse...told her I was pissed the other nurse didn't listen...and more so pissed that my co worker other nurse didn't listen to me.!!! I am so over this what a experience. I won't ever do this again.


I have a infection ...:( my dressing gets changed every day. Today I see the local doctor..swabs were taken the other day so we know what kind of infection...and what route of antibiotics I will be taking..can't wait for the antibiotics to start working. I have had such a emotional week as well with it coming on 2 years on the 29th of my brothers passing. The problems with my incision just magnify my emotions. As I travel to see my ps I will see him next week. All I can say is thank god I work where not only did the nurses change my dressings, but they are my friends as well and are taking good care of me. I had my breakdown yesterday :( and just having ppl who care about you around helps the situation a bit better.

dry and heal darn!!!

Dressing changes

Went for my dressing change today and my incision still looks red and yucky but I have faith it will heal. Every 2 days I have to be dressed with silver nitrate then covered with gauze and mefix. The silver nitrate is suppose to dry up the moisture of any bacteria and heal that way. So slowly...heal...heal..heal!!. So mentally though each day is different, some days I hold my own pity party because I may not be able to do what I want physically because of my bodies limitations and other days I feel like I am on top of the world. This too will become less and less. I do have some major swelling some days and some days I still feel tight in the upper abs. Lol I still look in the mirror and turn side to side all the time ha ha a few times a day!! I have to say I have never ever looked at myself that much but now I like what I see. I feel more confident with my body and life. Look out world here I come!!!

flu shots!!

Went to work today and had my flu shot..I get them every year and never get the flu. :) ..I was lucky as I got the chance to talk to my boss about coming back to work too and she says not until my incision heals.. :( I also had the opportunity to speak with my doc about getting my swabs done tomorrow again as my prescription is finished on Wed. Wish me luck.. :)) *crossing fingers* I won't know until next week whether I'm mrsa aka staph infection free.. I feel like james stewart in it's a wonderful life lighting his lighter and saying *hot dog* !!! Lol hopefully I have that right. Lol trying to stay positive here.

closing up

Went to have my dressing changed yesterday and yaaa ....nurse told me one of the six openings closed up. That was good news for me. Still praying for the rest to close up.:)


Results are in and I still have an infection...but only moderately another round of antibiotics...and another #@×#/^&*&$ round off work.10 days of antibiotics and then four days for results.. sigh...thank god for a wonderful boss..who incision is still taking its time closing up. But I am understanding
The nurse when she says I looks better... so I will keep myself occupied with xmas baking and decorating now. At least my mindset is different now. Better place after all ..:)) happy healing to all my tt sisters..

progress yes!!!

I am so happy!! I just got back from my doctors appointment, and now am only sporting one dressing change now instead of 8. I had originally stated 6 openings but then found out it was oh I can't say how extremely excited I am for progress!!! This surgery is the best thing I have ever done for me. ... can't wait to start working out again. I never in my life figured I would be saying I missed working out. :) anyway happy healing my tt sisters.


Well finally I get to go back to work after 10 weeks!! Friday will be my first day back. ... infection control says as long as I keep my wound covered and use my precautionary measures with my hand washing then I can come back:)* I was starting to worry especially with Christmas around the corner. .. Whew. My hubby says don't worry. ... What you want are all wants! !! Lol I said don't you tell a woman who is used tospending not to worry! !!!! Lol but he has a point. .I get swabbed today again. .. crossing fingers. ... If I can just come back mrsa free I will be so happy. .. well much happier. ..I still swell every day..I will be so happy when I start to lose weight again.but I have put that on the back burner with the exercising just to try to heal...please girls say a prayer for me so I survive my first day back at work friday...I hope I am capable with the physical part of it. I work in a nursing home so I hope.... hope... hope...I can handle it. Thank you to all the ladies that have been supportive of me. I truly appreciate it. Happy healing all my tt friends. .


I am horrible at taking photos but here are some.

hard knots.

Well ladies I feel good. ..xmas is almost here. .. time to spend with families. Well I have a tiny spot left on my right hip that I am waiting to fall off lol its a little dot scab. Other than that I have found there is a hard knot near my pubic line. Oh my so now I have been working it. Massage. ...... massage. .... massage. ..I hope its not to late and I hope it will soften. .I also still have seroma on the next side to my belly button and the doc however did say it will absorb naturally but. .. it's still there. Sigh. I have a doc appt on the 15th of jan so I am getting my questions ready for that visit. I still feel is not pain but irritation muscle pulls and feelings my body hasn't felt in years! ! I am back to work full time and I tell you the first 2 weeks it felt as if I wasn't going to be able to do it . Lol but I'm still there getting faster and stronger each day. Lol I am infection free. Had to file complaints with the Union and patient concerns for breeches to my privacy from my managers and some coworkers RN... As one figured it was Ok. !!! Why would she figureor would be ok to disclose to my co workers that I had a infection. ..ugh!! Oh well. ..... breathe. .. . And let it go! !!. Swelling is still present and ongoing but honestly it's there and one day it won't be! !!. Merry Christmas my tt girlfriends. ..I am wishing you ask the very best season wishes and the very best in the new year. Thank you all for being there for me when needed. Happy healing! !

my tree!

Forgot to post pic of my tree

new year. .. New me! !

Well ladies I am back on track with healthy eating, and my weight watchers tracker on my cell phone apps. I have had such ups and downs with this surgery but with that being said. ..I have to say having this surgery has been the very best decision I have ever made in my life and finding this website with all you lovely ladies has truly been quite a blessing for me. Thank you each and every one of you ladies for being there for me when I have needed reassurance. ... someone to listen to my concerns. ... Thank you real self for having the updates and doctors on here and of course the questions and answers for some of us that may have a certain question for you. .I love this Site! !! Happy New Year to all my new found friends on here.

more surgery. *sigh*

Well I went for my visit with my ps yesterday. So what I thought was seroma he tells me yesterday is a hernia. Ugh. And If I want I can ask the surgeon who does the repair if they can do it laproscopicoly or do they have to do the incision? I told him gee I dont want any more scars on me. And I go in for a scar revision in a couple weeks. Ugh right in the front. At least it will be over and done with. Other than that work is well and the only thing I can think of is spring and summer will be here before we know it. Happy healing My tt sisters.

update scar revision

Hi all my tt friends. :), well I went and had my scar revision yesterday and what was suppose to be 20 min .... turned out to be 2 hours. .. Now let me say this first of all. It was just wait time.. And I was nervous so I didn't mind laying there on the stretcher imagining the pain. ... wondering what they were going to do. not at all. .. was I ticked off? Oh yes maam I was. Lol when my doc came back in the room and said "I bet you think I forgot about you"!!! I said. ..."you did". Not good for the brain when you know he is going to cut you open. And that's not even all of it. As he was cutting the scar tissue away. It was Ok, but then, ouch. And I felt instant burning pain. More freezing needed! !! Well I'm all finished. ..a bit shaky. ... and glad to be home and recouperating. Then I am done. .. finito!!! Finished with anyone slicing me up... willingly. Ha ha. My spirits have been wonderful. ..I still and will always say I'm so blessed for having this operation, and anyone thinking about it should really. .. really. .. really think about it first. Before making any decisions. I am so excited for summer this year because I won't need bigger clothes to wear. And I am enjoying the new me. Take care my tt sisters. Sending love and joy to each and every one of you.
Saskatchewan Plastic Surgeon

My doctor has honestly made me feel whole again. His kindness and professionalism are unbelievable. Dr. Ghremida and his staff were caring, friendly, and made me feel at ease immediately after entering the building. They answered any questions I might of had, and still do. I am so pleasantly impressed with my Dr. And his staff. I would recommend him to anyone.

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