42 Years Old 5'7" 140lbs, Breastfed 3 babies, HP Silicone Implants and Tummy Tuck, Regina Sk.

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Dr. G did my breast augmentation over a year ago,...

Dr. G did my breast augmentation over a year ago, and I couldn't be happier! He listened to me and what I wanted. He is very kind, patient, knowledgeable, great bedside manner, just all around an amazing surgeon! I Absolutely love my results and am so glad I chose Dr. Ghremida to do my procedure.

A few more Pic's of how these girls look in clothes.

Here's a few more pic's of how they look in clothes. It's been busy but I will try to post some before and afters without tops in the next little while. Can't stress enough how happy I am with my results though. Dr. Ghremida is seriously the BEST! Such an amazing surgeon, and so incredibly talented. You can tell he honestly cares about each of his patients and you never feel rushed.


And a few more.

Before and After

Another angle

Front View

Absolutely love my boobs! The only downside is trying to find cute and sexy bras.

Absolutely love my boobs! The only downside.....is it's very difficult finding bras that look cute and sexy. I'm a 32H and usually have these girls strapped in pretty tight for support (however the Freya bras that I love for comfort only go up to a 32GG so I usually cram the girls into that when in a regular bra). I am also personal trainer and usually train 5 days a week, (although have been out of the gym and not been able to train myself for the last 6 months due to another issue) I didn't find that the size/weight of my implants interfered or hindered my workouts or training at all, which I have to admit I was a bit worried about. I do wish however it wasn't so hard to find bras that look cute and sexy, and ones without those thick ugly straps.

Another Appt.

I forgot to mention above but on Sept 30th I had another follow up appt and as it has been from the very beginning it was another perfect experience. Dr Ghremida always makes you feel at ease, answers all your questions, and never rushes you no matter how busy he may be. It makes you feel good to when you can tell he is happy with the results (like his work), and he tells you that 'they are absolutely perfect!' His receptionist Christine has also been totally amazing from the first time I met her. From answering questions for me, to squeezing me in for a last minute appointment when need be! I honestly can't say enough about Dr Ghremida and his staff!


I am going to try this whole review thing again and repost some pictures as I'm not sure what happened to them. To say I've had trouble would be an understatement, so I apologize! I Have had serious issues with my phone and trying to post etc. from it. I haven't been able to open up the tab to reply, and it kicks me out while in the process of trying to post or update. So if everything seems a bit all over the place that's why. Seriously Thank you for everyone's patience! So here it goes again! (And I promise to try and reply to everyone's questions from before, fingers crossed it cooperates with me now).

Dr. Ghremida did my breast augmentation, and I also had a Lolly Pop lift at the same time. Actually I had 3 breast augmentations, and Dr. Ghremida did all of them (the pictures are of my last breast augmentation done over a year ago). As I have said before Dr. Ghremida is an amazingly talented surgeon, and I am so glad I chose him to do my procedures. I seriously would not choose anyone else.

My Stats:
42 Years Old, 5' 7", 140 lbs, 3 Kids 13, 10, and 8.
Pre BA: 32B (although was most likely wearing the wrong size)
Post BA: 32H (professionally fitted)

As I stated I had 3 augmentations:
1st: 450cc's - error'd on the side of caution. Wanted to be conservative but ended up to small for me.
2nd: 600cc's - still wanted larger.
3rd: 800cc's - LOVE them! 100% happy!! Although they are quite large they are Perfect for 'ME!' And exactly what I wanted!

In almost every case you would need probably 2 or 3 surgeries to go that large. I know I couldn't have went straight to 800cc's with my first augmentation - there was no way they would fit (and this is important to consider). You need to listen to your plastic surgeon and their recommendations for your body type, size, etc as everyone is different! That is why it is so important to find a surgeon that you trust and feel completely comfortable with! Through each of my augmentations Dr Ghremida has been absolutely fantastic to deal with, kind, patient, caring, knowledgable. All around an amazing surgeon, and a perfect experience from start to finish!!

Hope this helps!!

Another Photo of the girls - side view

And one more of how they look in clothes.

Tummy Tuck Review

I always thought I should have written a review on my tummy tuck when I had it done. I wasn't going to do an update now because it has been so long ago but thought why not, so I am just adding it here with my BA review. I had a full tummy tuck done Sept of 2012. There was nothing I could have done as far as exercise goes as I had a huge abdominal seperation which needed to be repaired through surgery. And even though it doesn't look like it (in my pictures) I had actually lost a lot of weight too after my last baby which was a whopping 12lbs and delivered naturally. I met with Dr. Ghremida and because my case was quite severe he suggested trying to get it covered. Even though I had doubts it would be covered I thought sure why not let's give it a try. He took pictures and submitted them that day and said I should hear back in a couple of weeks if it was approved. To my surprise I received a call from his office aprox 2 weeks later saying I was approved for the surgery!! Yay!! This was back in 2011. Now there was a long wait list, it was almost exactly a year and a half from being approved to getting in for surgery but I didn't care. I was so excited to have it covered by sask health as the surgery would have cost me about $13,000 if I had to pay for it myself! So I waited......and waited. Then the day came. I had my tummy tuck done, and once again Dr. Ghremida was amazing. He was very caring and calmed my nerves when I almost broke down right before surgery, as I was incredibly scared and knew it was no small surgery. The surgery went well and I recovered in the hospital for awhile while they monitored me after the surgery, and when I was good to go I was discharged. The next 6 weeks was hard, it was a difficult recovery for me no doubt. The first 3 weeks were by far the hardest then every day after seemed a bit better. It 'definitely' takes a good year to see the final results though. It was so worth it!! Dr Ghremida changed my life! He gave me my confidence back, and I actually liked what I saw in the mirror for the first time, in a very long time! Dr. Ghremida is nothing short of amazing and his work speaks for itself. I have posted some before and after pics. The first one is actually a photo copy of the ones he took in his office (that is all I have left, I think I must have destroyed every other pic I ever had of myself) and the other two are about 2 1/2 years later. There was also many hours in the gym but Dr Ghremida's work speaks volumes, I just did added tightening and toning afterwards. As I said before he changed my life with this surgery, as after I fell in live with training and the gym, and decided to become a personal trainer. I love what I do now! That was just the beginning of my experience with Dr. Ghremida. He has since done my three BA's and has done a scar revision on mg daughter as well after getting a mole removed from another plastic surgeon. I am so grateful to Dr Ghremida and what he has done for me.

Before and Afters!

And a few more pics in a bra.

A few more from the front

I was asked for a few more from the front, so here they are.


It takes time.

I just wanted to post a few pics to show that it does take anywhere from 6 months to a year to notice the final result/shape of your breast augmentation. In my case I would say it was even a bit longer maybe. I noticed changes throughout the entire year, & even though they weren't as drastic in the later months they were still there. The top left is before, the bottom left now, and the second pic was 1 week post op (breast augmentation and lolly pop lift). Be patient.

Let's try this again.....


Due to certain issues I removed a bunch of pictures and won't be posting ones without tops anymore, however I left the ones with clothes. I'm not sure how much I will be posting anymore, however I will still try to answer any questions if there are.

100% happy! No regrets, No Complaints! Best decision ever!

100% happy with my breast augmentation and 100% happy I choose Dr. Ghremida to perform my surgery. So glad I decided to listen to Dr. Ghremida's recommendation and go with high profile as well! No regrets at all.

As per Request a before and after again.

And a few more.

Oops these didn't upload with the rest.

Jan 5/16

And some more of how they look in clothes.

Love the fullness

Everything has been going amazing. No complications/problems of any kind. Here is one laying down.

Some new photos

Tummy tuck before and after photos.

Before and after photos again as per request. So incredibly grateful to my surgeon. He seriously does amazing work and I believe the pictures speak for themselves. Cannot thank him enough.

Before and after

Here's a side by side.

Tummy tuck pics

A better close up of the before and after.

Dr. Ghremida is an incredibly talented surgeon, he and his staff are absolutely AMAZING, and my results have exceeded my expectations. I would recommend him to everyone!

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