5'6" and 140lb Range Going to Use Approx 500cc Round Silicone

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Pre op was 10/18/16 and surgery is 11/4/16 Dr....

Pre op was 10/18/16 and surgery is 11/4/16
Dr. Greco will bring at least 15 sizers into the operating room and decide what looks best during surgery. Going in the 500cc range round smooth silicone. I have wide bwd of 15-16cm and need larger size to see any significant change. I'm probably a 34b currently. I gave him wish pics which he found helpful as well as trying sizers at the preop and I also showed him a few pics of what I don't like. In my mind I'm thinking DD but doctors don't find bra size helpful. My surgeon doesn't see benefit to icing after or sleeping elevated. He uses iv sedation with local pain blockers. That should cut down on the pain of the first few days.

One of the wish pic and one pre op pic

Great sports bra

I ordered these inexpensive playtex sports bras on Amazon- zipper, no padded cup, wide supportive straps and very important long so won't cut into incision. I think these will be great! Was around $18 depending on size.

Getting supplies ahead of time

1)See my update on great sports bra.
2)colace for constipation and Benadryl if itchy from meds. Dr suggested to get these two over the counter items.
3) Neosporin which he said I will put on incision only once a day (if more will cause a rash) He does gauze and this vs tape.
4) he says don't need to ice or sleep elevated but I'm prepared with one those reading pillows and ice if I find it comforting.
5)been taking daily vitamin with low vit E and separate 1000 mg of vit C
6) stocked up on heavy groceries for kids when I can't drive or lift.
7) prescriptions 4: antibiotics, nausea meds, pain meds and muscle relaxer. He said antibiotics only thing have to take but muscle relaxers will be helpful and more helpful than pain meds.
8) bought larger zipper sweatshirts for first week.
9)bought soup to have on hand for afterwards
10) made plans for dog to go away for a few days since I won't be able to walk him and I got a front lead harness which prevents pulling by leash hooking on front so when he returns after a few days he won't jeopardize my healing by pulling me.
11) I already had bendy straws for drinking which some women here recommended.

Surgery was yesterday Friday 11/4/16!

Totally recommend iv sedation with local pain blockers vs doing general. Bounced back from sedation within minutes and I was surprised how I was l less groggy than dental sedation I had. No nauseous feelings and they gave anti nausea meds in operating room in iv so I haven't needed any at home. I've been taking the Percocet and Valium for any pain. I do suggest sleeping elevated or in recliner coz stiff getup during night. As Dr said it feels soar like too much and bad workout at gym. True, Bearable so far with meds. Comfy sitting until need get up to move around and we need to move. Have someone leave tops of meds bottles open coz u can't. I can go bathroom alone, sit and stand up alone. Use core not arms. Take colace over the counter to get a bowel movement sooner than later. Going dr today to remove bandage and use sports bra. Will confirm size profile today he had do two sizes if u read my original post.

First night sleep

Definitely had to sleep elevated or I wouldn't be able to get up as we need use core and legs and not arms. Def more soar this morning as I guessed for day after surgery. Brushed my teeth just now but too hard to brush hair so I will wait for friend who stayed for first night to get up and she can brush my hair. Burns under right armpit. Other then the follow up dr appt just going watch tv this weekend.

Came home wrapped yesterday. Dr will take off today. Stomach bloated

Post op appointment day after surgery

Dr said looks good and took off ace bandage. He showed me how once day put little Neosporin on incisions then wrap breast with gauze daily and with sports bra on top (their sports bra). Go back next thurs and get band to wear on top. I told them hard not walk hunched over and they said roll shoulders back or stand up against wall. Otherwise hunching over will cause back spasm. He said normally high at beginning but I won't be getting square frankenboobs. Apparently his patients don't get square look at beginning and I asked why he just said something about stretching causes that...whatever that means. He tried diff sizes styles in operating room...he said if right side bone didn't protrude which means right boob projects more even tho my boobs were same size he could of easily threw in 550 or 600 in both since I can handle it BUT since bone issue he couldn't go larger than 385 high profile on right without it going into my armpit and he put 505 high profile on left to match right and it hides bone and looks balanced. Moral of story Dr needs decide what works. I got to see them naked at office and look good. When I change gauze tomorrow I will take pic. He uses either allergen or Sientra. He used Sientra so sizing little diff.

Icing helpful

Even tho Dr said won't change outcome so not necessary I did find helpful with pain today to ice. Yesterday was surgery. Meds helped yesterday but today icing seemed help better than meds.

First post op pic exactly 48 hours after surgery

Sientra high profile

Dr brought in various sizes and profiles and although I think he's a big fan of moderate plus he went with what worked best. I'm wide and I might of expected mod plus and he said if right bone on right chest wall didn't protrude my breasts would of been easy and he could of thrown in 600 bam no problem and the left side could but the right side would of gone in my armpit coz of the darn bone on right chest wall. Again 505 hp Sientra left and 385 hp Sientra right. Sizing little diff then Inspira so my 385 seemed close to my friend's inspira 415. So again moral of story we can't just pick cc instead we need show wish pic try sizers and let the expert Dr pick the implant. If I told him 500 both i would have one ugly one in armpit. And sizes can vary so u might be comparing apples to oranges with diff brands. Don't get obsessed with cc and profile but instead get a good surgeon! My advice! I want u all to get great boobs after all this! Lol My Dr didn't know what he would use until tried diff ones on operating table.

6 days post op - Dr follow up

My second post op after surgery. Surgery was Friday, post op 1 Sat. and today Thursday second post op.

Dr took any stitches out today. Gave me belt to wear today for two weeks for 8-10 hours a day. He liked my playtex bra I posted about before and said I can wear that instead of one since surgery day. See my earlier post as this sports bra is def comfortable and goes down below incision. He told me to keep putting Neosporin on daily until Sunday then switch to aquaphor and continue gauze on incision.
No square franken boob ever! Drove today first time 6 days post op to dr appt.... and was ok driving. I would say boob discomfort feels like boobs engorged filling with milk. No numbness. He said expect highly sensitive nipples in next few weeks and maybe a zinger here or there. Shower feels great. Other than the feeling like engorged boobs I have some back and neck pain from sleeping on back. First few days were tough moving around.

Recommend Dr. Gregory Greco, Red Bank

He is at every appointment with you himself (not just nurse) and very talented most importantly, never makes you feel rushed and just awesome all around. Staff is equally fantastic! Some other drs don't show up for all appts and instead have nurse at preop. I love he does iv sedation vs general....could walk out of there without stumbling lol.

Cold weather causing muscle spasms?

Cold weather in tristate seems to have me tighten up and causing muscle spasms. Unless after two weeks post surgery spasms can start. I didn't have any first two weeks. I heard could get a zinger as drop and fluff but not sure if zinger is a sharp pain or spasm?

Band at night 8-10 hours vs daytime

My dr had me start wearing a band (over sports bra or surgical bra) for two weeks for 8-10 hours starting one week post op. He said day or night. I ended up switching to night for 3 reasons 1) don't have to deal with it daytime 2) some drs say holds it all together at night when your boobs would want shift to side as you sleep 3)helps with morning boob when I wear vans at night.
Just idea for you ladies! I know some of u have to wear it 24/7 so this doesn't help.

Almost 3 weeks post op progress

Two more days will be 3 weeks since surgery.....they look bigger now then week one. Week one was swelling but somehow the breast looked smaller. Morning boob is improving. The cold weather now during the day can affect the tensing up and tightening. Remind myself to relax the muscles! For First week or so felt like engorged boobs with milk, now feels like foreign objects in there most of the day. Any pain was first few days now just some discomfort. Can't wait for drop and fluff and feel like my own!

Dealing with sleeping on your back....avoiding back pain from sleeping in this one position

First week or two couldn't get much sleep having to sleep on my back. I'm use to tossing and turning and sleeping combo on back and side. I'm finally sleeping ok on my back. Try diff pillows, diff positions and my bed was too hard causing back pain from staying in one position so I'm doing better sleeping on the softer sofa for now. TRY PILLOW UNDER KNEES to get pressure off back. You know if u ever went for massage and when on your back they sometimes put cylinder pillow under your legs so your back is more comfy. Same idea basically. Everyone needs find their own comfy solution....for me pillows under knees and head extra elevated. Good luck!

4 week post op appointment

Dr got rid of most of the restrictions after 4 weeks...can now lift more than 5lbs, can go back to exercise except no chest exercise. Still wear sports bra two more weeks, still put aquaphor on incision. Now that lifting restrictions done makes everyday life easier. It was a lot of pressure making sure I didn't lift anything around the house or store over 5lbs. Don't have to worry about it walking dog and having him pull me now. Dr said little swollen over right breast which is normal and ok for now.

After 4-5 weeks amazing how much better the assets feel!

First two weeks felt like engorged with milk boobs then next two weeks felt like really fake strange boob feeling. Once surgeon did away with some restrictions and I was doing more like being able carry groceries and not worry about only lifting under 5 lbs they are feeling more normal! Not as fake and tight and uncomfortable. I can feel implant tho if squeezing something like I went to plug in extension cords outside for xmas lights and pushing hard had me feel the implants squeezing....that feels odd. Only real restriction now is no chest exercises and to wear sports bra. I couldn't image doing push-ups ouch!
Red Bank Plastic Surgeon

So far surgeon and staff are fantastic. Experienced and spend the time for consult and preop answering all my questions

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