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Liverpool Plastic Surgeon

To anyone considering voluntary surgery, particularly of the nose, please listen to my story before doing so. I had my rhinoplasty at 18 years old, having always wanted to get it done and finally getting the money. I chose a surgeon (Douglas McGeorge) who I truly believed was the best man for the job. He was the president of BAAPS for a few years, who I couldn't find a bad word about. Every article I found regarding rhinoplasty online had Douglas' comments quoted as one of the leading plastic surgeons. And so for me I was in no doubt. Nobody could prepare me for the consequences of my decision. Initially, I had stitches that hadn't been removed, the scars were a real worry and constantly breaking, and the swelling was extremely concerning. I was constantly hoping that every month the swelling would improve and it would look better, but everyone said it could last over a year. I was so worried. On top of that, my breathing was hindered, and I felt my nostrils had been made too small. There was a large lump of scar tissue (which is still there now) in the outside of the right nostril where presumably the nostril had collapsed. The bridge which had been shaved down had formed callous' or lumps of bone that had grown back after the fracture. The tip wasn't straight with my bridge, meaning it should be a lot closer to my nostrils, and so protrudes upwards at an angle like a pigs. And even after all the swelling had gone, every picture I look at it still seems rubbery and bulky looking, because the scar tissue formed will never be as it was. I will most likely need more surgery, and when I look back on pictures before the surgery, I realise that I should have been a lot more confident than I was, as my nose didn't really even need the work. Moreover, even after all these problems, no one really notices, and so in reality it is a waste of time and money. If you are adamant on surgery, I would advice doing extensive research into your surgeon, and here from people's personal experiences. I'd have numerous consultations with separate surgeons, and trust your gut instinct. I would make sure you are provided with techniques and info about the surgery, so you know exactly what is going to be done during it. I would look for a visual representation of before and after, not a drawing, and would ask for proof of past procedures from your doctor. Please do not commit easily and rush into it, and make sure you know what it's going to look like before you commit. I hope this helps anyone reading. Remember, I thought it would never happen to me, and it has. Once more, it is irreversible. I would keep the money, because it's very difficult to get back. Please learn from my naivety.

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