This Will Be my 4th Surgery.

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Hello, I'm having another revision on my breasts,...

Hello, I'm having another revision on my breasts, this will be my 4th surgery.
My 1st surgery was 11 years ago and my boobs healed too high, with a capsular contracture on my left side. Then I had my 2nd surgery with a local doctor, saline 350's and I kept them for 10 years, but they were too small and wide on my chest. 
My 3rd surgery was 9 months ago and I got Sientra HP 495's. I used the same doctor, not knowing any better, so while bigger, they look just like the old ones. I think he just used the old pockets and now my left boob falls into my armpit, when lying on my back. 
I'm scheduled to have my surgery with Dr. Revis, hopefully this will be my last one.

Pic update

Up close view

Update, Changed Surgeon!!

Hi, I apologize for any confusion that I caused anyone following my journey.
I honestly didn't think anyone was, so I got a little lazy with my updates.
Well I've decided to go with Dr. Krau in Miami, instead of Dr Revis.
There was nothing wrong with Dr. Revis, it's just that after meeting Dr. Krau, my husband and I were very impressed with his approach and felt we could see eye to eye with him. I guess its that gut feeling you get, when everything just comes together and you feel secure with your decision.
We paid in full yesterday and my surgery date will be April 20th, unless they have a cancelation. The nurse told me that someone said that they may not make their appointment next week, so she'll let me know, after the weekend.
I don't think that I gave my specs, or surgery details, so here goes...
I'm 36 5'4" and weigh 118lbs.
I'll be replacing my 495cc Sientra Silicone implants, with 600cc Mentor High Profile Silicone, to fill in the gap on my chest and give me more volume up top.
I'll also be using 3 sheets of Alloderm to get rid of the rippling and keep my implants from falling into my armpits when I lie down.

Surgery Today

Hello everyone, I'm posting now to let everybody know that I'm about to go in to surgery.
I just got done talking to the doctor, to go over everything one more time and they're about to come and get me.
I'm super nervous, I hope everything works out this time!
Wish me luck...

1st Day Post Op!!

Hi, well I made it through surgery and everything went great. I was in surgery for 4 hours. I guess working with the ADM is time consuming.
Originally, Dr. Krau was going to use 3 pieces of the ADM, but wound up only using 2, so they refunded the $2,000 for the piece he didn't use.
I feel OK today, just really sore and these drains are a real pain. Thank god my husband is here taking care of me, because if I was alone it would be much harder.
Anyway, my first post op was today and my husband took a couple of photos for you guys.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I got Mentor 600cc High Profile Silicone.

Day 4 post op

Hello everyone, today is day 4 post op and I'm feeling much better now.
I'm able to move around on my own and I finally took my first full shower this morning. After my shower I felt so much better that I went grocery shopping. Lol
Boobs are healing nicely and the pain is not as bad as before. The drains are probably the worst part, as I seem to feel them more than my boobs.
I took a couple photos to show you guys my progress so far...

8 Days Post Op

Today makes 8 days post op and I went in to see the surgeon this morning, hoping to get these annoying drains taken out.
Well, as luck would have it, I have to leave the drains in till Thursday, oh well.
Everything else is doing good and I feel much better. I'm back to my old schedule, except for the gym. I've got another week or 2 before I start back.
I've posted some new photos for your review. Excuse the bad lighting on some of them...

15 Day Update

Hello ladies, today makes 15 days and I thought that I would do an update. The doctor took my drains out at 10 days, so I'm feeling much better now. I think the drains bothered me more than my boobs, believe it or not!! I'm back to doing everything I was before, including the gym. At the gym though, I'm only working my legs on the elliptical and I'm not running yet. I feel like I could, but once my boobs start bouncing, it gets uncomfortable, so I'm waiting a couple more weeks I guess... As far as my boobs go, they feel pretty normal, except in the morning. I still have morning boob and throughout the day, I get a twinge here and there. I took some pictures of my boobs for you guys and I included some of my new Bralettes that I bought today. The bralettes are much more comfortable than the torturous surgical bra that I'm supposed to be wearing. I hope it doesn't effect anything. I still wear the surgical bra at night though to be safe.

1 Month Post Op

Hi ladies, today is my 1 month post op!
I just got back from seeing Dr. Krau and he says everything looks good, so I won't be seeing him again for 2 more months.

My boobs feel good and they're starting to soften up a little, so I'm happy about that. My right boob seems a little bigger than my left, but I guess they've always been like that, I just didn't notice, until I put the bigger implants in. On the other hand though, they are still healing, so that may change.

The doctor says I can wear an underwire bra now (Yay! ) and I can go back to full cardio. He wants me to wait another 30 days, before adding weights and arm exercises, so I'm good with that.

I took some more pictures for everyone and I included some of my incisions. They are healing up very well.

I guess that's it, if anyone has anything specific they want to ask, or see, just let me know.

4 Week Collage (30 Days)

Hello ladies and probably gentlemen. Lol Here is my 4 week Collage, so anyone following my journey can see my 4 week progression.
It starts at day 1, then week 2, 3 and ends with week 4, which is day 30.
The pictures are marked 1 through 4, so you know what week that picture is.

2 Month Update

Hi ladies, yesterday was my 2 months post op.
Nothing new to report really, except that my boobs are softening up a lot. I'd have to say that they are softer now at 2 months, than my Sientra's were at 10 months.
Anyway, I've included some shots for your review.
Like always, if you have any questions, or something else that you would like to see, just ask.

2 Month Pics (Shirt On)

I had a couple of people asking what I looked like with different style shirts, so I thought that I would include these for them...

3 Month Update

Hi everyone, it's been 3 months!!!
My boobs feel amazing! They are getting softer and feel unbelievably natural to me. I love how they look in clothes, I'm finally happy with my cleavage:) Went to my 3 month follow up with Dr. Krau today and took a few pics...

Almost 11 Months!!

Hello everyone, it's hard for me to believe that it's been almost 11 months since I had my surgery with Dr. Krau. I think the last time I posted was at 3 months and someone asked me for an update, so I thought now would be a good time. I'm extremely happy with my results and my only regret is not going to Dr. Krau in the beginning. As far as my boobs go, they are very soft now and feel very natural, but they are a little bigger than I expected, however that's my fault, as the doctor recommended the Mentor HP 550's and I told him to give me 600's. Not a big deal though, as I think that they came out great. I'll be here, if anyone has any questions :)
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