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I have a 9 month old beautiful Daughter. I...

I have a 9 month old beautiful Daughter. I breastfed her for 5 months. I never ever thought I would even considering getting a BA, but after pregnancy and breastfeeding, I completely understand why women get them!! I am a 34B right now and they are so saggy and lifeless. I am so uncomfortable with them and never wore push up bras until now!!! I will be posting some pictures soon! I have been doing tons of research and I absolutely love this site and all the feedback! I would like to be a full C. I would prefer Saline if my breast tissue allows since they are more within my budget. But we will have to see how I feel at the consultation on THIS Monday May 4th. I am absolutely stoked!! I was thinking about 350-400CC's. Still not sure about Mod or HP yet though, I was liking MOD way more when I first started looking, but now doing more research I like them both and I think it depends on body type right?? . Need to see with all my stats.
I am 25 Years Old
120 Lbs.
Breastfed 1 Child.
I am so excited for my consultation and to get this show on the road!! Thank you ladies so much, You are all awesome!!

Before Pics... 34B. Saggy and sad :(

My Before Pictures!!!

Had my Consultation and Set Surgery date!!!

I had my consultation on May 4th (Monday) and wow was it overwhelming. It was more stressful than that I thought but I am still so excited for everything of course! I just didn't get the BEST news that I wanted i guess. I am a 34B right now and going in i really liked and wanted anywhere from 350 - 400 cc to get my desired look. I wanted to be a full nice C or a small D. Well, my PS said that would not be possible without a lift because I have so much extra skin and sagging. The only way to achieve the look I want without a lift would be at his recommendation to do at least 500cc. Wow! Uhm no.... I can't go that big nor want to! I was pretty sad but then I tried on sizers and opted for the 450cc. The past few days I have been super stressed thinking that is still way too big for me, I am 5'3" and 115 lbs. My breast width is 13.

I have been researching like crazy. Today, I went back in for a bit to try on sizers again and I am pretty happy that I feel a lot more comfortable with the 450cc. I am still probably getting the Saline because I can't afford to get an MRI every 2-3 years with silicone. Around my area they are around 3 grand. :( I totally wish I could get Silicone but for this reason I just can't keep up with that for my budget. I am fine with Saline as well and the PS said it should work fine for my breast tissue.

Soooooo the big news is... My Pre-Op is May 14th!! Only 6 more days...AND my surgery is MAY 21st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy cow I am so excited and nervous and just all emotions that all of us women feel going into this. I really hope at my pre-op my PS will be okay with doing the 450cc. I don't feel comfortable going any bigger than that but then again don't just want big saggy tits. Right now I just have small saggy tits. I just am trying to be very positive, but it does get hard because of the nerves and fears and doubts.

I still have no idea on MOD or MOD + or High Profile yet. Any suggestions? I was probably thinking MOD+ or HP but I really have no idea!! He didn't really mention much about it to me at my consultation so at my Pre-Op I am sure we will go over everything.

Any Opinions or tips or recommendations would help. Thanks soooo much ladies!!!

Pre-Op yesterday and Surgery in 6 DAYS!!! May 21st

Hello beautiful ladies. I had my pre-op yesterday and am still tons of mixed emotions.
At my pre-op yesterday we decided on Mentor 500cc Filled to 600cc Saline Round Smooth Moderate Plus Profile. WOW.... I am soooo nervous about the size. I was just starting to get comfortable with the 450cc and no I'm going up to 600cc. My PS really recommended it for my breast width of 13cm and for the desired look I want. I just need to trust him but I barely slept last night so worried.

I have some pics now of the 600cc sizers. They are definitely big!! I am still very very excited just sooo nervous I'm going too big. Before surgery on the 21st I am going to ask him to please only fill them to 550/575cc and if they look good please stop there.

He also ordered another size for me just in case I change my mind right before surgery. He ordered Allergan Natrelle 510cc filled to 540cc Moderate Profile.
I would do those for sure but I really don't know about the Moderate Profile. I think I liked the look of Moderate Plus Profile better so I am soooo unsure about that!! I do like the kind of fake look too. UGH! Thank you ladies for any opinions or advice!!

My wish boobs

Surgery Tomorrow!!! New boobs here I come.

My Surgery is tomorrow at 10 AM. I am sooo nervous but mostly excited. I think I am just going to go with the 600cc Moderate Plus Profile. I'm hoping he doesn't have to fill them up all the way to 600 because I do feel more comfortable with 550-575cc but I guess I will just trust him.

I went to VS last night and bought some comfy button up pajamas and also a DD Bra just for fun...when looking at the DDD I was like holy cow that is waaayyy to huge for me so I really really hope I don't turn out that big. That will look dumb on my body I think. I'm only 5'3" and 115 lbs!!!! I don't want huge tits but I have to go bigger from so much volume loss and extra skin and my breast width being 13.

I printed out a few pics of girls with 600cc implants that I DONT want that seriously look like Grandma saggy tits and will tell him if they look like this please just take them out of I don't want it at all.... I also printed out a picture of a girl with 575cc that looked good and tell him this is okay!

I have all my prescriptions filled and ready to go. Other things I have :
button up pajamas
arnica Montana oral tabs
arnica Montana topical gel
arm pillow
neck pillow
wedge pillow
ice packs
Coconut Water

....Anything else you ladies that have had your BA's recommend?? I want to be as prepared as I can....


10 hrs till surgery!!

Last night with my old girls!!! I'm sad...excited...scared...nervous...happy... haha oh my

Will put up more pre op pics when I get to a computer cuz all these from my phone are sideways haha

more pre op pics

Last night with these girls.... 600cc in 10 hours

surgery done! got 600cc Mod + Saline Unders just 6 hours ago!!

Wow. I did it! I got my boobs! Everything went great!! I'm feeling great beside the huge bowling ball feeling and the stretching! Other than that I'm doing great and I love them already. Pretty swollen so they still seem really big for me but I'm glad I trusted my ps about the 600cc.

I'm sad I can't pick up my daughter but this will only be for a few weeks and I know I can hold her so tight once more!!! I'm keeping up on all my meds and stuff. I got a back resting pillow and a neck pillow which has been awesome already! Sorry I'm so scatter brained still a lil goofy feeling haha.

Let me know what you ladies think since I was soooo scared to go up to 600cc since I'm a small girl. I am soooo happy for this site and all you beautiful ladies!!!

love my new boobs 600cc post op 2 days

Love them already. .. but is it normal to even wish you went bigger right away!?! They are perfect size I feel right now but know they will go down after swelling right?? Regardless I love them either way just didn't think I'd get boob greed right away after getting 600cc in them!! Haha

My PS has you not wear a bra or anything supportive for the first few weeks to let them just drop naturally and breath and everything. Also he doesn't recommend ice packs which is fine but I just bought these cute little mini pink ice packs but oh well... unless I'm in way more pain them I am I'm not worried about using them. Also when I moved a little different last night I heard a sloshy sound come from my left boob. This Normal?

I love my wedge pillow to sleep and lay down and have an arm/back pillow to rest when sitting up and also a wrap around neck pillow which is a life savor!!!! Thanks ladies

I can not wait fir a week or 2 to see how my twins are turning out!
My stats - age- 25
Height - 5'3"
Weight - 115 to 120
Pre op bra - 34 B
Just had 500 cc filled to 600 cc Mentor Smooth Round moderate plus profile Saline.

I am so many pills it seems like just took all the antibiotics and 1 pain pill (I could take 2 if needed) and a muscle relaxer which I hate... woke up biting my tongue so hard cuz I couldn't feel it!!! Also, I'm still taking 30c of Arnica Montana. I take like 3 of them 3 times a day. P.s sorry if this is all hard to follow still pretty looney lol

somewhat concerned about nipples...

Hey ladies... figured some of you may know or had experienced this but... I lost complete nipple sensation in my right breast. Can't feel at all when I rub my nipple it is completely numb. My left nipple I can feel sensation just fine.... I'm kinda scared I lost nipple sensation in my right boob!!!! Have ANY of you ladies experienced this and lost sensation completely or did it come back????

3 days post op

Today I did a little more activity I went to lunch with a friend and played with my daughter a little more today. My pain isn't too bad...just mostly uncomfortable because my skin feels soooo stretched out!!! took off the gauze and tape and took a bath. My 2 best friends actually helped me and washed my hair and helped me. It was sweet.

I'm still taking the pain meds just not a lot...usually just in morning and then going to bed at night. I hate the muscle relaxers so am not taking those at all.

Just drank some smooth move tea since I haven't gone to the bathroom yet since surgery.

My nipple and under boob are still completely numb. No feeling whatsoever which really bothers me. I hope it all comes back!!!!!

question....and 4 days post op

Hello beautiful ladies! So I have vitamin E oil and Arnica gel. When did you start using them if you did at all???

I went out to lunch again today with my ex...haha of course he loved the boobs but too bad!! Annddd.... I finally went to the bathroom but been feeling sick the rest of the day. It may be the smooth move tea?? Anyone felt really sick to their tummy after drinking it??

Pain is very minimal unless I twist or turn my arms wrong... I'm going to try to completely stop taking the pain pills.

5 days post and this is so annoying

Okay.. so I'm kind of freaking out and I'm sure it's normal but I just feel the need to seek some comfort.

Whenever I push my arms together (like to create cleavage) there is such a weird creaking/squeaking/weird feeling. Like I can't really hear a squeaking noise but it's a very weird squeaking/rubbing feeling.... it's driving me nuts and I'm a weirdo and keep doing it!!

Does anyone else have or had anything like this?? I already heard the sloshing noises and that doesn't bother me. It's just this weird squeaking feeling when I push my boobs a little bit together. ...not even hard just a little bit and they will do it!

Love RS! obsessed and love you ladies

So the pics are from today which was my 6 days post operation! I'm just posting after midnight so it will pry look like 7 days.... anyway, first day back to work and I think I over did it a little. I didn't take any pills at all but after getting home late with my daughter and working my pain was the worst it's been this whole recovery. Mostly that super tight stretch feeling and back and shoulders super sore! I popped pain meds and muscle relaxer so I can sleep good but of course am on here!!! Haha. Soooo... I definitely love real self and I just want to say I'm so happy were all here and can support and love one another during these exciting/ stressful/nervous/happy times! I think it's great all the support...especially since I never thought I'd ever get plastic surgery ever!!!! P.s. I used to have dreadlocks and was very very natural. Well...after kids and a HORRIBLE traumatic breakup.... that changed! I think it's great there are these options to help us women really embrace the beautiful humans we are!!! Definite confidence booster :) I am so full of love right now haha maybe those jk. I really am thankful! Much love and light to all. I'm sure I'll be posting a ton about my progress since I'm obsessed and honestly think it's more rare to have 600cc since they are a rather larger implant! Doesn't feel large to me tho yet!

2 weeks post op

I feel like I haven't updated in forever haha. A lot has gone on and a lot of crazy shit! I went to a wedding on Saturday and brought a date... I felt so good and confident with my new boobs! A few girls I work with at the bar noticed them right away and so infatuated with my twins haha come to find out they have been wanting to get theirs done for awhile and I totally told them to GO FOR IT! JUST DO IT! :) best decision and money ever!

Well...then sunday... my car broke down. Of course after financing the fresh tits the car breaks down. It started a fire in the median on the interstate because part of my engine blew up and hot pieces blew off! It was insane. Come to find out after having 2 fire trucks show up...waited over an hour for tow truck guy (very cute) and getting eaten alive by mesquitos. ...that the damage would be 4 to 5 grand! I was crushed.... but I was very blessed that an extended warranty ended up covering most of it. I still don't have a car and my car will be in shop for almost 2 weeks. So I should get a rental soon since I'm back to work and gotta drive myself and my daughter to daycare and stuff!

Had my post op appt today... got my stitches out .. didn't feel it barely at all. He instructed me to NOT do massages yet since they are such big implants. Still can't wear a bra..... I think that's pretty much it... still squeaking creaking I'm my boobs but doc said that would go away....boom think that's about it

1 month post op! 600cc Saline

Love my boobs! They are still hard but softening up day by day!!!! My incisions look good except I did get an infection from one of the internal sutures poked out and caused an infection. Called my PS at 930 PM on a Friday night and he called me in a prescription. ... it's been over a week and it's all better :) I was definitly nervous and sad about it but it seriously healed up really good. I went into the office too just to have them take a look and they said it was healing nice and everything is good! I will take pics of incisions later!

500 filled to 600cc Saline Round smooth Moderate plus profile. So in love!

7 Weeks Post Op!!! :)

Heeyy ladies! It feels like forever since I have been on here! I work 3 jobs and am a single mom so I guess that kind of explains it. haha Anyway, had my 6 week Post Op on Monday and everything went great. Said I should start wearing a bra and everything. I went to VS again and I was sized at a 34DD or 34DDD in some styles. I bought the Body By Victoria bra in 34DD and wore it yesterday and it started getting soooo uncomfortable. I felt like I was busting out of it by end of the day and had marks from it on my boobs. I really don't ever feel like they size me right at Victoria Secret but oh well. Next time I will definitely be buying the DDD. I need to buy some sports bras too! Just on a budget it is hard to buy all these new clothes and bras to fit these huge tits that I love so much lol

My incisions are fine I think...just rigid and bumpy. Is that how all yours are?? like I'm suppose to massage this ointment stuff on them twice a day because it is like bumpy on the incision mark. ???

Also, with incisions... I want to start fake tanning soon to get a nice base tan. What do you ladies do if you tan?? just put band aids over the incisions ?? Any tips for this??

oohhhh and besides having a hard time finding bra's that fit...I LOVE MY BOOBS!!!! Still don't have any sensation in my right nipple...only a slight pain. Hope all the sensation comes back eventually.

Oh how I've missed my Real Self ladies!!! Hope you all are doing great :) Much Love.
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