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I had a TT and belly button and tighting of the...

I had a TT and belly button and tighting of the muscles done , and im freaking out my dr just keepss telling me to clean it with soap and keep dry and keep dressing on it , im doing everything he is saying. But i got scared and went to the hospital and they wouldnt touch it , its right above my hair line im so scared.

Trying to get my sexy back

Well talked to my dr , and he said the famous words keep packing and keep dry , im done this is my body . I cant believe what he keeps saying he should be liable , mean while my private area is hurting me now , all he said of course its in the same area.


So i just got a call for my womb vac delivery it should be here tomorrow which is 10/08/16 , these holes are very uncomfortable , i cant sleep i hate to even shower all i do is cry cuz i cant believe what i put myself through , i keep asking myself if it was worth it and the answer is still the same no . God gave me children that were healthy , and if i was soppose to get my sexy bck it would of happen a long time ago. Ive taken time away from my kids and also from me, if i had the choice to do all this ovr again i wouldnt i would stay with my stomach the way it was. Taken this as a lesson learned , i did something for me just out of spite , ill never do again cuz i was always beautiful inside and out i just had to believe it . Ladies this shit ain't no joke do ur research cuz i totally suffered and my PS sucked .


Hi everyone, just thought i wld check in with everyone and let u know
how im doing. Well ive been with wound care for now for 3 weeks whn i
first got started with this wound vac and the whole process i was so
drained and scared and constantly crying, my PS sucked and would always
tell me false info such its normal keep packing blah blah , and whn i
started wound care they were very concerned about the area it was in .
Anyways whn i first got started my womb was 18centimeters 3/4 of a
quater wide and 4 centimeters deep now its 16 centimeters wide and 3
inches deep , if it wasnt for womb care and this vac , i would b lost
this has become my best friend , and for my womb care clinic the bomb
they show so much concern and caring truly a blessing . Going to see if i
can take this whole ordeal further ive lost so much time off wrk and
the time ive taken away from my kids wasnt worth it . I wld never do
this again . And for my PS well lets just say im not done yet, No
pictures but they do take pictures everytime i go. Take care yall

Gettn better

Well yall , my womb vac is a miracle worker i probaley have 3 more weeks , but its gotten so much better i cant believe it and the people tat r at the clinic are the best . Thanks for all the advice everyone has given me , i will send more pictures when its completly healed.

My incision as of today

Ok yall this is what its looking like as of today nov9 , i started womb care sep3 this is truly a miracle. These people r great . So what u think the RN put bandies on the 2 little ones n told me to change daily. Smiling now

Happy days

So now everything has cleared up , 1 more week for the womb vac excited . Forget revision n anything else ALOE VERA now ,scar or no scar im good

Womb vac

So heres a picture from the side still swollen , but im wearing size 7 or 9 was a 15 srry still got womb vac on till next wensday.


Ok yall this is my cut as of today , ive been takn off womb vac n now bandaids , its been a long scary road for me everything else is healed still keep me in prayer ty for all ur concerns n all ur advise .

Feeling better

Ok ladies , im bck after all the ordeal and the long recovery I've healed after 5 months with the womb vac on i have an ugly scar and my belly button is ugly everybody tells me but im gg to give it 6 more months and also it hurts when I cough like crzy , but im ok thanks to my womb care clinic nurses and my vac here's pictures. Ty for all the feed bck but im taking care of that issue nobody leaves any womb open being a nurse I know this.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

I dont think this looks very professional.

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