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Day of surgery - reconstructive surgery to the...

Day of surgery - reconstructive surgery to the inner thighs and thigh lift. Fat transfer to the dips. I also got a breast revision which I'll keep you updated on. The banana rolls are still visible it looks like that's not going to go away unless I have another surgery of fat transfer to to the dents. So sad because that's what bothered me most.

Day 2

Third day

Day four

On day 4 I finally went to the bathroom number 2

Day 5

Still same pain

Things you must have

Here are some tips that could help you thru your thigh lift process

Day 6

Still very swollen a lot of bed rest and medication it's really frustrating because I want to be able to go back to my shopping lol and of course to see the results ugh... Can't wait.

This to consider

Must have

Day 7

Today I woke up wanting to go shopping I've been locked in the house for a week. I'm actually feeling less swollen. My inner thighs can close a bit. I was so swollen and stiff. Of course I used a wheel chair. I used a bopper for extra cushion wen I sat it helped a lot. I'm very exhausted hopefully I sleep like a baby tonight. Good night everyone -.- Zzzzzz


Here before pictures of my keloid scars around my nipple

Day 9

I skipped day 8 because I was in a lot of pain I ran out of my medication and my doctor did want to prescribe me more. He said they won't let him prescribed more. I never heard of that. He's the doctor he can if he wanted to. Day I'm also in a lot of pain the Tylenol strength isn't doing anything for me. Oh boy this is going to be a struggle :(

Before pictures of my Botched thighs

Before pictures of my thighs

the botched is done by another Dr. i came to Dr Bruce Kadz for reconstructive surgery

Dips are still noticeable

Feeling really disappointed paying for fat transfer to the dips when it still looks the same. I just hope that when the swelling goes down there will be a difference

Day 10

Feeling guilty I paid all this money and he didn't fill in my dips and fix my banana rolls in back of my thighs underneath my butt. I just wanna break down and cry. All of this for nothing. I just hope I'm wrong.

Feeling worried

Oh no I'm starting to bleed a lot and I'm developing that ugly pussy ring

It's going to be an ugly scar

I remember developing this when I had my breast lift and it ended up going away so I have to stay positive but I did leave an ugly scar I'm thinking once the scar heels 2 to 3 years after I would probably do a tattoo over it the color of my skin


This works great

How my right leg is healing (not good)

I'm starting to develop more of the puss ring

How my left leg is healing

I hope it doesn't start developing the Ring puss

How my left leg is healing

I hope it uploads the video


Video of my bleeding


Video of my bleeding
You can see the blood leaking out a little hole

Another video

Another video

Admitted myself to the hospital

Before stitching the wounded area
After stitching the wound
I was debating on going to the hospital thinking they couldn't help . But the doctor right away stitch me up. As for my plastic surgeon he said he couldn't stitch me up because it will only cause more infection. Just to apply gauze

Feeling down

Right leg another major set back the good thing is there's no bleeding

Finally home from the hospital

I had a major setback I had hematoma on both legs. They had to open me up to take out the blood clots and drainage. The wound care nurse applied EVAC drainage on me and for after care at home. After 6 days in the hospital makes me regret getting the thigh lift. Still very swollen and feeling down. I didn't get nothing fix and I paid so much money. I just hope when I'm done healing I see a difference.

Wound vac healing

Hello ladies here's an update of my wound. The surgeon in the hospital had to open me up and clean out the infection and he didn't Stitch me up. The wound VAC seal the wound and also helps with drainage. so I didn't have it exposed it was sealed with the wound vac. My left leg is healing a lot faster than my right leg. But my left leg is where I had the bleeding so that infection came first and then infection on my right started when I was in the hospital. If the wound Vac showed a miracle on my left leg then it's going to heal my right leg so I have to have faith. I wound up my both legs were a lot worse than what you're seeing now I had a really big incision. This is nothing compared to what it was. I'm not complaining I'm glad the surgeon in the hospital helped me because when it comes down to infection it is no joke.

Wound vac healing before/after

One of the pictures was taken on Friday and then three days later on Monday wound VAC miracle before and after healing process maybe one more week with the wound vac

Healing healing healing....

Healing process within 2 days it healed 1 centimeters

Here's an update

Fleshy looking I still have goo on the gauze my it's not smelly which is a good think. Hope my pictures help. I'm not happy with my thigh lift because I still have my banana rolls I paid all this money just for him to fix my anterior thighs. And went through all this pain to still have the same result.


Saggy skin
Saggy skin in the area where I paid for it to get fixed but he decided not to help


Update, I don't have to apply no more gauze I'm healed and sealed thank God. Hope my pictures and experience help. I post a lot of pictures so people know what to expect. I was unfortunate and I caught infection. Some are more lucky then others. I don't think it's the doctors fault. I don't think I'll go back to him. I never got a call back to see how I was doing. There probably seen my bad review and decided not to follow up. But that's the least of my worries and just glad I'm healthy and healed.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

I give him one star because his bedside manners are horrible. I am not happy with his work when my incision opened up I had asked him what kind of medical attention will he give me I asked him if he would be able to stitch me up to stop the bleeding. He said no just to apply gauze, and take warm baths. My personal opinion I think warm bath will just cause more bacteria infection. And as for my liposuction and fat transfer to the dips. I see no results looks like he didn't even touch it at all. When I questioned him about my dips he said that there wasn't enough fat to transfer. He should have told me that in the first place. I would have had liposuction done somewhere else but he did tell me that it would work that's why we worked on that area. He liposuction suction my inner knees...

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