Mild Acne Scars and uneven texture. Dot Laser on June 20th Dermal Optical Thermolysis - San Diego

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I will write another section below this so You can...

I will write another section below this so You can see my journey to be able to even consider laser resurfacing. This is not going to fix active acne breakouts or hyper pigmentation.
I chose to do it while I was under anesthesia for my breast augmentation. This allowed Dr Marin to go really deep and of course I had no discomfort. He did say they do medicate people for pain as it is pretty uncomfortable. I Woke up with a bunch of vaseline type goo on my face which gets very messy ( so much for clean hair this week) You must keep your face very very moist, I have been applying a thin later of the ointment. You also must do white vinegar soaks every 2-4 hours. It does not burn and I have not found it to be an issue at all. You mix 1 tsp vinegar with 1 cup of filtered water, place it in the fridge. You take a piece of gauze get it soaked, wring it out, unfold it, place on your face. Just make a little hole for your nose. You also must take your Acylcovir, this is protocol. If you are prone to cold sores or other manifestations of the herpes virus don't be afraid to tell them, They will need to adjust your dosage.

Day 2

Lots of vinegar soaks every two to four hours. I just keep the mix in the fridge. The only thing that stung was when I washed my face this morning. Looks way worse than it is. Had to yell at my SO for having the top down on the convertible when we went to Dr Marins office today. I stood in the garage until he backed out to out the top down. Hellooooo? Guys are so silly!

Advice and my journey with adult cystic acne

This is quite a lot of information but if I help one person that's great!
I have uneven texture on the sides of my mouth and on my cheeks. Its very easy to see in day light and I find it very embarrassing. I have even had people tell me I would be so much prettier if I didn't have the scarring (jerks). Cystic acne is incredibly painful and can cause some bad scars and I can remember starting to see a dermatologist around 16 or so.
I have probably spent ten to 15 thousand dollars on products, chemical peels ( which worked fabulous on my forehead), facials, microdermabrasion, Dermatologists, oral medication antibiotics/birth control, topical medication, herbs, and anything else I could get my hands on.

Here is a break down of what has helped me actually decrease the breakouts ( laser isn't going to keep you from breaking out it can greatly reduce damage)
BTW my acne is NOW very well controlled and costs me hardly any money. Check out a book called "Bad Science" he goes pretty in depth into beauty industry scams and why it would be scientifically impossible for a lot of these creams and serums to actually work.

- Sitting out in the sun without sunscreen. Yep but only for a few minutes! Heres why UV rays can kill infection causing bacteria and the coolest part… it only takes about 60 seconds. Only for a few minutes though than slap on the sunscreen!
- No dairy
- No fried food
-water, less coffee
- Holy Basil
-decreased alcohol intake
- Green Superfood one scoop x two. I mix it in with equal parts orange juice and water. Your body needs the vitamin c to actually be able to absorb some of these nutrients. You probably don't even need a full scoop, it is impossible for your body to absorb such a large amount of supplements at one time ( good marketing technique though isn't it) Here is a tid bit for next time you eat spinach, wilt it (you must wilt spinach to kill the oxalates, the oxalates prevent your body from being able to absorb Calcium and take a vitamin c tablet so your body can absorb the iron. "stepping of off soap box now"

So now that all the above has "controlled" my breaks out I was ready to do the laser resurfacing today. I will continue to post pics as the day goes on so you can see all my gnarly-ness in full glory!

Before pic

Here you can tell the unevenness a bit . This was last year before I got my breakouts under better control.

Day 3

No pain at all. I haven't noticed and pus or crusting. I make sure to keep it very moist.

Day 4

I don't know that there's much of a difference. I still have noticed any crusting or yellow weeping. I have noticed some pimples but I'm sure that has something to do with slathering thick ointment on my face!

Another day

Seems a bit less red today! I put on a hat and made a quick run to Whole foods. Felt great to be out if the house!

Follow up today!

I think it looks pretty darn good!


Takes up to six months to see results. I am already loving my skin. It hasn't stopped my breakouts but of course I didn't expect it too!


Expect you skin to purge! I found a lovely girl to do extractions and we plan ok doing chemical peels as soon as Dr Marin gives the go ahead.

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expect "your" skin to purge

Dr Marin is awesome. He has explained all my procedures throughly and with great honesty. Shannon his nurse answers me emails promptly and has even called me from her personal cell to make sure I had everything I needed prior to surgery. I was and am in excellent hands.

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