Office review: Ran into a brick wall.

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Was impossible to arrange a consultation without having to turn up to an 'open group night' at a hotel in London first, even though I had asked for a personal consultation, understanding there would be a wait and had sent pictures to Dominic's team at their request. All the positive reviews in the world are great but unfortunately it seems that Dominic and his team are now so busy, they now insist on screening you first and you have to turn up to a hotel room with other people who are in the same boat and considering surgery and frankly why would anyone necessarily want to share a personal thing, or be expected to, with a group of others? Very disappointing contact with the team and the fact they often ignore emails and requests for contact but no doubt they don't care because they have a full book of orders! Pity, because Dominic's reviews are very good and I was prepared to wait however long it took but sadly the initial customer service is appalling and to flatly refuse a personal consultation irrespective of how long you have to wait, is ridiculous. Apparently it is their procedure to insist that the masses gather in a hotel before even meeting Dominic, so would be interested to hear if anyone else has been refused a personal consultation without attending a group style session first? I was also told that if you attended one of these sessions you may even get shoved up the coveted waiting list too....well how on earth do they decide between those who attended a group session who gets promoted up the order first then - draw lots? Maybe Dominic, just maybe, your fantastic website ought to tell interested people who are putting their trust in you and generally quite nervous about making this jump into surgery, that they should expect to be herded into a hotel conference room first, before they have a remote chance of getting to meet with you? Reluctantly now searching for a surgeon that will meet a prospective patient without the hassle of travelling across the country for a group tea and biscuit hour first and if anyone who reads this has any recommendations for a good advanced mini facelift surgeon, I am all ears!

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