3 syringes Voluma with Juvederm Plus for Lips, 20 Units Botox - Raleigh, NC

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Ok, Im going to write an extensive review, because...

Ok, Im going to write an extensive review, because so many people on here helped me make my decision and provided a thorough education on what to expect, and I'd like to return the favor. I recently turned 31 and was really starting to feel like I looked tired all the time and the asymmetry in my face was really starting to show, as well as my nose becoming more prominent.
I went to Skin Care Raleigh (subsidiary of Davis and Pyle) after Dr. Pyle recommended seeing one of his nurse injectors for fillers instead of him, as he mostly performs surgeries now. I had seen him a year ago for tear trough fillers, and i loved the results. I was ready to redo, as the filler was around 60% gone. He asked me about what I was looking for, and after explaining that I wanted to redo my tear troughs and perhaps try voluma, but wasn't exactly sure, he recommended me to Lisa, saying she was great about talking things through and helping with questions etc. I am so happy I went to see her!
The office is gorgeous number one, and Brittany (sp?) at the front desk was also lovely. I was the first appointment on a monday, and was seen quickly. Lisa is ridiculously friendly, and we discussed redoing the tear troughs, different fillers, and doing my upper lip. She thought voluma would be a better first line of attack, and that if I filled out my face I might not even need the eye area treated. So we did 1 unit of voluma, split between both cheeks, and 2 units of botox between my eyebrows for frown lines (seriously, botox is amazing. I will leave a separate review for that). It took about an hour, including all our discussion. The voluma itself is given in multiple tiny injections to give a smooth appearance, and contains lidocaine, so by the end you barely feel anything. The left side was more painful for some reason, but honestly completely bareable. Lisa was great at stopping frequently to check symmetry, ask me to take a look, and see how I was doing.
I was very happy when I left, but immediately made an appointment to come back to do my lips and possibly more voluma. Brittany made sure to schedule me enough time to tackle multiple areas.
I bruised a little on my cheeks and was definitely tender for a day or two, but by Wednesday felt 90% healed. 500 selfies later (ya'll know what I'm talking about!) I was definitely excited to return for more.
On Thursday we add another 2 units of voluma- 1 to the cheeks, and 1 spread across my jawline to even out some assymetry. Lisa was awesome with this, as I don't think that is a very common request, but it is something that bothers me greatly, and she worked with me to understand what I wanted. Itad a huge difference! After we finished the voluma, she numbed my lips with a topical cream for the restylane. She took her time again, making sure that everything was even and that I was comfortable. I honestly barely felt a thing in the lips, but she said that was atypical and that it can be a more painful spot.
The whole appointment took about 2 hours, and we took some after photos.
That day my lip was definitely swollen and bruised, and i would not suggest planning on going out the day of a lip, injection. Trying to eat was fun! I felt like daffy duck. Today is 1 day post however, and the swelling is 90% gone, although I still have a little bruise on one side.
Today I can really see the results of the voluma, and I am so so happy I went back for that second treatment. It is night and day! I see now what Lisa means, I am not sure I will need to do the tear trough treatment again for a while, as my whole face is lifted and looks more youthful and sculpted. I feel like I look how I am supposed to. The lips are still a little swollen, (as I'm sure the cheeks are a little too) but I am already in love with having a full pout and CHEEKBONES!!
I would recommend voluma 100%, and will only go to see full time injectors from now on (and specifically Lisa as long as I can!). I will update this review around 6 months.

2am update

Thanks for the kind words, guys! So I'm 2 days (I guess closer to 3 now) post, and feeling great. Most of the swelling is gone, although it comes and gors, however i do have a little more bruising. Last night my lips were really chapped, so i doused them in coconut oil and cerave moisturizer and today they felt fine.
Very slight tenderness in my face, mostly it's the lips. I felt a little self conscious going out last night, but frinds were either too polite to being it up, or didn't notice.
For pain, i just popped a few ibuprofen when i was getting uncomfortable, which seems to help reduce the swelling a little also. Lisa did day that may worsen any bruising, but i have a good concealer ;)
So here's some new pics. It's 2am, no makeup, haven't brushed my hair since yesterday, and i still look better than I did before the voluma. Yay!

Added more voluma, 1 syringe restylane for eyes.

* Real quick before the update, I just want to add for anyone who feels guilty or weird about wanting fillers etc, that it is no different from getting your hair dyed, or teeth whitened, or braces or whatevs. One of the reasons I am being so detailed in these reviews is I feel there is still a weird stigma surrounding cosmetic 'enhancements' such as this, and no one admits to it getting them, even though everyone is. We see it as somehow anti-feminist, or weakness, or self absorption. But I truly believe that if it makes you feel more confident and comfortable in your skin, go for it. Do it for you, and no one else.
Personally, I hate spending time worrying about how I look- I'm a low maintenance girl, and doing my makeup and hair is not something I want to spend a ton of time on, so for me knowing I look good without any effort in the morning means I can focus on things other things. Ok, dismounting from my soapbox!*
Review update: I'm officially done messing with my face for now, I swear! I love love love how I feel and look. What a great decision. I have my confidence back. I figured if I was already spending the money, why hold back on a little more if it meant getting exactly what I wanted, so I went back to Lisa for one more tweak (She mentioned that it is best to do things in increments, as little changes make a big difference, which is very true with me).
I added one more syringe of voluma in just the right side of my face, which was always much flatter than the left, to really even things out. We added it to the very outside of my cheekbones, almost on the jaw joint area, and just below my mouth to soften my chin/cheek.
I decided I wanted to go ahead and do my tear troughs, because I felt like I loved the voluma, but it gave me a slightly hollow appearance in my eyes with the sudden cheekbones. I would definitely recommend getting the voluma first, because it will change where and how much you will need to adjust the eye area.
I am going to leave a separate review for the tear troughs, as I want to write about the process for anyone thinking about getting it, because it is very different.
We used about 80% of the restylane on my eyes, and used the rest to even out a ridge on my nose. Looks awesome, but be warned- injections in your nose tickle! I totally sneezed all over poor Lisa!
Alright, here is the final pic! This is another 3am selfie, by the light of my computer. Sorry for the quality, but i never think to update during the day! I have some minimal mascara left on from a few hours ago, otherwise no makeup.
Lisa at Skin Care Raleigh

Lisa was friendly, knowledgeable, and answered all of my questions. She immediately put me at ease. At no point did I feel like I was being sold on anything, it was almost the opposite! She is a very conservative, careful practitioner who stopped frequently to check her work, and check that I was feeling ok. She was great at telling me exactly what she was doing and why, and seems to really love her job. Couldn't be happier to have found her!

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