42 Year Old, 2 C-sections. Looking at Tt and Breast Lift -Raleigh, NC

I've been thinking about a tt for about 10 years...

I've been thinking about a tt for about 10 years now. I decided to take the first step and had my consultation today with Dr. Pyle. Everything went well, now just deciding on when to get it done. Just trying to get my courage up. :-| He explained everything well and in depth. I'm trying to tell myself that this surgery will be similar to having my 2 c-sections.

Appointment scheduled

Well I took the second leap on my grand adventure. I called this morning and I have an appointment on January 11. I'm already nervous but excited too.

It's getting real...

So tomorrow is my pre-op. Can anyone give me any details on what to expect ?

Pre-op done

Went over things to do and not do before and after. Took before photos.
Please don't let them ruin your eyesight. :|
Somehow the one front facing got deleted so when I take another then I'll add it.

Found other pic

For under binder...

So after reading about some issues with the binder really being uncomfortable and cutting into the legs, I bought one of these. Anyone else used one or your thoughts about it.

Surgery done....

Well ladies it's done. Got home around 4:00. Had a bumpy long ride home. LoL
Been sleeping off and on. Husband made me some grits to eat and now I'm back resting. I am definitely sore! More than I anticipated. I'm hoping that I'll do everything right and have a smooth recovery.


Well got my shower, wasn't too bad but wasn't great either. LoL I'm only 2 days post op and when it's time for meds then I can really tell it. I keep looking to the future. :)


So is it me or did anyone else have cramping while taking the dulcolax? I'm feeling terrible. Definitely in the what the #^*% have I done phase.


Well taking the dulcolax pills did nothing. Hubby stopped and brought home the suppositories last night still nothing. Decided to try to sleep in my bed instead of the recliner and it actually went well. Around 2 am I started to feel a rumbly in my tummy- ha ha and finally was able to get the bowels moving. But with that being said now I have an issue with hemorrhoids going on. Wow! We can't win for losing can we?!?!
Today is day 4, so I'm hoping it's not too terrible, we shall see. Hoping for the best. Getting a shower today so I know that will feel good. Have a great day ladies!!

Day 4

Hasn't been too bad today. Cut back on pain meds and my shower went better than the first one did. Ha! Binder is a lot tighter so I know there's more swelling and bruises are really sore today. Hoping everything is healing like it should be. Hubby took some pics.

Post op appointment and other things

Well after having an emotional roller coaster week of all sorts of feelings, last night really took a toll on me. I had relieved my constipation over the weekend but to no avail, it happened again. I tried for 4 hours before my body was able to have relief. I used suppository and ended up drinking epsom salt and water. Google can show you a lot of things. ;) It was nasty but I guess it worked. My body, stomach and back hurt so bad after but also I had that relief. Thank God!!

I've felt really swollen all week and went for post op today to find out I had a seroma. I had the option of having the fluid drawn off or a drain. I opted for the drain because I didn't want to have to go back in a few days again. So that was done and like jfizz said it was like instant relief. The pressure taken off your stomach is amazing. Hopefully next week he will remove it. I feel better this evening than I have all week. So I see the sunshine breaking through the clouds.
Thanks for all the positive vibes.
I couldn't wear my pre op clothes actually had to wear my pre weight loss clothes because of the swelling. But once all this is under control I should be good to go. Dr. Pyle said he removed around 5 lbs of flesh and 4 lbs of fat through lipo. WoW!!! Amazing!!!

It's a new day!!

Even though I still have the drain (isn't so bad) I'm feeling the best today!! Took a shower without my back killing me! :)
Here's a before and after with the same panties. Getting excited for end result. Sent them to my niece and she says "you have a belly button ". Too funny!!!
Have a great day ladies. I love our little community!!!

2 weeks

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks already. Not been easy but I've made it. :) Went to see Dr. Pyle today because I thought my drain was not working properly because I started swelling and output had dropped a lot. He said my swelling is the norm and not fluid so I got my drain removed. I'm glad to get rid of that. So as I've seen so many say.....I guess I've reached the "swell hell"! Oh the joy , joy!!! Go back in 4 weeks for my 6 week checkup. I still can't wear my jeans I was wearing before surgery and that sucks. One day at a time, I guess. Hoping everyone is healing good. :) :)

Belly button??

Okay fellow real selfers.... does this look okay????

5 weeks

So I'm 5 weeks and feeling discouraged. Still swollen in hip area and right in the middle above pubic area. I put on clothes and still have this "hump" in the middle. Granted it's not like the tire I used to have around the entire middle. LoL
Ready to see more results. Hoping everyone is doing well! :)
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon

Office personnel and Dr. Pyle were very nice. Helped to make my visit more comfortable.

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