Tummy Tuck/ Breast Implants, Not Sure How to Feel Yet

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I am a mother of 3 that had some body issues after...

I am a mother of 3 that had some body issues after the pregnancies took a toll on my body. I'm not really sure how I found Dr Collins office, I believe just a Google search. I do want to start out by saying they got me in right away for my consult once I called. The office was in a nice location and the staff seemed to be really friendly. When I first meet Dr Collins I though he was nice . He spent a good amount of time with me. He answered all my questions and even gave me facts and information on things I hadn't asked. I was like this is the place for me, boy was I wrong. I wanna say, up until my surgery the staff was great and very attentive. It seemed like the moment I paid and my surgery was over everything changed. I want to say my surgery was ok for the most part. It was extremely painful but my recovery seemed to go rather quick. Now for the not so good. Dr Collins was a little overzealous and cut my stomach too tight. I say this because there wasn't enough skin left for my body to heal correctly and I developed an infection. This is where I noticed and got to meet the "real" Dr Collins. While I was going through this infection , he treated me like I was a burden. He acted as if once my surgery was over , I should be over as well. He acted like I was an inconvenience to him . I was calling and wanting appointments because I had a hole in my belly the size of a quarter and it was not healing. I was extremely afraid . He ignored my texts and when I did come down he would spent all of 2 minutes with me.. I'm telling you my stomach was bad. so bad I was on antibiotics for 3 months straight. I was oozing puss and it hurt to move. Ibelieve had he not cut so much skin off and sewed me correctly this would not have happened . It was horrible. The whole time he just seemed not to care, I even expressed this to his staff on several occasions. The next thing is I had breast implants too . Before the surgery I picked out my implants, told the Dr exactly what I wanted as far as size and shape. When I woke up he informed me , he did not give me size we had discussed because in his opinion " I would have looked like a stripper" What !? First , if I wanna look like a stripper oh well, maybe you should have told me before hand you didn't feel comfortable giving me that size. You do not wait until a patient is in surgery and decide you are going to take Liberty and do what you feel. That is not what I paid you for. After a lot of disappointment and discussion with Dr Collins I tried to live with his mistakes. As time went on I noticed one of breast was not dropping, which I know is no way his doing. It happens. We talked and because of the mishap with the wrong implant size , he told me don't worry we will fix this with no fees. I should have had him write that in stone , because a few months later he would take it all back. He kept assuring me that if I gave it a few months he would fix the issue. A few months came and went and every time I called or texted him , he would ignore me . No response .How is that professional? Finally after months of harassing him , they give me an spot to come down. Did I mention I have to drive about 3-4 hours to his office . When I got down there he says ok we will get this taken care of, but after I left it was a new story. He got his office assistant to call me and say if I wanted any thing done there would be a fee. A fee?! What we never discussed a fee, especially after you botched up my stomach with a hole , then my breast with wrong size implants. Long story short, he would not fix what he had done, he would not keep his word. The point of this review is to make anyone aware that might be looking into Dr Collins. You should be careful. Before you pay he is the most attentive person in the world. After all is said and done though , he is nowhere to be found. If you want a Dr that will be around after surgery and see you through recovery, he is not that person no matter what he may say. If you want a DR that will listen and give you what your looking for, he is not that person. If he tells you anything , please get it in writing . He will not stay true to his word. I will say after my belly healed it looks nice and flat. My breast , not so good. I will have to spend more money in the future to fix something he said he would do. I'm sure someone out there may feel differently about this Dr than I do. This is my experience and my personal opinion. I know I'm just someone writing this review and you don't know me, but please listen to my advice . I had to learn the hard way. I looked for reviews on here for Dr Collins before I went and didn't find any. He talked a good game, and made me feel like he really cared, but that was all in the beginning until he got my payment after that nothing. I have learned a lesson from this, that most Drs are about the money , no matter what they say . I just hope that someone will benefit from this review . I will add pictures of the infection , my belly and stuff in a day or two. I just have to get them off my camera. I really hope this helps .

A few new things

I wanted to add a little to this review. I still need to add pictures but some things have changed and wanted to wait until i can add beginning to end pictures. Dr collins reached out to me. I must say i was surprised he did. I don't want to go into too many details of our talk but in short , he apologized if he made me feel any sort of way and wanted to see what he could do to help me get to a place where I'm happy with my results. The fact that he took the time to call me and that he seemed really concerned about my feelings means more to me than I can express. I believe there was some miscommunication between us and i will say in the future i will make sure all fears or concerns are addressed directly to the Doctor, no matter who that may be. As for now i want to say Dr Collins is doing his best to help me and make things right . I feel so much better about things and where this is going. As time goes on , I'll update my experience and any resolution we come to and i will add pictures once we are complete. I still feel what i said earlier in my first review was true , and in that moment was how i felt . Although Dr Collins is showing me , he does care and his patients matter to him. I think sometimes Doctors can get caught up in the routine of it all, they forget each patient is different , with different needs & feelings. I am grateful and excited to see how things go.
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In the beginning , friendly attentive, knowledgable . After the payment was processed, unavailable , avoidance , not helpful. He was the type that said what he thought you needed to hear to get your business , then after that made me feel like I was and am a burden. He just wanted me to go away. Had no consideration for my feeling Or what I was going through.

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