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This process of finding the right surgeon was not...

This process of finding the right surgeon was not easy for me and I only met with TWO. At my first consult, the surgeon came up with a plan for me with very little input and seemed super confident. While I didn't love his bedside manner, I liked his confidence so much that I almost canceled the second consult. I'm an idiot and Dr. Pyle's office saved me from the insanity of only receiving one opinion. I really felt comfortable with Dr. Pyle and he was confident when discussing the 'trade-offs' of a mini vs full tummy tuck and the different options for breast lift and augmentation. I had major reservations regarding the drainless tummy tuck but he was able to calm my fears and I feel good about the decision. I'm still struggling with the decision to do the mastoplexy that will leave the vertical scar or to go with the pursestring mastopexy. These decisions are overwhelming to me! But, surgery date is set and I am looking forward to feeling more confident.

Before Pics

Well that was incredibly difficult but I am already imagining the 'after.'
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon

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