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The staff is awesome, can't wait to have my...

The staff is awesome, can't wait to have my procedure. They were so patient and gave so much information. I left feeling so confident about my choices. He was so honest about me not needing lipo on my stomach, most doctors want to make money, he wasn't like that
T at all... I'm so excited ...can't wait.

Today's the day

I'm very nervous and excited. Dr. Pyle seems to very confident in his ability to help me. I'm on my way to the surgery center. I will update when I can. I would also like to thank everyone who shares their stories, it was great information. I have attached my terrible pictured,hoping to shape this body up. I'm getting much needed lipo on thighs, arms and back (along bra line). I was depressed for about a year and completely let myself go. I just want a jump start and the gym will do the rest.

Day 2 and 3 post op

This morning was a lot better than yesterday pain was minimal with pain meds. I was able to eat something other than crackers. Still kinda stiff, but I am walking around as advised. The staff called (Molly), the staff was awesome. Dr. Pyle helped me get dressed and in the wheelchair, doctors usually have nurses do that. Everyone was awesome.

Day 3, I'm taking motoring to see how well I do off the pain meds. And of course I get to shower at 5. I'm not leaking as much, just in some ares. I will upload pics when possible. I have to keep my garment on for 48 hours. I'm up writing this because it was time for my meds. I'm going good back to sleep

Today is better

Today just feels like sore muscles. I have some itching and stinging of the incision. Overall I'm well, the morning is the hardest, since I wasn't moving around during the night. So I wake up really stiff. I'm still kinda number, but moving around pretty well. Today is 4 days post surgery and I haven't really seen my body. The shower was horrifying, I was light-headed and it was just bad I wanted it to be over. I feel today will be better. My post appt will be on the 18th, I had reschedule from the 16 due to my husbands schedule. I look forward to hear what they have to say. Today I should be posting pictures, sorry for the delay.


I'm am still very swollen and the lighting is bad, my husband is taking the photos. I can notice a big difference. Still very early.

Better and better

Sorry it's been awhile, I have been pretty stiff and sore. When someone said the thighs are the hardest and take the longest to heal from wasn't lying. I'm still swollen of course, but I am moving around more. It seems that I'm uncomfortable in the morning and at night, I have been pushing myself maybe a little more than I should, but have good and bad days. I'm 10 days in and I have my follow up appt tomorrow 18 Aug. I'm a little nervous. Not much of a change...I will post pictures later.

Dr appt

Yesterday I had my follow up appt, both Molly and Dr. Pyle were present. This team is so nice, I couldn't have chosen a better plastic surgeon. Appt was short,I didn't have many questions and I seem to be healing fine. I was given a new garment for my thighs, which is mote comfortable, but I would prefer one that goes below my knees. When I got home after the hour drive, I was so swollen, it hurt to bend my knees. So I'll just buy one that goes below my knees. I was told I no longer have to wear the arms garment, but I will until I feel comfortable have no support on my arms. I'm only 11 days out. I feel much better than last week, gotta get ready to get back to work. I really wont8feel normal for awhile. Will upload pics later.
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