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I'm 39. No matter how much weight I lose, I still...

I'm 39. No matter how much weight I lose, I still have that dang pudge on my lower abs. I've lost 83+ pounds and I'm as close to my ideal body weight as I can but DARN THAT PUDGE! I read all of the reviews - thanks to everyone on this site - and thought that I'd rather go this route than getting cut...
Debbie answered all - and more - of my questions & gave me the honest truth. When & where there would be pain & what type of results there would be - or not be. I appreciate the honesty more than anything.
I had the procedure last Friday. Suction was no problem, cooling was no problem. Massage afterward - HOLY HECK!! That hurt but it increases the results so I went for it. The wrap afterward helped a lot & I was back on the street 30 minutes after I was done. As you can see by my pics, I had a big pudge so more than just my lower abs were suctioned into the machine. Debbie said I was an ideal candidate because my skin was so plyable & the fat sat so close to the skin. Here's hoping.
As of today, I'm tender & numb - kinda crazy feeling but okay. Like others my belly button is sore & the area below my lower abs are tender but nothing that bothers me too much. I'm way more comfortable in a girdle - yes just like my Mom wears - but it helps with the jiggling so I'm doing it.
I have been active but I'll admit, I'm sore. Some slight cramping but as a woman, its nothing!
More info to follow!

Day 4-5-6

Day 4: So Monday was a little tough. Stupid me wore a girlde that was too small considering I was swollen however the sitting all day is what killed me. I had to wear the compression belt from the appointment to bed but it wasn't that bad. Certainly not bad enough to take meds. Day 5: I broke down & took a few aleve & 2 Tylenol PM to sleep. Just the compression belt for the day with a cami but I thought i was going to go mad. Once I took the belt, etc off at home & spread out to watch the tube, I was fine. No belt to bed but sleeping on my stomach helped. Day 6: So much better however the numbing, pricks & needles is going away but the stabbing is getting worse. Not enough for meds but the day is young. Here's hoping!

Finally Day 7

It was one week ago that I had the procedure and, while it was touch-and-go for a few days, I'm happy I did it. Obviously no difference in look (although my boyfriend-bless his heart-was nice enough to say that he saw a difference...great guy he is!) it made me very aware of what I was eating this week etc. I certainly do not want to have to do this too many more times. I'm considering getting a follow up procedure done in January which will be 10 weeks after the original procedure (8 weeks is right when I leave for Christmas vacation) just to see if i can do a little more before summer gets here. Pain is at a 3 today however when I get stabbed, I GET STABBED! Note to self: don't wear heals a lot to work. Its killing me.

Day 8-10

I finally found the ticket! I tried luck. I tried luck. I tried Midol...absolutely nothing. Here's the magic recipe: Tylenol Extra Strength (500mg) + Icy Hot lotion+large size girdle (I'm a medium in normal clothes)! Worked like a charm! (note: I over worked on Thursday-Friday-Saturday) Those three days almost put me over the edge. I don't know if i hit the trifecta or what but the combination of house work, laundry, yard work, grocery shopping, wearing heels, etc. almost killed me. I was seriously regretting the procedure espeically since I was super swollen (absolutely no jeans even my fat pair) and in so much pain. Worse part: I was constipated from being so tense. Not good. Once I figured out the problem, the solutions was simple & effective: Smooth move tea+Tylenol Extra Strength+Icy Hot lotion+large size girdle . As of yesterday afternoon, I was good to go. I still have a tinge every once in a while but NOTHING like last week. I am checking my calendar now to see when I can schedule the second procedure before I go on Christmas vacation. Woo hoo! I have no new pics but i'm taking some this weekend.

Thank goodness that's over!

It's been a little more than 2 weeks since the procedure. 99% of the pain has gone away however I get a sharp stab maybe once per day. Nothing like last week or the week before. I'm going back in 2 weeks to get 4 week pics taken to help determine if i need a second treatment. If I do need the next treatment, then I am ready...if not, good for me! I will admit that finding the way to reduce the pain makes the possibility of a second treatment bearable. My family & friends (boyfriend) see a difference however I don't which is not surprising. I will post new pics as soon as i get them!

Results? Anyone?

I'm 4 weeks out from the procedure so,hopefully, I will start seeing some results soon. Obviously, since I see myself everyday, its truly hard for me to tell if there is a difference but I'm going to have my boyfriend take some pics this weekend to share. Fingers crossed! By the way, I'm still a little numb-since it kinda feels funky at this point, I was rubbing my belly the other day & didn't realize how long I was rubbing it - WOO HOO! What a funky feeling afterward! Have a good one!

New pics!

Came home tonight to my special man saying "wow babe! That freezing thing you did really worked!" So the pics are finally here. Let me know what you think...


At 15 weeks I went back to Blue Water Spa where I had the original treatment done to have them take pictures...I wanted to make sure someone else saw what I did. Did they say that 20% of the fat cells would die? They lied. Mine was closer to 35-40%! Crazy. I had them do another lower treatment (big applicator) plus they did a half price upper abs since it was such a small area. I can't wait to show the after pics of the second treatment too. Enjoy!

Debbie was great! She spoke the truth - even when I didn't want to hear it. I wish they would have followed up with me after Coolscultping like they do with actual surgery patients.

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